17 Best Apps for College Applicants and College Students


Phones aren’t only for smartphone calls anymore. They can be computers, maps, tour guides, game facilities, cameras, search engines like google, and many greater things. With the proper apps, they can even turn out to be a tool for the university. We researched among the education apps available and selected the 17 maximum beneficial apps to the common college applicant and student. These 17 apps assist you with the university seek, with college prep, with your university packages, with teachers when you are in college, and with the university lifestyle in popular.

Pretty useful, right?

While those 17 apps have to be your sole providers of statistics no longer, they’re without a doubt a handy and a laughing way to tackle a small part of the university admissions procedure.

College Students

So browse away, and happy downloading!

1. Peterson’s College Guide

What it does – permits you to look for information on hundreds of institutions, inclusive of such data as selectivity, economic resource, and majors offered. Best used for – short research or surfing to get ideas approximately one of a kind schools. For huge studies, it depends upon records from the school’s admissions office and website. Also very accessible for campus tours. Favorite Feature – “Shake for a College Suggestion” characteristic. Shake your smartphone and explore the random schools that come up.

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2. College Confidential Mobile App

It offers college admissions articles and allows participants to discuss numerous components of the admissions procedure. You can participate in discussions at the cross, check university utility blogs, and engage with other users. Best used for – Background research and gauging what different university applicants have spoken to me approximately. Favorite Feature – “Campus Vibe” phase lets iPhone customers browse through loads of reports from college students who have long gone on college visits at a particular faculty.

3. future SAT

What it does – lets you play SAT prep games on the go. Games are based on a Kaplan curriculum and accompanied using test-taking pointers. Best used for – supplemental test prep. Favorite function – portable nature of app lets you study whenever or everywhere, which is remarkable for consistent test education.

4. SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 1 by way of The Princeton Review

What it does – quizzes you on 250 vocabulary words often encountered on the SAT examination. You can check yourself on definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and tremendous and negative connotations. Best used for – at the pass vocab analyzing. Favorite function – some challenges are timed to simulate the actual SAT take a look at-taking surroundings.

5. SAT Connect

It provides on-the-cross SAT studying with 800 test questions, 7 diagnostic assessments, study publications, and vocabulary flashcards. Provides comments for your rankings and times and maintains music of your progress. Best used for – diagnosing SAT issues areas for yourself and specializing in practice questions within the one’s areas.
Favorite function -offers you specific causes of the answers to any questions you leave out, which lets you avoid making the identical mistake twice.

6. Common App Mobile

What it does – permits you to fill out your applicant via your cellular cellphone; however, this is no longer advocated. Best used for – checking the fame of your application and ensuring that various stages of your software had been processed. Favorite feature – the potential to test your software reputation on the pass- you no longer must hover nervously in the front of a computer.

7. Dropbox

It does – continues files in one without problems available place, which is exquisite for the sort of essays and other files you collect during the University software method. Allows you to sync files from various locations.

Best used for – storing essay drafts, pointers, and resumes in a cozy vicinity.

Favorite function – the app uses a web storage mechanism; because of this, your documents are secure from any sick-timed computer crashes.

8. IStudiez Pro

What it does – tracks homework and cut-off dates for all of your classes. You also can coloration code and label diverse extracurricular sports and area them alongside your elegance calendar. Best used for – maintaining tune of the numerous obligations that come with being a university scholar. Having all of your schedule facts in a single area will make it smooth to plan out your obligations and work time table. Favorite Feature – the “Today” view reflects all of your educational and extracurricular duties for a selected day.

9. MyHomework

What it does – gives a virtual calendar for your homework assignments. You can sort your homework into specific elegance lists or view it as a calendar. Best used for – planning out your semester whilst you acquire the syllabi for your training. Knowing while all your homework is due will help you plot your workload and keep away from procrastination.
Favorite feature – you could set reminder alarms to present you fair caution about upcoming due dates.

