How To Set Up A Blog For Cash And Fun


If you’re studying this, you definitely need to realize a way to set up a blog for coins and fun. Maybe only for business, or perhaps only for amusing, however, you want to know-how. You want to recognize how.


By now, you’ve got in all likelihood seen and are conscious that Blogging has become very popular on the internet. More and greater people are setting up their personal blogs for private and commercial enterprise pastimes as an efficient means to connect with customers and/or friends. Blogs are getting a vital part of online companies and are a high-quality way to earn money online.

I cannot be counted how in many instances, someone has asked me what a weblog is. People get confused by the ‘weblog’ label; however, virtually, it’s far quite simple. A ‘blog’ is, in reality, just a website wherein content material is ordered chronologically and usually includes interactive factors…Commonly referred to as ‘comments’. Comments are a segment within the weblog where a person can add his personal opinion, possibly a picture, or a ‘comment’ on a specific posting. This is already at the weblog, consequently making it interactive. The word ‘blog’ comes from the term ‘weblog,’ a log of content material on an internet site.

If you have already decided on the topic or ‘niche’ (as us smarty-pants human beings want to term it…Hehe), you could bypass the next section. But if now not, you then want to determine what you want your weblog to be approximate. It would help if you tried to select a subject that you KNOW. Something that you are preferably captivated with and something that ‘moves’ you regularly. This will make it an awful lot less difficult to get your weblog started.

Now you want to select a name for your weblog, after which buy a website name. These may be one of the identical. For instance: Your area call is ‘mycoolblog.Com,’ and the ‘call is…Let’s say ‘MyCoolBlog.Com’ (The equal in this situation). Basically, something that reflects your business or area of interest. Next, you want to go over to GoDaddy.Com and check in your call, so you own it. Set up a GoDaddy account if you don’t already have got one, after which go through the stairs at the web page to choose and purchase your call.

Next, you want web hosting on your blog. There are actually millions of web hosting corporations obtainable who will host your blog for you. To be sincere, the majority of them suck. And I’ve used a number of them over time. You want an inexpensive host (especially if you’re simply beginning out with your blog); however, it has to be dependable with true customer service. Let me let you know…That isn’t clean to discover.

However, some corporations suit this standard, and the only I advise maximum is a business enterprise called Hostgator. They have very cheaper access web hosting plans (starting around 5 dollars a month), have a splendid carrier and superb customer service. I use them myself and cannot advise them sufficiently. Check HostGator out. Sign up for an account, and they will send you a welcome packet to your electronic mail on putting in your account. You also need to invite your web host to ‘point’ your domain name to your website hosting account. They will help you in doing this.

 Blog For Cash And Fun

Remember I wrote in advance which you want to install and host your personal blog in preference to using a loose carrier like Blogger. Well, now you need to choose the software program that you will set up on your web hosting account for the way to install a blog. There are numerous corporations and systems you may choose from, such as Moveable Type and Typepad, but I strongly advocate that you use WordPress.Org. Why? Millions of bloggers utilize WordPress.Org, so a massive network allows making the software constantly enhance. There are tons of plugins, which might be modifications that you may install to improve your blog, and WordPress.Org is unfastened!

Every month I even have the respect of teaching a WordPress For Business Owners class. These instructions were tremendously beneficial to our students. So an awful lot so that ETR secured a non-public time slot for his or her audience in July. Bob Bly has additionally secured a non-public class for his target audience in June. Occasionally my students who come through the WordPress magnificence find out that it may not be of their exceptional interest to hold pursuing the niche they started with. For instance, I actually have a customer who turned into advertising a product via a community advertising enterprise version making $ 2000 consistent with the month. That’s a remarkable income for working very component-time. But when we started to do a little coaching these days on what is probably preserving her back, I determined what she does for a dwelling. I additionally discovered that her everyday career is far extra of a commercial enterprise niche than she even realized.

When I determined that Angela has been working on an identical career all of these years, one of my first questions I requested her to become, “Is this something that you are obsessed with?” She said, “Sure.” Then I went directly to ask her, “Is this something that when you retire in the subsequent 2 years you will simply stroll away from, or is it something that you may nonetheless be enthusiastic about years later?” She went onto say, “I do not assume that after 27 years of doing this, I’ll ever forget about what it was like. The days have been like hell, and I wanted to give up. The lives that were modified. The very violent folks that I was singlehandedly capable of calm without medicinal drug and all the other loopy matters I’ve visible and experienced.”

With this type of response, I knew Angela changed into most possibly not earning 7-figure earnings in her contemporary opportunity. What she was doing for 27 years changed into the gas and supply for a lifetime of earnings. Angela definitely doesn’t dislike the present-day product she markets. As a count number of fact, she consumes it quite frequently and reports the entire benefit it offers, raising her youngsters and pulling very long double shifts. She markets an energy complement.

 Blog For Cash And Fun

But something wasn’t right. I stored seeing this again and again. My concern for her came up when I saw her in every single magnificence I’ve ever taught: WordPress, Email Marketing, Web Copy, autoresponders, e-commerce, and extra! And….. She became running way too difficult.

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