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Millions of Americans feel the strain of losing their jobs and, as a result, their medical insurance. But what if I advised you that losing your health insurance could sincerely be a blessing in the cover? What if I informed you that there’s an opportunity for that loss…A possibility for the boom, and possibly, with a piece of willpower for your part, to reach and keep your maximum health capacity?

health insurance

When I become in excessive college within the ’70s, I advanced an ingesting sickness (anorexia nervosa that flipped into bulimia) that lasted 10 years. Sure, I had insurance. But it becomes the pre-Karen Carpenter era, so no doctors or counselors had a clue—which made my insurance nugatory! Nowadays, they might prescribe a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. However, I am so satisfied the ones did not exist lower back then. Drugs do not get to the basis of the trouble and often have aspect effects nearly as terrible, if no longer worse, than the illness.

Convinced I had to heal myself, I took eight college training in psychology to find a therapy. It was not anything labored until I moved to Mexico and got far away from all the processed cause foods. I additionally commenced taking extraordinary ingredients like bee pollen and brewer’s yeast, and… All at once, the eating disorder, which has been a ten-yr hell for me, really vanished! 10 years of praying and seeking a remedy for my thoughts by way of reading psychology and self-help books ended. I got well simplest after recuperation the body, no longer the thoughts.

I then knew the significance of vitamins because of the precept key to health. Through the years, I experimented with health modalities, even got a grasp’s diploma in Chinese medicine, and did acupuncture for a while. But I noticed herbs had been even more powerful than needles. The conviction grew that what someone places into his or her mouth has the finest impact of all.

When I located the cleansing and rejuvenating power of a raw food weight loss plan, my fitness soared! I became loose from hepatitis C, PMS that had me depressed 3 weeks of the month, athlete’s foot, brain fog, herpes, even jet lag! I devoured every ebook on the uncooked food weight loss plan and got here across a mess of testimonials-human beings recuperation from ailment without tablets or surgical treatment. Victoria Boutenko, as an instance, turned into healed of arrhythmia and her husband of hyperthyroidism. Their son changed into cured of youth diabetes and their daughter of allergies. After only some months on the eating regimen, they have been all occurring prolonged hikes, bursting with strength!

Reverend George Malkmus healed himself of most colon cancers…David Klein defeated colitis…Roe Gallo conquered a surprisingly allergic sensitivity to the 20-century chemical compounds…Lou Corona healed from a head tumor…Dr. Lorraine Day reversed breast cancer…Angela Stokes lost 159 pounds… Jenny Smith no longer sleepwalks. The listing goes on and on.

“But what about accidents?” you are probably protesting. Yes, you would possibly need to get totally high deductible insurance in case of injuries. But bear in mind this: I recognize people who even used uncooked meals as a prime part of recuperation from injuries. Take Aajonous Vonderplanitz, for example. Four MDs told him that his son, injured from an automobile twist of fate, would be mind useless for life. But the usage of uncooked foods, Aajonous got his son to pop out of the coma with a full recuperation of his brain and muscle tissues. His son went directly to graduate from a university. (Aajonous info the entire tale in his e-book We Want to Live.)

health insurance

Then there may be Dr. Joe Dispenza (who appears inside the movies What the Bleep Do We Know? And What If? And tells his tale in his book Evolve Your Brain). Joe was injured in a car coincidence and become identified with “a couple of compression fractures of the thoracic spine with the T-eight vertebra extra than 60% collapsed.” The medical doctors endorsed Harrington rod’s surgical treatment. However, Joe turned into haunted by all of the patients he had seen that had had this surgical procedure. They by no means truly healed, in no way regained their spinal flexibility, and plenty of lived the rest of their lives hooked on pain medicines. Filled with the conviction of the body’s innate electricity to heal itself, he rejected surgical operation and used uncooked meals plus visualization to heal himself.

Researchers are starting to analyze that what you eat affects your health more than something, even genetics. What you eat feeds your genes in the direction of fitness or degeneration. A pal of mine who eats a one hundred% uncooked food regimen says her buddies are horrified when they discover she would not have health insurance. She replies, “My medical health insurance is what I put into my mouth.”

Even if you do not need to eat a largely uncooked weight-reduction plan, switching to whole meals is going a long way. (Don’t eat whatever from a box, can, bag, or jar.) Get greater alkaline using more veggies (salads, green smoothies, wheatgrass juice, chlorella, spirulina, blue-inexperienced algae). Avoid the worst culprits (wheat, dairy, table salt, sugar, trans fats, monosodium glutamate, aspartame).

Also, learn how to use dietary supplements instead of medication. When I had hepatitis C, I took numerous tablets of milk thistle three instances an afternoon. When I returned for a test, the MD turned astonished to discover that my liver enzymes were to be envied! My sister becomes addicted to a prescription drug, and while she misplaced her insurance, if she did not maintain buying it (spending $200 a month!), she couldn’t sleep in any respect. When I were given her a month’s delivery of tryptophane and advised her to reduce the drug while taking this complement progressively, she was subsequently capable of weaning herself off the highly-priced meds.

Besides a weight-reduction plan, other lifestyle elements can make a large difference in a single’s health. One of the maximum essential matters is to remove the pollution from your surroundings. Get an air purifier and toss the moldy rugs or mattress (particularly if you have asthma). Use natural, trustworthy cleansing resources, makeup, tampons, non-public care merchandise, and so forth.

Exercise is some other funding for your fitness. Vary it so that you cowl flexibility to save you accidents and keep the backbone younger (yoga, stretching), endurance, and cardiovascular health (on foot, running, and so on.), in addition to power-constructing (lifting weights, pushups, and so on). Other health factors encompass good enough sleep and relaxation, supporting relationships, wonderful questioning, pure air and water, and ok sunshine all through the day so you can absorb Vitamin D.

The reality is that even when you have medical insurance, the copayments can bankrupt you in case you get a prime disease, including cancer, and making a decision to go the conventional route. (This subject matter was introduced up in the movie Sicko.) And even when you have one hundred% health insurance, the tendency is to not be proactive in your health. People who have that mindset wait until they get ill, expect some capsules or surgical procedure to heal them, and then wonder why they never feel appropriate again. Many of these people come to be spending a small fortune on alternative therapies that their medical health insurance failed to cover (when they recognize that the traditional path failed to heal them surely) because they truly need to regain their health.

People generally tend to go away all the responsibility for their health to their medical health insurance. I have to stumble upon folks who be given jobs they hate genuinely because they want medical health insurance. In San Diego, many instructors are turning down a totally beneficiant golden handshake because they don’t need to lose their medical insurance. People are selling their souls for their medical health insurance because they don’t realize that if they alternate their lifestyle, they can be in near whole manage in their health! What is in reality wanted is not normal medical insurance, however popular fitness training.

health insurance

Take obligation in your fitness. After a yr or (as I even have), you may also discover which you visit the health practitioner handiest for the once a year checkup to confirm that you are on the proper path. You can also discover (as I actually have) which you have restored the vigor, electricity, and radiant health you had decades ago. You may additionally find (as I even have) that while you are on top of things of your fitness, having no health insurance would not appear relevant.

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