10. Stanza

What it does – helps you to download heaps of texts on your phone so that they’re to be had to you in a greater portable layout. You can choose from an expansion of loose works or other works from the app’s accomplice shops. Best used for – smaller readings for your instructions. For maximum lessons, it’s far great to own a real e-book. However, for shorter readings, Stanza can prevent a hefty backpack. Favorite function – you may transfer books from your e-reader or computer simply by way of dragging them over to the Stanza icon.

11. Mental Case

What it does – allows you to create flashcards using textual content, pix or audio, or to download current on-line flashcards. After you create the flashcards, you could quiz yourself immediately out of your phone.

Best used for – cuts down when you are positioned into writing out flashcards and gives you more time to quiz yourself.

Favorite Feature – being able to make flashcards with high best snapshots is beneficial for classes in which you need to recognize diagrams and graphs.

12. Instapaper

It does – saves webpages so that you can get entry to them later, even whilst you do now not have Internet get right of entry to. Saves maximum webpages as textual content handiest documents, making them clean to read even on your smartphone. Best used for – bookmarking articles or pages which you need for sophistication, or which you are just inquisitive about. Being capable of getting the right of entry to these even without wireless insurance gives you extra freedom to read and look at wherever you want. Favorite Feature – If you are seeking out something new to read, you may test out what other friends are studying or pick from the Editor’s Picklist.

13. Evernote

What it does – allows you to make random text, audio, or visual notes approximately quite a great deal whatever. You can record notes, thoughts, or snapshots in a searchable database for clean access later on. Best used for – remembering all the random statistics and thoughts you’ll soak up each inside and outside the lecture room. Favorite Feature – it converts textual content from any snapshot snapshots into text that is readable and searchable on your phone.

14. Bump

What it does – permits you to trade telephone numbers and different contact records whilst you “bump” your phone together with your friend’s. Best used for – the frenzy of introductions that you will stumble upon in the course of your first weeks of college. You will meet such many humans, and Bump provides a smooth and fast manner to get their contact statistics. Favorite feature – it nearly goes without saying that being able to exchange phone numbers actually through touching telephones is pretty cool…

15. PocketMoney


What it does – continues music of your budget with information from any checking, savings, or credit score card accounts that you input. Best used for – making sure that you do no longer overstep your economic obstacles in university. It is so clean to neglect how lots of cash is in your bank account. However, this app makes those records without problems available even whilst you are on the pass. Favorite Feature – charts and different analytics help you notice in which you are overspending and a way to cut back

16. Wi-Fi Finder

What it does – suggests you the diverse wi-fi hotspots in your geographic region and the way to get there. Best used for – locating locations to have a look at in your nearby network. The app is likewise useful if you are studying overseas, wherein it can from time to time be hard to encounter a wi-fi hotspot genuinely. Favorite characteristic – clear instructions to the closest wi-fi region

17. Urbanspoon

What it does – enables you to locate close by eating places and consider rankings and evaluations for each established order. Best used for – finding an eating place for your new college metropolis. College is all approximately exploring new matters, so mission yourself to find out the specific neighborhood eating places that your region has to offer. Favorite function – “Slot Machine” gives you a randomized eating place choice whilst you shake your phone. It’s excellent for whilst you are feeling mainly spontaneous. University-precise applications Most universities offer telephone apps providing calendars, upcoming occasions, college news, and essential logistical information, such as dining corridor menus or bus schedules. Once you have decided which college you would possibly attend, you have to look at their website or iTunes for any to be had apps.

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Chioma Isiadinso, a former admissions board member at Harvard Business School and admissions officer at Carnegie Mellon University, offers hints, techniques, and advice to college applicants to benefit from admission to top US faculties and universities. Chioma is the founder and CEO of EXPERTS, admissions consulting business enterprise that allows customers advantage admission to their top college using growing unique and compelling personal manufacturers.

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