WordPress Page Loading Speeds and Google Search – Try to Avoid Plugins


Having been a records structures architect and large company internet site developer for decades, one of the things I have been ever cognizant of is the necessity of getting an internet page to render quickly. With this in mind, I had usually gone the course of custom internet site improvement because you can design such streamlined web pages that you may be assured that they render right away to an give up consumer. I had by no means delved into the world of WordPress until the latest instances. However, I had constantly desired to test it out architecturally – I am constructed that way – a true geek.

Building a blog website these days gave me this opportunity. After constructing a draft blog website online using WordPress, I took the time to feature it to my Google “Webmaster Toolbox” portfolio to peer how Google perceived those pages from a loading velocity perspective instead of my formerly constructed custom websites, and I was startled to look the consequences. First off, the Google search engine likes to see pages load in around 250 milliseconds or better. These custom sites constructed previously had no issues with this speed requirement. My primary one loaded on common at a hundred seventy-five milliseconds consistent with a page and the second one at 186 milliseconds per page, respectively.

When I checked out the recently created WordPress weblog web page, it got here in at a whopping 1,950-millisecond average load pace per web page. This would be a completely unacceptable web page load velocity in Google’s eyes, and this website could obviously be penalized for their search engine ratings as a result. Not to say, people would frequently give up expecting the page to render and would pass someplace else alternatively, costing the site owner a potential sale. After doing the advertising work to convey them on your website online within the first vicinity, a real shame.


This was given me thinking about why this trouble turned into occurring as I truly want to improve on these averages with the WordPress website online recently constructed. Hence, I went to an internet device that you’ll be able to use to check your web page load speeds and get some detailed analysis as to what is inflicting the slowness on the web site’s pages. This tool using the way is supplied with the aid of a business enterprise referred to as Pingdom Tools who may be determined at the Internet.

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After learning my web page load problems using the device, I found out that my approximate 8-10 second load speeds had been being due to excessive embedded JavaScript callouts to 3rd celebration plugins. In contrast, my web page becomes trying to load, and for this reason, the loading of this outside code into my web page simultaneously as the web page itself was trying to load; became bringing my page load overall performance to its knees.

This led me to the Google Developers web page to look for answers to these problems. It truly did no longer wonder me to study that the primary offender causing the slowness of my web page loading became that my pages have been the usagusings “WordPress” plugins. In fact, simply laughing with WordPress plugins, I had used them for the whole thing and had, as a result, activated approximately 26 of them on my site to offer all the functions I desired to have on my blog website pages – and several of these have been activated to paintings with a WordPress “Theme” that I had purchased from a 3rd birthday party dealer. The Google Developer web site went on to mention, and I will immediately quote a pair of excerpts from their website right here:

“Avoid Plugins: Plugins assist the browser manner unique sorts of internet content material, together with Flash, Silverlight, and Java. Most cell devices do no longer, and plugins and plugins are a leading motive of hangs, crashes, and protection incidents in browsers that offer assistance. Due to these worries, many computer browsers restrict plugins.” They cross on to say that “Most content material that after required plugins can now be created using local net technology, which include content requiring satisfactory and for audio and video, advanced pics, and presentation consequences, network connections, neighborhood garage and document get admission to.” Using those net platform functions will assist make certain that your wealthy content can be accessed on all devices.”

So the lowest line for some WordPress website proprietors who’re wondering why they’ll be seeing excessive one-page soar rates for clients coming to their web sites is that it’s miles immediately being due to gradual page load speeds on their sites, which can be probably being resulting from the use of quite a few JavaScript callouts on a web page load which is the number one approach of invoking the 3rd celebration plugins getting used. To see your personal loading truths, go somewhere to a computer that has in no way been on your site and attempts to load it from there or use the device I noted above to get an extra accurate loading evaluation. You may even get an inkling of the trouble if you see high jump quotes while you are viewing your website using the Google Analytics toolset.

My challenge as I end off this newsletter by way of the manner is that I recognize there are numerous humans available beginning their very own at home online businesses who’ve little or no in-depth website development knowledge as they start off. The unhappy reality is that they hope to apply those websites they invent to make extra cash from domestic but could more than possibly be oblivious to the poor impacts on their website online overall performance due to the use of plugins. They don’t know that they must be minimizing or casting off the usage of those plugins wherever feasible in the pursuits of having a better acting internet site that’s important for Google to rank the web page high enough to send traffic there.

Their strategy should be to decrease or completely put off those plugins on their sites over the years as they analyze greater approximately the way to layout and build websites. Also, if they may be awaiting that allows you to get sustained organic visitors from Google and to have their pages render nicely on maximum mainstream browsers (inclusive of Chrome, Firefox, and whatever browsers Microsoft is supporting currently, as well as on cellular gadgets; they will, in the long run, should discover ways to immediately code elements of their websites the usage of website development gear to begin using native and superior web technologies to build inside the higher give up features that they need to utilize.

My final tips with this article: Start to take a look at all of your plugins and widgets used on your WordPress internet site(s) to look which of them you may do with out and deactivate and cast off them if you could. Some may be doing not anything for you and are simply negatively impacting your load speeds with the aid of being activated on your site. Then see which different ones are effortlessly replaceable via a few easy coding you could put in force; consisting of using hyper linked URL code to get to a 3rd birthday celebration site rather than the use of that 3rd celebration’s supplied plugin or widget to your site. This will give you a start on improving your page load speeds, improving your website bounce facts, and thereby grow your website access numbers and sales conversions.


There could be more you want to do together with your web page coding structures to enhance loading speeds to get fully “righteous” with the Google seek engine, but this is a minimum may be a start line for improving your website’s performance.

About Dan Grijzenhout: Dan has lived a successful entrepreneurial career for over 30 years. He has been a consultant, entrepreneur, structures architect and developer, investor, enterprise owner and is now an author and online path creator and trainer, sharing his years of revel in and information with others. Search for the call – Dan Grijzenhout – on Amazon to see his to be had books and e-books.

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