5 Blog Post Templates You Can Use to Create Killer Blogs Fast


Blogging and content material control can be really tough…

You paintings for hours and hours on a weblog, hit the post button, send it out to your fans on your social media bills and wait…and wait…and wait.

Next week it’s time to do some other blog. And all of your preceding week’s work is left with the aid of the wayside to die a sluggish loss of life.

So, it’s no surprise you haven’t written any new content material within the beyond 6 months, however, it’s usually on your list. You know blogging has advantages, you may simply not have seen them.Blog

What if I informed you that blog put up templates exist to assist with this specific hassle?

What if there has been a simpler way to write blogs? What if there was a faster manner to put in writing them?

Would you weblog greater?

We needed a way to make setting out great content rapid and clean.

That’s why we’ve compiled templates of all our most successful weblog posts and we’re freeing them to you. These are the equal templates we use on ALL of our patron’s blogs, together with Brian Tracy, Phil Town, and Jack Canfield.

The second first-rate element about those templates is they work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The first-class part approximately these templates is that they may be SO EASY.

Who Can Use These Blog Post Templates?

If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have any time to weblog then these are for you.

If you figure for an employer or employer that wishes to create a few (proper) smooth content, rapid, then these are for you.
Embed a video that you shot. You’ll get double exposure by adding your video and your weblog.

OPTIONAL: Don’t like yourself on the digital camera? Don’t embed the video to shop prices and time of editing. Your script becomes your blog content. Lightly edit the grammar and put up.

Get the video transcribed on a website, or use the script you recorded from your video and use it as your blog content material. You get an easy weblog AND search engine marketing cost at the same time.

View this template in movement here.

2) The “List” or “How to” Blog Template

These blogs are clean to overcomplicate. But, are WAY extra easy to put in writing than most of the people suppose.
If you manipulate a team of writers and want to show them what you want your blogs to seem like, then those templates are for you.

Here are 5 blog post templates you may use to create exquisite content material.

1) The Video and Script Blog Post Template

This post is easy to create due to the fact all you need to do is choose a subject and speak about it. A 5-minute video offers you a 1000 word blog publish.Follow those steps to make an exquisite “How to” blog:

Compile a numbered listing on the way to do a sure thing or make a curated list of various ways to solve the identical trouble.
Create a 2 hundred-three hundred phrase advent that introduces your subject matter.
Write out your first step OR element out your first item for your list
Detail and give an explanation for what you’re speaking my about or how to do every step.
OPTIONAL: Add snapshots that describe your steps.
Repeat as needed until you’re finished.3) The Video Embed Blog Template

The video embed blog publish is one of the simplest posts to complete. You set up your topic in a quick 300-word advent and permit the video do the give you the results you want.Write a brief creation on your video 200-300 words. This advent has to install the video, but no longer deliver away from the entire video.

Embed a video which you shot into the content material.

Under the video, summarize what you found out and give a short name to action.Four) The “Insert Topic Here” Quote Blog Template

This kind of weblog publish is distinctly clean to create. Create a few photo rates, these can be your quotes or rates you discovered from others and collect them into a weblog in your fans.Write a short introduction for your blog of 200 phrases. This introduction needs to set up what the blog is set.

Write quotes out to your H3 header text. Place shareable photo charges under the header.


Add your response to the quote.
Make your fees into a Slideshare or a Quote Video and embed alternatively.5) The Content + Video + Quote Blog TemplateTemplates

This blog published is an aggregate of all the different sorts of posts, but it WORKS. The components for this one is content material + call to movement + video + photograph quote in that order.In this submit you create all of your content material at the pinnacle of the web page. After your blog is whole, insert a call to motion. Underneath your entire submit content material, embed an associated video that you recorded, or dietary supplements the content. Under the video add a shareable image quote picture for fanatics to proportion over social media.