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For the ones of us who grew up with the Japanese dominance in the TV marketplace, it’s miles honestly time now to accept that the Koreans at the moment are rightly the masters of this area. Gone are the times whilst Samsung and LG had been most effectively-regarded as cheap options to Sony, Panasonic, and the like.

Samsung, especially, has reinvented itself as an outright industry chief in many technology sectors, overcoming demanding situations from predominant gamers such as Apple, Sony, and Panasonic. Ever since the release of the R71 LCD collection circa 2005 – 2006, Samsung has grown from strength to strength. It gained a resentful recognition for generating TVs that brought a super blend of fashion, layout, and photo nice inside the procedure. As the number one TV emblem in Australia at the time of writing, Samsung delivers a wide variety of TVs to healthy everyone’s finances and

Plasma TV Line-up

Samsung has scrapped the single everyday 43″ HD Plasma model from the final year’s range, not producing a replacement for it this year. They can also see that the charge hole among an LCD / LED on this length and a plasma screen is now essentially so small that it might be clean to swing a client onto a more electricity efficient, higher resolution model for a little more outlay.

There stays but the PS51E450. This is a reasonably slimline (in plasma phrases) fifty-one” regular HD model, which functions 2 HDMI inputs and 1 USB enter. It is likewise wireless-ready, for easy media sharing among like-minded gadgets. Next up in the variety is the PS51E531, which is basically a Full HD model of the E450, but without the wireless capabilities. This is Samsung’s access to massive screen Full HD. Just like the E450, this model is also the simplest available in a fifty-one” length.

Above the E531 comes the E550. Along with Full HD 1080P, we get Smart TV abilities, consisting of Skype, Web Browser, Samsung Apps, in addition to Allshare and 3-d Capability. The image readability in darker scenes is also improved with the introduction of Micro-Dimming. The HDMI inputs are upped from to a few, and we get a further USB input as properly – totaling. There is likewise no need to apply a Wireless Dongle, as Wi-Fi is constructed in. Wi-Fi direct is also a function blanketed here, which allows you to switch media over an ad-hoc WIFI connection without a router. The E550 is available in fifty-one” and sixty-four” display sizes.

The pinnacle of the road Plasma from Samsung is the E8000, to be had most effective inside the large display screen sizes of 60″ and sixty-four.” The 8000 boasts all of the features of the E550 but also comes with a constructed-in Skype digital camera and voice and gesture control. Likewise, the smart view is covered at the 8000 series, permitting streaming of free to air content to well-suited devices. The USB inputs are upped from two to three, and the internet surfing is made an awful lot quicker and smoother with the introduction of Dual-core processing. The layout of the set is also slimmer.

Entry-stage LED

Samsung has taken the really unconventional and surprising step of manufacturing their access level LED TVs (read: LCD with LED backlighting) with a quite chunky design, mainly compared to offerings from different manufacturers. From what we’ve visible through the photo, exceptional on some of these models are nevertheless of a complete high well know, and granted the target patron for this range might, in most instances, no longer be choosing to wall mount the TV or use it as part of a complex set up.

The access stage in Samsung 2012 LED presentation is the EH4000 series. Available in 26″ and 32″ sizes, it’s far a fashionable 50Hz (Clear Motion Rate 50), High Definition panel. 2 HDMI inputs and 1 USB enter are blanketed, and the set is wireless prepared with the purchase of Samsung’s wireless dongle. Next up, the EH4500, available only in 32″ size, offers you Full HD resolution, a further USB input, and Anynet capability. Smart TV functions also are constructed in, with features inclusive of Skype, Web browser, Samsung Apps, and Samsungs Allshare Play – new Cloud service for compatible Samsung products.

The Series 5 follows, which in 32″ and 40″ sizes are called the EH5006. These sets no longer have Smart TV functions just like the EH4500 models, but they do boast a Clear Motion Rate (one hundred) that’s twice as fast. They additionally have one less USB enter, so only an unmarried USB port is available. This set would be perfect for someone who wishes for a small group but watches several sport or motion films – but isn’t inquisitive about wall mounting the unit or the use of Smart TV.

The EH6000 is available in a variety of sizes – which include forty”, forty-six”, 55″ and 60″. The movement processor doubles in pace once more – as much as Clear Motion Rate 2 hundred. The different features are identical to the ones of the EH5006.

