Web Designer’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization


From a search engine point of view, the ideal website has no graphics, no scripting, no tables…And so on however simply numerous normal, simple readable textual content. You can just take it that undeniable text is the meals for search engine spiders. Therefore, the greater text you have got, the extra you may keep the spiders satisfied. However, from the design factor of view, such pages are very boring however the reality is that everybody is extra interested in preserving the spiders rather than us satisfied. The argument is that if search engine spiders cannot locate your website, no one will. Based on this philosophy, we witnessed the autumn of flash and sites with robust photos over the years. Many websites that utilized heavy photos in which not determined. Web builders come to be happy because they have an excuse to create much less dazzling websites.

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The question is are we able to make each the search engine spiders and us satisfied? The answer is genuinely a “Yes” furnished that net designers can follow sure rules when designing net pages. They need to step out of their consolation area and learn about greater about new internet technology.

Domain Name and URL Naming Convention

Having a right area and URL name is quite regularly unnoticed. Many engines like google absolutely positioned some weight in the manner you call your area or url documents. You will truly want to include a few juicy phrases for your naming conference. For example, if your web page is about internet site critics and your URL is http://www.Sitecritic.Com, this may truly be higher than a domain like http://www.Bluecatfish.Com. The identical precept is going for hyperlinks. If you’ve got 2 phrases as key phrases, you could use an underscore “_” or sprint “-” to split them.


Do now not fool around when writing the name. From my enjoy, this is the most important a part of your webpage. Many designers like to put unique characters inclusive of ” * “,” within the title to make it appearance precise. If you really need to make your website special, I advise you to do it elsewhere consisting of inside the frame of the HTML record. You should consist of your keywords for your name. Like the preceding instance, if your internet website online specializes in internet site evaluations, make certain you’ve got the phrases “Website Reviews” someplace inside the name. Noticed that “website reviews” isn’t the same as “Website Reviews”. Spacing is vital.

When writing the name, strive no longer to put in writing extra than 8 phrases. There are no difficult and speedy policies on that but the truth is that more does no longer imply exactly. In fact, the greater you write, the extra your keyword density could be faded. If you maintain repeating the same keyword in the identify, search engines like google will see your website as junk mail and you may be dead in no time. For example, a title like “Sitecritic Web Reviews” is much better than “Sitecritic Web Reviews, Internet Marketing, Web Design Ideas, Internet Directories, Budget Web Hosting, Melbourne”. I will pressure once more, do not idiot around together with your name.


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After the identifying tag is the meta description tag. Many humans argued that meta description is not important. Based on my enjoyment, they may be nonetheless applicable in SEO rankings especially if your website is new. The precept in writing the meta description tag is similar to the identity. The only distinction is that you need to explain a bit greater approximately the offerings that you provide in a friendlier layout. You may also want to consist of your key phrases in the meta description.

Menu, Content, and Links

You have to now not use any javascript menus that hid the URLs. Many javascript menus are fancy however surely not search engine marketing friendly. Whatever technique you are using to create the menus, ensure that the “a href” tag is seen. You can also want to include a version of the keywords within the menus, hyperlinks or text. Like the previous example, if your keyword is “Web Site Reviews”, you may not want to use the equal word again and again. You can range it by means of the usage of “Professional Web Reviews, Reviews of Web sites, Site Reviews…And so forth”. Varying the key phrases makes your content more exciting and is good for SEO as nicely.

When writing the contents, try to place the keywords in different regions of the report. Use tags like “b” or “h2” to make the key phrases stand out. Avoid URLs that say “click on right here” or “view”. Though frequently used, they are now not recommended for search engine optimization functions.

Text hyperlinks are stronger than photograph hyperlinks. It is consequently now not really useful to apply snapshots as the primary navigation menu at some stage in the internet site. If you would like to incorporate pix into the consumer navigation experience, you may want to don’t forget keeping apart the text from the photographs. This can be carried out effortlessly using CSS or the history picture option inside the table or to tag.


Unlike many Search Engine Experts, I strongly encourage using pictures due to the fact I am ardor approximately Web Design and is said to peer so many websites that are properly optimized for search engines like google and yahoo, however, appearance crap on the screen. You want to balance the quantity of portraits used and downloading pace. Like I referred to earlier than, if your header banner or essential pictures contains text, you can cut up up the textual content and use the photographs as a separate background or floating layer. That way, you could make the picture length smaller and also make the textual content seen to the search engines like google and yahoo. Transparent gifs are very beneficial for laying over other content or pix. Appropriate use of jpegs and gifs also can reduce downloading time via a lot.

CSS Technology

CSS lets you cut down your tag and offers extra room for the spiders to examine your content material. The trouble with CSS is that it isn’t always as uncomplicated as tables. At the moment, CSS is also inconsistent in distinct browsers, so earlier than you post your web page, you want to check the format in specific browsers. I am actually not against designers the usage of tables especially if they find the time spend in growing a full CSS website now not justifiable. The fact is that there are nevertheless instances whilst the usage of CSS is not recommended. An instance is whilst showing tabular information; Tables still excel in displaying tabular facts in the meantime. Unless you are the usage of complex nested tables, the desk, tr or td tags ought to not pose too much of a trouble for the quest engine spiders.


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Web pages need to no longer be dull and web designers ought to not bow right down to the Google revolution. A nicely designed web page combines each form and characteristic and yet, still able to be search engine friendly. I strongly consider that this may be without problems done if internet site designers are able to observe very simple policies in designing their web websites.