Why Your Pet Needs Insurance Too


Like humans, our pets are also at risk of getting sick or injured, having infections, and needing specific medical procedures. This means that, like humans, insurance is being offered to cover the costs of these medical services. According to Allied Market Research, the industry accumulated $4.5 billion in 2020 and is forecasted to reach $16.81 billion by 2030.

But why are pet owners so keen to apply their furry and not-so-furry friends for insurance? Below are a couple of reasons.


Underlying health issues

There are hereditary and breed-specific conditions that may occur no matter how much you try and keep your pet in good health. For example, hip dysplasia is common in large breeds of dogs, according to a report on WGSM News. Meanwhile, among the most common genetic diseases in cats are feline urological syndrome and non-struvite bladder stones.

When these complications arise, it may be challenging to know if your pet can be remedied on a one-time basis or if they will need to be treated multiple times throughout their life. Some health issues may also require regular medication or routine treatment like physical therapy. Insurance should cover the costs, no matter how long the treatment may last.


No matter how much you try to avoid them, accidents happen. Your pet might get an injury when running or playing, for example, which might require a cast if their limbs are fractured and even physical therapy if bones were broken. Pets can also consume small objects that may require emergency surgery or abdominocentesis, a process where fluids are drained from the stomach. Pets who spend time outdoors may also fall victim to insect stings — especially from bees — that require medical attention to prevent swelling and medicine to avoid allergic reactions.

You can never predict when these events will occur precisely or how expensive the treatments may be, so having insurance for your pet is necessary.

High cost of veterinary care

Veterinary bills are expensive due to the high cost of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment used in clinics. This is according to Mark Rosati of the American Veterinary Medical Association, in response to an inquiry on the reason behind pricey veterinary care. Our pets also require tests and procedures such as scans and x-rays to be appropriately diagnosed and treated.

Veterinarians are also doctors who went through the demanding medical school process, so we are also paying for their level of expertise. Fortunately, Sound Dollar notes how pet insurance covers various medical expenses, from expensive surgeries to medicine for common infections. You need to present your vet receipts.

Peace of mind

As previously stated, accidents and health issues can happen at any point. If there comes a time when you struggle with finances and your pet needs medical assistance, having pet insurance will lessen your stress and expenses. Knowing that your pet will be able to get the help they need will ease your worries. After all, preparing excessively for their health is better than not having prepared at all.

Our pets are valuable companions and members of our family. Like us, they are prone to sickness and injury, which needs medication and treatment. Investing in pet insurance helps us take better care of them and assures us that they will be with us for as long as possible.

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