Freak free smart watch trend on everyone’s wish list


Are you already on the smartwatch bandwagon and in the market for a new one? Then you might have a better idea than most about what tools are super handy. If you’re new to the game, though, you might need a bit of a steer when it comes to must-have capabilities. Check out these smartwatch trends that you have to get on board with while shopping for yours.

smart watch trend

  • Voice Control – You probably have an Alexa at home to answer your every demand, your phone can be voice-controlled, too, whether you’re with Apple or Android… but what about your smartwatch? This is a must for your smartwatch, simply because it makes your life far simpler as you only need one hand to do it.
  • How Does It Compare? – Okay, there’s no way your smartwatch can do everything that your phone does for you – it’s just not possible. However, what can it do when drawing a direct comparison to your phone? If it doesn’t tick all of your boxes, it’s not the right tech piece for you. Don’t be afraid to hold firm until you get what you want – there are plenty of smartwatches out there that can do everything you want them to.Related Articles : 
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  • Size – While this might not be an issue for everyone, size does matter because your wrist can only hold so much. You want something that sits comfortably on your wrist but that is also still easy to use. Of course, you also need the screen to be large enough to interact with – if it’s too small, you’ll spend most of your time squinting to see what’s going on. So, don’t be afraid to visit brick and mortar stores and try some tech on
  • The Vibration – Smartwatches are growing in sophistication, and as such, the way they notify you of certain things is improving. Your watch isn’t going to alert you to a phone call in the same way as it will alert you to a text or email. It’s as simple as learning the vibration alerts.
  • Compatability – This could have been first on the list because it’s pretty important – you want to ensure your new smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone. You need to link them to the smartwatch to truly function as you want it, too. There are also fitness capabilities that you might want it to have. There are plenty of fitness apps available, but you must look for a smartwatch that will do everything you want it to do on the fitness tracking front – if you’re happy with just counting steps, then pretty much every smartwatch can do that with the right app. If you’re looking for something a bit more complicated, then you might want to look for a fitness tracker that also serves as a smartwatch as opposed to the other way around.

There are so many different wearable tech options on the market right now it’s easy to see why anyone would feel overwhelmed at the prospect of making a purchase. The tips above should help keep you on the right path of the capabilities that most smartwatch wearers and shoppers want to see in their tech. If you’re ready to get started shopping for your new smartwatch, be sure to swing by and check out the awesome red balloon voucher code 2018 available. It’s also the perfect place to buy your loved one amazing experience gifts, from wine tasting to hot air ballooning.