10 Reasons Why Six-Sigma Is Vital for Manufacturing Design


Six-Sigma, a technique for enhancing approaches and fine whilst lowering inefficiencies, has been integrated into many producers’ corporate cultures. The idea is to enhance profitability and cash-flow via decreasing labor prices, reducing fabric charges, and improving consumer delight. Six-Sigma for engineering-design tactics has been overlooked for two reasons:

Needed technology was both unavailable, very high-priced, or too difficult to apply – negating a few of the blessings. Engineering design is an innovative technique. Managers withstand disrupting important innovative tactics by using introducing complicated technologies and workflows into the method. Engineering-design is the most crucial region to consider focusing your Six-Sigma improvements – to improve profitability and productiveness. Here are 10 reasons why:

Engineering Design is the ‘first creation’ of the eventual product. Identifying and eliminating layout flaws and documentation errors at this level may be very less expensive than when flaws are determined on the store floor or through the customer in the form of a discipline failure.


Technology has improved to in which traditionally complex equipment is actually a good deal simpler to apply. For instance, FEA (finite element evaluation) software program used to be very complex and high-priced; groups would handiest have this generation if they might hire a person with an engineering doctorate to use the generation eighty% of their time. Today, low-price technologies make it easy for mechanical designers to installation and run simulations based on real-world enter.

Speed! Competition is usually forcing groups to lessen their transport instances – which could position high-quality strain on the business enterprise. Many engineering-tactics are redundant. If layout regulations may be documented, they could and must be automated! My organization facilitates clients to do this. Stealth Concealment informed us they now produce design drawings 10-times faster than earlier than – 10 TIMES FASTER! Bauer Compressors stated their productivity expanded by way of a surprising 350% at the same time as decreasing scrape with the aid of 50%! Given the excessive and rapid investment payback, why would not each person automate each engineering-design system they could?

Communication problems result in delays to product shipping and problems in shop-floor scheduling. This is most considerable with exchange-orders, which are regularly held up because position players have been now not notified in a well-timed manner. Other times, a trade-order folder ends up on someone’s table – buried beneath other paintings; or worse yet, the character is out of the office for three weeks. Relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use technology now exists to alleviate these issues while preserving intellectual assets comfy.

Engineering fashions may be leveraged to be used in income and advertising, and marketing. The difficulty from engineering-designers is that “Sales” will maintain asking us to make quite a pix and films for them, and we don’t have time.” Newer tech tools allow sales and marketing human beings to use engineering models on their very own to create splendid presentations. Of direction, manufacturers need to have three-D models that can be used and reused… That is essential for the following factor as properly.

“Manuals for a $90 DVD participant at Wal-Mart are a whole lot higher than our patron manuals,” stated the VP of Engineering for an employer generating military protection device. Yikes! There are now no excuses for this because more recent tech equipment permits for easy introduction of dynamic patron manuals. Some technology will robotically replace the representations within the client manual while engineering models are modified or updated.

Factory layout layouts traditionally are completed in 2D AutoCAD. Newer technologies can offer smart 2D and 3-D layouts almost as effortlessly and feature gear to run simulations to determine the first-class configurations to decrease material tour time. Some technologies offer gear to let you quickly create an illustration of manufacturing unit buildings to check for interferences and decide how to make application connections. Leveraging point-cloud information from scanned images is precious in doing retrofits.

Sustainable design is a warm subject matter, not most effective to meet consumer desires, but for profitability as well. The trouble is this requires experimentation with one of a kind materials. Again, more recent tech gear allows for less difficult studies of diverse materials whilst monitoring carbon footprint and strength consumptions. Why not start the usage of these gear to offer clients with an extra terrific motive to shop for from you?

Better leverage the generation already owned! This is an area that is probably hard to identify through using conventional Six-Sigma strategies. However, it may have a big effect! The goal of technical schooling classes is to improve productiveness via 20%, however even if your people handiest get a 5% boom, that equates to a $10,000 annual ROI in step with the individual (assuming the man or woman makes use of the era 100% of the time)! Is a $10,000 to $40,000 hard-dollar benefit well worth a $one thousand to $2000 funding? AutoCAD Mechanical is the high-quality example of underneath-applied generation, with the majority of the simplest the underlying AutoCAD; but applying AutoCAD Mechanical greater completely can result in a big productiveness increase.

Competition! How are your products differentiated? If the charge is a major component in triumphing business, profitability will keep evaporating. To be profitable and grow, sales must constantly be about adding value. And how do you add price? Innovation – solving critical purchaser troubles that nobody concept will be solved! Today’s technology permits product development time to be reduced by a minimum of 50% compared to older methods and might help make sure that the prototype is the first-class layout.
Throughout, manufacturers are thinking about Six-Sigma for their engineering-layout methods, such as in growing international locations. How do you get started? I advise mapping out your cutting-edge techniques, beginning with areas you think are the largest bottlenecks.

Once you have identified some regions for development, talk over with generation implementers to speak about what answer alternatives are to be had, what different manufacturers are doing, what can be realistically expected from capacity solutions, and what landmines to avoid.


How do you pick out the right era implementers? Do no longer select software program groups that manifestly have a conflict of hobby between your needs and selling their stuff. Independent consulting corporations may additionally look like a logical preference. However, they’ll not absolutely recognize all of the bits and bobs of the numerous newer technology available.

The advice is to choose an answers-oriented VAR (cost-delivered reseller) that leads with offerings and values lengthy-time period business relationships. They realize and convey proper expectations in their technology offerings because they live or die based on whether their clients’ expectancies are set correctly. They also remember that the actual fee of applying generation tools is to enhance approaches in keeping with the Six-Sigma mindset.

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