Samsung Profile: Philosophy and Visions


The Samsung Group is a remarkable South Korean Multinational Company having its headquarters at Samsung Town, Seoul. It is one of the finest examples of enterprise motivation and industrial achievement that blends with human aspirations, human emotions, and the cultural-cum instructional components of the society in the standard. This “Group” has a wide range of subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung C & T. One 5th of South Korea’s exports are accounted for with Samsung’s aid, and its revenues exceed the GDP of several international locations. It is the driving force in the back of the “Miracle on the Han River,” which refers to the fantastic financial increase fee of South Korea paramount to its economic prosperity. This agency turned into founded in the yr 1938 by way of Lee Byung-Chul. Lee Kun-hee is the present-day President and the CEO of the Samsung Group, whilst Lee Soo-bin is the president(and CEO) of Samsung Life Insurance. The Samsung Group covers a wide range of diverse products and services, starting from Electronics and Engineering commodities to offerings like commercial and insurances.

Any institution or employer’s recognition and viability are related to a fixed of values and standards that define its basic requirements on the subject of its performance and its motion into the future. The Samsung Group is not an exception to this guideline. The institution’s internal philosophy strives to bolster its goals and visions, imparting the necessary pedestal supporting its functioning.


However, Samsung follows a sturdy, magically easy philosophy that blends the industry’s pragmatic features and society in widespread with the class values of carrier and determination. The creation of a higher worldwide community is a bottom-line principle related to the Company regulations. There is a non-stop effort to deliver the pleasant capabilities to this end to find paintings toward humanity’s welfare through the industry’s committed efforts in its pursuits and goals. Connecting humans worldwide through a ramification of services and products is an overarching point with the Samsung organization. All concerned in the manner get enriched and benefited in every practicable way constant with the enterprise.

The welfare of the personnel and their prosperity is one of the primary goals of the strong business enterprise of the Samsung Group. The ethical adherence and the allegiance of the team of workers/personnel of Samsung, much like some other wealthy organization, is possibly one in all its most considerable assets. The industry is not a group of technologies at work but a conglomeration of human efforts and several people’s sincere participation regarding human individuals’ psychological factors working inside organization techniques. An organization can not stand in isolation from the broader components of human society, its aspirations, and its issues. The Samsung philosophy takes care of this in a splendid way via its visions and suggestions.

  • The primary values practiced with the aid of Samsung may be summarized below the subsequent headings:
  • People: An effort to provide prosperity to personnel and other humans concerned with the industry
  • Excellence: Passion for excellence in every location worried.
  • Change: Adaptation to fast adjustments inside the worldwide economy
  • Integrity: Maintaining proper moral standards and making sure equity and transparency.
  • Co-Prosperity: Creating an opportunity for others—proving itself to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The Samsung Global Code of Conduct laid formally through Samsung Electronics is in full conformity with the excellent requirements one could think of. This Code of Conduct lies in the industry’s coronary heart, and it throbs vibrantly inside the discharge of all its sports across the Globe. The Samsung Global code of conduct targets making it a world leader within the company vicinity. There are seven genuinely defined elements to be diagnosed with the sector main Samsung:

1. Dream, Vision, and Goal of the enterprise in its forward motion into the future.

2. Creativity and Challenge as critical factors of the organization’s policies.

3. Insight and accurate sense in all formulations with regards to the enterprise.

4. Technology and Innovation to ensure extra advantages to the clients ensuring wealth and prosperity.

5. Trust and credibility guiding the enterprise in its interplay with the clients.

6. Speed and speed providing rapid response to rapid changes in the commercial enterprise environment.

7. Change and innovation wished for the edition to worldwide traits.

Some primary points inside the legit code of behavior of Samsung electronics have been delineated beneath:

1. Compliance with Laws and Ethical Standards

2. Maintenance of comfortable employee subculture

3. Respect for clients, shareholders, and personnel

4. Caring for environment, fitness, and safety

5. Presenting itself as a socially accountable corporate citizen

Samsung Electronics has the imaginative and prescient: “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”. Other businesses of the Samsung Group have usually shared this vision through their sports and achievements. The three key issues highlighted with the aid of the employer are: “New Technology,” “Innovative Products,” and “Creative Solutions.”. They are designed towards selling new values for Samsung’s center networks —-Industry, Partners, and Employees.

To implement its visions, Samsung has charted out a centered plan of achieving $400 billion in sales and securing a confirmed role in most of the international’s pinnacle 5 brands through 2020. The strategic elements of “Creativity,” “Partnership,” and “Talent.” in terms of their management approach are expected to be a vital component in this ambitious program. Since the primary sector of 2012, Samsung Electronics has overtaken Nokia within the manufacture and sale of cell phones. There is also a plan with Samsung to convert half of its Austin chip to a more profitable one. That would contain spending of 3 to 4 million bucks, and the conversion procedure is predicted to start via early 2013. Samsung looks forward to building up its destiny on its beyond accomplishments— and with any luck, envisaged destiny encompassing diversification and proliferation into new territories like fitness medicinal drug and biotechnology. A commitment closer to a responsible and creative leadership inside the hastily developing international marketplace is one of the middle problems in their task. This project combines the visions of the Industry, the Partner Groups, and the employees’ general pursuits harmoniously.

The achievements of the Samsung Group are consistent with its philosophy and visions. What started as a small buying and selling enterprise in 1938 with the simplest 40 personnel is now a large organization unrivaled in power, motivation, and countless striving for excellence.

The upward push of Samsung inside the 1990 s become marked by using its production department being offered the agreement to construct one of the Petronas towers, Taipei one hundred and one, and the Burj Khalifa in the Arab Emirates. In 1992 it became the second-largest chipmaker after Intel, and in 1995, Samsung launched its first liquid-crystal show display. Later in ten years, it became the arena’s largest liquid crystal display screen manufacturer. In the year 2006, it went into collaboration with Sony in the S-LCD joint-task. Incidentally, in the 12 months, 2006, Samsung had received the Sungkyunkwan University basis. Such fulfillment of this commercial organization speaks volumes for its robust philosophy.


Samsung’s fulfillment is an example of ideal implementation of the concept and philosophical principles within the sensible elements of a business enterprise striving to rise above mere industrial gains -an effort to advantage an involvement within the broader spectrum of human activities and worries. One may additionally easily predict its secure and a hit voyage into the future.

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