The design and durability of your property depends greatly on its architect. From eye-catchy architecture to complex mechanical support structure– an architect is responsible for laying the blue print for the construction of your property. Things could go wrong all ways if you hire any random architect without researching about them properly. Like any other industry, architecture and design require special knowledge and years of skillful practice. Professional architects are those who must master these skills and the associated knowledge.

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You must learn to distinguish between a professional and a learner to hire the best architect for the better of your property. An initial bad decision in choosing the right architect could result into a series of disappointments.

To help you with choosing the right architect, we have made a list of things that you should know before hiring an architect.


You might be living and meeting with people on a daily basis who must have had got some sort of architectural job done with their property. It is wise to take suggestions and referrals from friends, family or acquaintances than to go and hire someone who you have no idea about. Upon shortlisting suitable candidates for the job, dig into their credentials. They must be well-qualified and must have proper credentials and licensing which is required to practice architecture.


Your architect should have proper experience at the job. Architects are supposed to have experience of many hours of apprenticeship before moving on to establishing themselves as professional individuals. You should make appropriate inquiries regarding what all previous experience has your prospective candidate had.

Ask them questions like what companies have they worked for and what current projects do they have under their belt. If they are not able to tell you an impressive data, it is advisable you consider hiring someone with more experience.


As technical as architecture can get, you still would need something a little beyond just technicality in the architect you plan to hire. Soft skills are something that your architect should have. It is easy to overlook soft skills while hiring a person for any job, in any industry. It is, however, an important aspect in determining who you can work and develop a good professional relationship with. Skills like good and efficient communication, teamwork and leadership is something to look for in the architect you plan to hire.


Do not overlook the fact that you will be working with your architect as a team and he is not going to be entirely responsible for every single thing. You will be required to provide him with a vision, which he would work into reality. For accurately communicating your vision, though, you might need to pick up some technical terms important in architecture. Do your research and make yourself familiar with the jargon before sitting down to discuss your plans with the architect.


It is important to have an elaborate idea, ready to be discussed with your hired architect at any time to save any confusion and complications.