3 Types of Videos Businesses Should Create for Content Marketing


Content marketing is all about creating engaging and interesting content that targets prospective leads at every step on their way towards becoming customers. It should come as no surprise that videos have a vital part to play, as there is no other type of content that can match it in terms of engagement.

Videos Businesses

If you’re thinking about creating videos to give your content marketing a boost, there are several types that you should definitely start with:

Informative guides that explain to viewers how to perform a task solve a problem or learn a skill are a great type of video to build awareness of your brand and its products. It should focus on educating viewers and not directly promote your business in any way. That being said, you can use this type of video to promote a product by showing it in use indirectly. If you do, viewers will be able to see how effective your product is without feeling as though you’re trying to sell it to them.

  • Expert interviews

Interviewing someone who is an authority in your industry and can provide useful insights to viewers will definitely be an appealing type of content. On top of that, most experts will have a following of their own, and so you could potentially attract some of them to your brand with the interview. Although it can be challenging to set up and record an expert interview, keep in mind that there are alternatives to conducting one face-to-face. For example, you could use a screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Recorder to record Google Hangout or Skype and conduct the interview via a video call.

  • Case studies

If potential customers are already interested in your business and its products, case studies can help them learn more about it. Good case study videos shouldn’t go into too much detail about the product itself but rather focus on the experience that a person had using it and the benefits it provided them. Think of a case study as a real story about a real person using your product and how it helped them out. In video form, you can reinforce that it is a real person by showing them as they explain the impact the product had.

Make no mistake; there are lots of other types of videos that you could create for various stages of your content marketing strategy, including product demonstrations, testimonials, brand videos, explainer videos, and so on. However, the types mentioned above are a good place to start due to how effective they can be. Remember that the key to successful content marketing is to focus on the buyer – not the product. Every video you create should aim to engage viewers and foster their interest without trying to ‘hard sell’ your brand or its products. Think about the buyer and their problems, needs, and desires – and focus on it instead of your goal to sell the product.

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