IT’s Impact on Business Performance – IT Customer Surveys Provide Answers


IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys / IT User Satisfaction Surveys Assess IT’s Impact on Employees and Customers. While IT customer survey findings are precise for every agency, there are numerous similar themes, problems, and opportunities identified in almost each IT survey /IT consumer survey, no matter the enterprise or employer length.

Many c-suite executives do not absolutely recognize the impact Information Technology has on their personnel, clients, and bottom-line performance. A chef can not do his/her activity without knives, and sharp knives work a great deal better than stupid ones. Likewise, many personal relies heavily on generation to perform their task. Without the proper technology, they cannot do their job. Using technology, this is underpowered with sizable shortfalls makes personnel inefficient and pissed off.


Information workers use computer systems and smart telephones to speak from their desk, from the sphere, and whilst working from home. They use computers to behavior transactions, create documents, collect and examine statistics, get entry to, use and update corporation databases, and carry out a wide variety of obligations. Employees rely heavily on both organization and specialized systems. For many personal, maximum or all of what they do requires them to apply their desktop or pc laptop and a telephone (often a smart telephone), supported with the aid of numerous peripheral devices inclusive of scanners, printers, copying machines, and different gadgets.

Companies are already spending large percentages in their annual and capital budgets on generation. Survey findings indicate a few businesses want to spend even greater whilst others need to get lots greater value from the money they’re already spending on Info Tech. The fastest and most fee-effective way to assess the effectiveness of Information Technology and its effect on a corporation’s employee performance, clients, and employer overall performance is to behavior IT consumer delight surveys / IT user pride surveys.

Questions About Information Technology’s Performance the C-Suite Should be Asking: For most businesses, the query has to be no longer “are we able to manage to pay for to spend more on technology”? The questions ought to be. How is IT impacting our personnel, customers, and business enterprise overall performance?

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Are we getting a price for the cash we’re spending on Information Technology? How can we get more price for our Tech Support greenbacks? Do we need to spend more on IT? What areas of Information Technology want to be stepped forward performance? How can we make IT’s overall performance greater effective and efficient? How can Information Technology make our personnel greater productive, our clients greater satisfied and dependable, and our business enterprise greater aggressive and profitable? Illustrative Comments from IT Customer Surveys / IT User Surveys.

IT surveys provide information and perception for making massive upgrades in Information Technology performance, client pleasure/effectiveness, and enterprise overall performance. Following are remarks from various IT purchaser delight surveys / IT user pleasure surveys that illustrate frustration and the effect on employee productiveness and clients. Read this feedback, and you’ll probably agree that most organizations have huge opportunities to get the extra fee from their Info Tech sources. Is your organization experiencing any of these issues?:

I waste at least an hour a day waiting on my PC to do something. I am now not on my own with this – it’s throughout the website. It scares me to think of the misplaced productivity and what this is costing us. People are very inclined to work at home and entire extra hours if they have to get right to entry to a Laptop. Others can do so with a Blackberry. It may be a fake economy to restrict these a lot, and in fact, lessen productiveness normal My PC is way too sluggish – if I had a decent platform to paintings with, I would get a hell of lots more paintings completed within the same time. Manage2000 is a joke – lengthy beyond its use by way of date and wishes to replace. It’s keeping us returned.

JDE is a complete consumer unfriendly application and isn’t always a development over the antique ICAPS gadget in any respect. JDE is complex, hard to use, and takes an inordinately long time to get any information out of it; if you could retrieve facts in any respect. The reality that our site became literally dumped in it at the deep cease and not using an again up from the legacy systems and inadequate training became appalling. The enterprise suffered due to it. Very poorly performed. Trackwise is one of the worst packages I’ve ever visible, surpassed only by JDE for person unfriendliness. It’s a complete waste of time, and the general public – myself included – forget about it.

I do not understand why our employer will no longer allow income employees out of the workplace the general public to get the right of entry to their email through their non-public blackberry. This isn’t always business enterprise-owned assets because our business enterprise does not provide Blackberrys, even for tenured major account reps. So, we’re pressured to shop for our very own, after which management might not permit us to absolutely make use of this important device in present-day business global. STUPID MANAGEMENT!!!

I haven’t worked with any such sluggish device in twenty years. I waste at least an hour a day watching for screens to alternate. I hate to assume if this is equal for all of us, costing the enterprise is lost productiveness. There are the most effective community printing options in our office that are undersized for office usage and are regularly down due to print great troubles. I often must outsource (at my personal fee) printing a consumer inspiration to a nearby print keep as a way to provide a terrific first-rate published concept.
The kingdom of the business enterprise community is ridiculous. I revel in prolonged network speeds four days every week. I regularly cannot download business enterprise records because it will tie up my computer for longer than 15-20 mins. Sending and receiving email is regularly not possible; Lotus Notes shuts down. Frequently the network connection is so terrible I can not even use the internet, the browser times out. I can not be effective whilst my most crucial tool does not paintings.

Slow, unresponsive durations while email is inaccessible and takes forever to navigate from one email to another. Marty is continually available to help out. However, he is beyond swamped with seeking to aid a growing enterprise. We need extra Marty’s on our commercial enterprise! Our Tech Support department operates with low experience of urgency regarding tech guide demanding situations that I had been faced with. If John isn’t always to be had all of us go through. Our lifeline is our laptops!

I get answers and backbone to easy questions immediately. For that, I am very glad. Answers or resolution to larger, long-standing troubles takes a great deal longer… Some are yet to be resolved. Major problems. I do not suppose that that is a function of the technicians. They don’t appear to have the authority to make choices or enforce modifications. They can simplest do what they are directed to do, so I am very disappointed.
We have persistent issues – one or two computer systems are continually crashed – seems like anybody has two or three days of no productiveness while being resolved. When I give an order to my admin, I never know how long it’ll take to get it in Oracle because there are many crimson tapes. Every month the machine modifications, and it’s ridiculous. Issues can drag on for weeks, and without my chronic observe up, it appears like little progress is made on problems. I have experienced the lack of key documents at some point in numerous incidents.

Larger issues have gone unresolved for years. It’s a cross-platform tech guide problem. Our technician does not know the Mac OS platform. Consequently, his capability to help with positive troubles is restrained. We use Apple support whilst we can. However, the larger problem is server and move platform related. It’s frustrating while we ought to mail in our laptop. The downtime is brilliant…..In our international, we can’t even manage to pay for some days without a laptop, and the internet opportunity site isn’t always a non-compulsory answer. Always appears to take multiple tries to remedy issues.
My PC may be very slow. Very gradual start-up. Wastes 10 minutes a morning Many of us might be higher served with upgraded smart telephones. The printers are regularly down/jammed.

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