Huge Career Killing Mistakes PC Technicians Should Avoid


The Joys of being a Computer Technician!

Isn’t being a PC Technician taken into consideration a pleasure!? Having the opportunity to troubleshoot computers, repair computer systems and networks, maintain hardware and networks, and service clients even as making killer earnings is a dream profession. Yes, it’s far!! Not so fast, though; the lifestyles of a successful laptop technician are not as glamorous as most, up and coming technicians count on. Whether you’re beginning your personal repair shop/commercial enterprise or looking for a profession as a computer tech, you ought to understand what you’re up in opposition to avoid utter unhappiness! Let’s dig deep into three of the Career Killing Mistakes That PC Technicians Should Avoid!

PC Technicians

1. Being in it only “for the money.”

I realize…You are possibly thinking: “aren’t all organizations formed to make cash?” The answer is OF COURSE THEY ARE! There is a great exceptional between starting a commercial enterprise to turn out to be profitable and starting a commercial enterprise just for the cash. It takes the time to grow an enterprise and plenty of technicians who get into the commercial enterprise for themselves recognize that it’s miles more paintings than it is played, to start and grow a hit enterprise. Some computer repair/consulting companies can end up profitable in less than a yr after startup, even as others can take 2 to 5 years or longer, to break even or make an income.

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If you have got little to no love for generation, computers, and laptop related era, you could have regrets within the future after starting a PC repair enterprise; because operating long hours, few to NO days off, unpredictable income, and shortage of preliminary earnings are all realities that “weed-out” the technicians who’re sick-organized to run a business. If you love computers and feature a knack for the generation, your success in the PC repair business is off to a perfect start. As the saying goes… “do what you like and you may by no means work a day for your lifestyles!”

2. Not knowing how to do away with malware

One of the most commonplace troubles encountered by way of pc users these days is malware. Viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, and different threats are here to stay and ruin havoc on computers and networks. Were you conscious that 35,000 new kinds of malware are released each day? Yes.DAILY. If you had been to survey a hundred pc repair and IT support businesses, you will discover that getting rid of malware (in addition to stopping malware) makes up a totally full-size component of their enterprise’s income.

A high percent of pc restore groups could near their doors and shut down their agencies if malware removal changed into not wanted. What that means for pc technicians, is that no longer knowing how to put off malware from an inflamed pc does little to not anything to establish credibility as a reputable PC technician.

Many laptop problems are due to viruses (and different malware). In many instances, troubleshooting laptop issues, more often than no longer, consists of scanning for malware and eliminating any discovered, previous to narrowing down the trouble(s) to other culprits. It is not best to have a technician realize a way to discover malware symptoms (while viable) but must also realize a way to dispose of malware using software gear.

A notably skilled technician may have the capacity to cast off most malware threats without antivirus & antispyware gear! If identifying, eliminating and preventing malware isn’t always your sturdy point, I HIGHLY advise, finding out The PC Technicians Virus Removal Manual, for a complete solution with limitless help and updates. Check it out nowadays by way of journeying my corporation’s website. Remember…Computer systems issues are either software program-related or hardware related. It’s counterproductive to troubleshoot software troubles without knowing how to discover and eliminate malware before wasting pointless time with inaccurate analyses. Learning malware elimination pays off in the end; figuratively, and literally!

3. Not liking to “deal with humans” (being nonsocial, introverted, speaking “tech talk,” and so forth)

Many technicians who have reveled in repairing computers experience that a computer repair commercial enterprise will be an excellent solution for their professional dreams. Unfortunately, that isn’t constantly the case. Many people think that laptop technicians are “geeks” and “nerds” who wear glasses, hold out alone, are anti-social, and do now not know the way to speak properly. Several of the aforementioned traits clearly describe many computer techs to a tee, however now not all. In my revel in coping with technicians, many have now not been in surroundings that promote conversation competencies; for example, a customer support position. Customers and clients make choices to buy based totally on emotion, and while speaking with “non-techies,” it is a should talk in a way that the person knows.

For instance, a customer inquires approximately a new laptop this is being marketed, and would really like to know how it can help them. Many technicians will right away reply: “It is a dual-core AMD processor with 4 gigs of RAM, a 512MB video card, a TV output and Window Premium.” That is an excellent example of how to confuse or annoy a client with tech speak! A superb manner of communicating the blessings of the new laptop to the client might be: “Can you inform me what you typically do with a pc? It is a dual middle processor with a purpose to allow extra energy for multitasking, has 4 gigs of RAM that’s beneficial in case you use more than one programs immediately, or in case you would love to play games; it also has a video card that will allow watching HD films and playing more modern games in addition to a TV output so you can use your television as a screen. It also consists of Windows Premium a good way to permit extra safety capabilities for preserving the pc covered at the net…Etc…And so on.

Notice the distinction?

It is a MUST that a technician has to enjoy handling humans on a head to head degree, and knows how to communicate with clients without seeming too intimidating, perplexing, or rude. I might recommend customer service schooling of some type for technicians interested in starting a PC repair enterprise.


Stay tuned for “Huge Career Killing Mistakes PC Technicians Should Avoid”…Part II. Coming Next Week!! Jarvis Edwards is a senior technician at TekTime, a computer consulting organization placed in the Inland Empire region of California, and is the writer of the “PC Technician’s Virus Removal Manual.”

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