Aetna Health Insurance Leaving California – Recommended Replacement Plans


Aetna Health Insurance introduced they’re leaving the California market for character and family plans. The give up the date of all their plans is December 31, 2013. All forty-nine,000 Aetna clients still have six months to parent out what fitness plan they need to pass to. In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple mapping that recommends which plans you should move to based upon the Aetna fitness plan you currently have, a “gotcha” to look at out for, and multiple silver linings to feel good about.

The simplest way to update your Aetna Health Insurance is to without a doubt look for an alternative plan with the identical (or similar) deductible quantity. The suggestions under will make that easy to do. With just a little more attempt, you can rethink what you need in yearly clinical advantages and choose a plan the is a better fit to your cutting-edge wishes. Either manner, you must be able to discover an excellent solution listed beneath.

Aetna Health Insurance Underwriting Is More Lenient

This will be the gotcha for some human beings. Aetna has usually been extra inclined to simply accept humans with a few health situations. I realize a number of my clients are in Aetna plans due to the fact they’d specific health situations that the opposite companies either might now not take delivery of, or might “feel” much higher than Aetna. So this is some thing you need to be aware of and be cautious about.Health Insurance

If you have present fitness conditions or are “too quick” (ok… A bit over-weight), or have a rated plan with Aetna, then you definitely must virtually speak to a dealer earlier than you practice with any other medical health insurance agency. You’ll need to have the broker do Pre-Screen Requests which will see how the other coverage businesses will deal with your utility.


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It’s important to do the pre-display screen step first, due to the fact if you simply select a health plan, practice for it, after which get declined or rated even better, it’ll be very difficult to get other insurance businesses to don’t forget your utility.
Let’s begin mapping alternative plans…

Aetna Open Access MC Value Plan Alternatives

The Aetna Open Access Value plans are Aetna’s low-price alternative. The Value plans provide a number of different deductibles, $eight,000, $five,000, $2,500, and provide 3 workplace visits for an easy copy, and coverage for Generic prescriptions.

This plan description matches very closely to what is obtainable inside the Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense plans. If you only need workplace visits instead of three, then the exceptional alternatives are the Health Net PPO Advantage plans and the ClearProtection plan from Anthem Blue Cross.

If the value of the plan is one of your predominant elements, then right here is how the alternative plans above need to be used.

Health Net PPO Advantage 3500 – offers the best general value (price vs benefits)
Health Net PPO Advantage 6500 – is usually the bottom price choice
Anthem Blue Cross ClearProtection 3300 – Anthem’s lowest price answer
Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense 6000 – closest in shape to Aetna’s Open Access Value 8000, but lower price
Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense 3500, 2000, 1000 – in case you sense greater at ease with decrease deductibles
In most of the people of cases, the alternative plans from Anthem and Health Net could be the lower price than the similar Aetna Value plans. You’ll need to review health insurance fees to see how the pricing looks to your location in California.

Aetna opportunity plans from all fundamental medical health insurance agencies in California. The best plans!

Aetna Open Access MC Plan Alternatives

The Open Access plans are Aetna’s high-end services. These plans supplied limitless office visits for just a copy, furnished both Generic and Brand name prescription insurance, and provided deductibles of five,000, 3,500, 2,750, and 1,750.

The quality mappings of the Open Access plans are subsequent:

Cigna Open Access Value plans – Cigna’s access plans, however very much like the Aetna plans however without brand name prescription coverage
Anthem Blue Cross Premier plans – these plans are the pinnacle of the line from Anthem
Cigna Open Access plans – the high-quit Cigna plans
Blue Shield Shield Secure Plus plans – Blue Shield’s top stop plans
Health Net does no longer have any plans that provide unlimited workplace visits and coverage of emblem name prescriptions, so there aren’t any options listed.

Aetna Open Access MC High Deductible Plan (HSA Compatible) Alternatives

These are Aetna’s access in the Health Savings Account (HSA) like the minded marketplace. Like all HSA plans, they provide no blessings besides zero-price preventive care till after you attain the deductible. The plans come with two deductibles, both five,500 or $3,500.

The mappings for these HSA plans is the following:

Health Net CFB HSA 4500 plan – this is the high-quality price HSA plan in the marketplace
Health Net CFB HSA 6000 plan – that is the general lowest value HSA plan
Blue Shield Saver HSA plans – those are decreasing price than the opposite non-Health Net HSA plans
Cigna Health Savings 4900 plan – right trendy reason plan
Anthem Blue Cross Lumenos 5950 plan – Anthem’s ultimate closing HSA plan
Are You Looking For Lower Out Of Pocket Risk?

Some consumers may be trying to decrease rates AND lower the OPM’s they have had in the beyond. If this is your wish, then here are a couple of options you must discover:

Health Net CFB PPO Standard plans – the OOPM in these plans is equal to the deductible, and a pair of office visits for a copay
Cigna Open Access Value 5000/one hundred% – the OOPM is the same as the deductible, and the plan offers limitless office visits
These alternative plans will value a bit greater than the direct replacement options indexed in the sections above. However, the attractiveness of getting lower threat if a twist of fate or a scientific circumstance starts is very compelling.

Silver Linings In The California Aetna Health Insurance Decision

I accept as true with that Aetna is simply the primary in a line of large and small medical health insurance groups that will depart the California man or woman and circle of relatives medical health insurance marketplace over the following 3-five years. Aetna had a totally small marketplace share and would have a tough time competing with the coverage agencies that dominate the California marketplace. So having Aetna go away now will lessen the turbulence we see in the course of the Health Care Reform roll-out later q4.

The first silver lining in all of this is that Aetna plans tend to have very high Out-Of-Pocket Maximums (OOPM). As an example, for a family, the Open Access Value 8000 plan has an OOPM of $25,000, even as the Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense 6000 plan and the Health Net PPO Advantage 6500 have a $19,000 OOPM.

This is one of the reasons human beings have stayed away from new Aetna plans except no different medical health insurance enterprise would accept them. There are lots of plans from Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, and Blue Shield a good way to have decrease OPM’s than the Aetna plans.Health

The closing silver lining of this modification at Aetna is that Aetna plans have no longer been very aggressive the last couple of years. So changing to comparable plans will come up with a discount in premiums. With the information we’ve given you above, you should be able to find a suitable Aetna alternative plan, now move forth and prosper.

Aetna alternative plans from all primary health insurance businesses in California. The high-quality plans!

Tim Thompson is the founding father of SPF Insurance Services in San Diego, CA and has been writing approximately coverage topics for over 10 years.