Portfolio Basics for Web Design Students: About Me Pages


About pages to your portfolio want to have a particular cause. It’s now not simply there to appearance pretty, it is there to help you accomplish an aim.


Chances are, the primary time a person visits your internet site, your approximately me page can be the first web page they visit to learn about who you are and what you do. This approach that new site visitors need to realize at once what you and your website online ought to offer. A problem that many people have once they have an approximately web page is that they do not know what to place there. Building an awesome about web page assist you to have interaction readers, encourage sales and construct agree with capability clients and employers.

What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

Writing replica to your about web page can be tough, and plenty of college students don’t know wherein to begin. A proper location to start is to identify who you want to goal as your essential audience. You may not be capable of tailor your approximate page to everybody, however having a target marketplace in mind whilst growing your about page will make it loads less difficult for you. Describing a piece of your design procedure can go an extended way in making a potential consumer feel greater at ease.

The advent in your approximately web page, or the precis of who you are and what you do, is vital to enticing visitors to retain reading and ultimately, contact you (which is our goal). There are some businesses of people you want to direct your attention towards:


As an internet layout scholar, this could possibly be the maximum popular target marketplace in case you’re clean to the enterprise. Describing personality traits in an effort to be effective in convincing activity-seekers which you’re the right candidate is a terrific way to start. Attention to detail, top paintings ethic, CSS ninja, are all key phrases that will snatch the attention of your reader. If you have task-associated revel in, listing it. Your persona will go a protracted manner when it comes to getting hired, but having paintings revel in to again it up will give you a higher hazard of sealing the deal.


If you want to apply your approximately web page to attract greater customers, you want to apply this space to reinforce the advantages of your services. Think from a clients angle. What can this man or woman do to assist my commercial enterprise to develop? This could additionally be an extraordinary location for your portfolio to encompass what it is like to paintings with you and what separates you from the opposition.


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The second blurb sounds plenty extra attractive and thrilling to potential customers. This will lead them to marvel how you could assist them and their commercial enterprise, persuading them to touch you. Including quotes from previous customers or case studies about projects you’ve got labored on that had been a hit is also a very good idea.


This is the main query you want to answer on your about page. Who are you? Talking approximately your historical past and education is good to a quantity, but humans want to recognize who the real you is. Discussing your expertise and credentials will assist higher logo your self. These are the kinds of reviews that your visitors need to study about. If you have no expert experience, talk about your ardor for making the internet a better location.


What does your website must provide? What are the blessings of operating with you? This will basically deliver clients/employers a motive why they must rent you. They need to recognize the benefits of hiring you, whether or not it be a stellar turn round time or an impeccable interest to the element, make certain they recognize why they have to be hiring you, in preference to the next man.


How’d you get started out in internet layout? If you are struggling with arising with enough content material to fill your approximate page, begin with how you bought started within the enterprise. People are inquisitive about the way you have become worried about web layout. Telling a tale is a great manner to hook your readers, but be concise and to the point – no person will revel in a protracted, drawn-out tale about someone they just met.

Your Photo

People need to recognize who they may be operating with. Having a photograph that your capability clients or employers can relate lower back to will provide them a way to connect to you on a greater personal level, even in case you aren’t capable of meeting in person. Make certain you appearance presentable!

Content Hierarchy

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All the statistics for your approximately web page oughtn’t to be approximately your career. You want so that it will shape your content material so that your target audience gets the information they want to make your mind up as soon as they land on your page, but if they want to examine extra approximately you as an individual, they could find it decrease down. Make sure you usually start with actual-global work revel in and applicable personality traits first. From there, you can point out more non-public records together with vicinity, personal hobbies, formal education, and many others.