Slim LED Lineup

The variety on the way to be most famous in 2012 might be the Slim LED lineup from Samsung. There are seven model stages in total, from the 4000 collection proper up to the top of the line series 8. All fall under the “ES” class. The entry stage Samsung Slimline LED is referred to as the ES4000 series and is available only in a 19″ length. It is a standard 50Hz (Clear Motion Rate 50), High Definition panel. 1 HDMI input and 1 USB enter are covered, and the set is wirelessly geared up with the purchase of Samsung’s wireless dongle.

Available in 22″ length most useful is the ES5000. It gains Full HD decision and a Clear Motion Rate of one hundred over the ES4000. The subsequent model up is referred to as the ES5500. Available in 32″, 40″ and 46″ sizes, the series profits Samsung Apps, a Web browser, Allshare Play, and is Skype Ready with the acquisition of a Samsung skype camera. It is Wi-Fi prepared through a blanketed Wi-Fi dongle. 3 HDMI inputs and a pair of USB inputs are trendy – one of which can be used as a PVR with the addition of an external severe force. It has an apparent motion rate of 100.

The ES6200 profits three-D functionality, a 100Hz processor with clean Motion Rate 400, and an extra USB input bringing the overall up to a few. Wi-Fi is built-in, with no need for a USB dongle. The ES6200 is to be had in the widest choice of sizes – 32″, 40″, 46″, fifty-five” and 60″. Up subsequent is the ES6800. With all the features of the ES6200, the greater profits are a Dual Core Processor, a Clear Motion Rate of 500, and Micro Dimming. The sizes to be had in this variety are 40″, forty-six,” and 55″.

Second, from the pinnacle is the stunning ES7500. The ES7500 boasts all of the Smart TV functions from Samsung nowadays – Allshare Play, three-D, Samsung Apps, a web browser, and Smart View App. Also, Skype and Gesture manipulate through a digital camera, and Voice Control through a particular remote. The Panel itself is likewise upgraded to Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel with Anti-Glare, and the Clear Motion Rate is upped to CMR six hundred, with a refresh charge of 200Hz. The Micro-Dimming processor is also upgraded to Micro-Dimming PRO, and the front bezel is tons slimmer than the decrease fashions.

This brings us to the top of the road, ES8000. The aesthetic makeover is the very first element you’ll notice, with a sleek stand changing the four-pronged air on the lower fashions and the thinnest bezel design of the collection. The Clear Motion Rate is the fastest at CMR800, and the Micro-Dimming processor is the maximum advanced – Micro Dimming Ultimate.

Glossary – New Features Explained

ONE Design – The Samsung Smart TV’s One Design refers back to the TV’s aesthetics – an elegant mixture of the bezel with the panel creates a continuing visible enjoy. 3D Auto Contrast – 3-d Auto Contrast improves the image great in 3D mode through an automated 3-D depth rendering technology. This effects in a sharper comparison for an amazingly crisp 3-D photograph. ConnectShare™ Movie – the terminology utilized by Samsung to signify that the USB enter is available to play Movies through an external USB Hard Drive / Thumb Drive.

3-D Sound – 3D Sound uses Depth Rendering Technology and Audio Depth Control to beautify your 3-d viewing experience by matching the photo intensity with the sound. Ultra Clear Panel – Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel absorbs external mild and decreases reflection, resulting in real, natural shades and more in-depth, dynamic detail. Comprehensive Colour Enhancer Plus – A chipset color enhancer, which thru a sophisticated photograph first-rate improvement algorithm, improves any picture’s colors and details.

Smart View app – You can watch the equal content out of your Samsung TV on your compatible Samsung device, and you can also move an application from the TV even supposing a person else is watching one of a kind content on the TV. You can be looking for a DVD for your TV, even as someone else cares a TV software streaming to their cell device.

Allshare Play – Samsung’s terminology for DLNA – lets in well-suited gadgets along with computer systems, pills, cameras, or telephones to percentage pictures, video and song wirelessly.

Samsung Smart Interaction – permits Motion Control, Face Recognition, and Voice Control competencies to manipulate your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Voice Control – Allows obligations consisting of turning on the TV, converting channels, and accessing Samsung and Smart Hub by using your voice via the faraway control’s integrated microphone or at once to the Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Gesture Control – This allows you to interact with your Smart TV with hand moves, carry out obligations consisting of changing channels, choose Smart Hub applications, and navigate through web pages. Samsung Facial Recognition – You can log into Smart Hub and Skype through Face recognition thru the integrated camera.


Dual-Core Processor – The Samsung Dual Core processor lets in faster and smoother multitasking among Web Browsing, accessing Samsung Apps, and 3-D content.

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