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One of the first-rate things approximately being inside the Information Technology industry is consulting. For functions of this newsletter, I’m using the term consulting about side jobs or moonlighting paintings. While full-time Computer Consultants can also enjoy the guidelines in this article, I’m simply writing on the IT Employee who works a complete-time IT activity and then takes extra jobs for more money on the side.

Technology Computer Consulting

You’re working your ordinary task, and you want to earn extra operating for yourself. Here are a few thoughts to get started. First, recognize that it’s now nearly impossible to function in recent times without a pc in your own home. In truth, many homes now have 2-3 PC’s, and ultimately, they’re going to break or will want to be hooked collectively.

Word of Mouth Is King

To begin, get your self some enterprise playing cards that specify your offerings. DO NOT LIST YOUR RATE I made this rookie mistake and became tied to my lowball rate as soon as I become more set up. So start by spreading the phrase at paintings. Hopefully, your employer is tolerant of this. To understand the boundaries without a doubt, ask someone in HR if the corporation has a policy regarding work outside of the task. If no longer, you’ll be able to publish a notice in the lunchroom or company labeled advert board. However, if this isn’t a choice, unfold the phrase among co-people you accept as true. Word of mouth is continually the high-quality manner to usher in new business. Everyone knows a person with a damaged pc, and also, you just need to get people speaking. Once you get an opportunity, provide greater service than the client expects. Remember, those preliminary jobs are seeds, so even if you do not make a profit, the goodwill you earn will hold you are running down the road. The golden ring in doing this is to discover someone who will propose you to a small or medium length enterprise that doesn’t have its very own IT personnel.

Why Businesses? Because it’s regular paintings and corporations realize that time is cash. Businesses tend to pay on-time, do not preserve junk on their systems, and if a job runs over the amount of time you count on, they’re commonly inclined to hold the clock going for walks so long as their systems are fixed. Home clients alternatively tie the cash for the activity with the rate of the PC. This works in opposition to us as PC’s become cheaper. Businesses assign a monetary fee to their time and information, so they are less complicated than paintings. They additionally view hiring you as simply another value of the business and could not hesitate to allow any employee to call you at once you benefit theirs agree with.


I’ve attempted advertising in newspapers and in no way found it to repay. One of the fine things I’ve done besides phrase of mouth is to use my neighborhood. I put a flyer in every newspaper box advertising my services. The goal right here is the person who works out of a home office. This is some other try and cozy a purchaser whose time is money. From here, practice the identical principle of outperforming their expectancies. Let them know you admire referrals and provide them with lots of greater business playing cards. I as soon as changed into employed to split two groups all through a buy. While one half turned into my consumer, I made sure the opposite business proprietor knew the extent of my provider and went out of my manner to make certain his structures worked as well or better as soon as I left. Of direction, I taped my card to each of his servers.

A better manner than taking walks in your neighborhood is to gain a listing of your neighborhood’s addresses and visit http://www.Usps.Com and begin a mailing marketing campaign. Select the postcard mailing alternative and, in reality, upload your flyer, ship them your list of addresses and enter your credit score card quantity. I’ve observed that I can canvass a 300 residence neighborhood for approximately $forty.00 – $50.00, plenty inexpensive and greater focused than my different attempts. The purpose you want to apply a postcard is to fold. 1) It’s cheaper 2) It’s easy to dangle on to. When I used eight half of x 11 paper flyers, I only ought to attain people with a direct computer problem. Everyone else tossed the advert. The idea is to get them to hold your card for later, so provide an incentive. Give them $10.00 off their first task or offer a free session. You need them calling you now, not the other man.


OK, right here’s my take on billing and getting paid. Judgment is the important thing. When you invoice a business, make certain to add to your invoice that the fee is due upon receipt. Does this mean you may get paid without delay? Nope, but in case you leave it out, organizations will assume a Net 30 approach and pay you 30 days after receipt, and that’s not appropriate. So positioned the price due upon receipt and spot what happens. I supply them 30 days besides earlier than sending a 2d bill with a clear notice that this is a PAST DUE bill. Most times, this clears things up. Now I should upload that I have a few clients that are inconsistent approximately how long it takes to receive a commission, but they do pay, and I LIKE running for them. Maybe they are the sort that doesn’t watch over my shoulder or offers me the important thing to the region or lets me take stuff domestic to work on.

My point is you choose which problem is really worth the delay if this takes place. Most vital, spell out your phrases in the bill and send reminders every 30 days. Domestic users are exceptional; you ought to anticipate them to pay on the spot or very quickly after. Just as the nearby PC store expects them to pay before getting their stuff again, you should too. Judgment comes into play right here as properly. Some will ask you to stop using one component and then keep you longer than expected. DO NOT deliver an organized invoice based on what you believe the fee might be. It’s always better to tell them the value and then email them the invoice after being paid.

Tax Tips

If you’re an extreme, approximately an on-going consulting enterprise, make an effort to set yourself up nicely. This will pay dividends in improved sales and tax savings. Assign a room in your private home as your property workplace. This will allow you to deduct any prices related to that work out of your earnings as a representative. There isn’t any law your commercial enterprise has to make a profit, so long as you file the prices you deduct, you could achieve this despite the charges exceeding your earnings. The benefit here is that you get some tax financial savings from your everyday paycheck from your business’s loss. Hopefully, your commercial enterprise receives going and earns earnings; however, you may as well do what you may shop money till that is the case. A few examples of things you may deduct are the insurance, utilities, and internet costs proportional to the % of square toes your workplace consumes. I’ve even heard that technically you may deduct canine-related fees if you could prove the dog additionally guards the home office. I don’t propose stretching anything, however.

Sales Tax

Technology Computer Consulting

Get yourself installed as a business for your state so you can price sales tax. I recognize this sounds crazy; however, if you’re going to promote your time, why no longer promote the elements and mark them up 10%, so you make extra cash. I used to require my customers to purchase gadgets, after which call me to install them. Now I ensure I agree with they will pay and order the gadgets myself. This lets me grow sales, and as long as you maintain the song of what you charged, you surely pay the income tax at the cease of the yeIt ar, could not be less difficult.

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