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We are certainly living in exciting instances in terms of era. You may be difficult-pressed to locate a person over the age of 12 that does not own a mobile smartphone or a few types of wireless devices. The number of records traveling over our international locations mobile networks has been growing exponentially over the last few years.

So what commenced this tidal wave of wi-fi information usage? It was the introduction of the telephone at the side of the wireless speeds provided with the aid of today’s 3G networks, and now 4G networks. And with the aid of smartphones, I’m not talking about just any smartphones; I’m talking approximately the smartphones that have come about because Apple is introducing it is IOS operating a machine at the iPhone and Google introducing its personal Android operating gadget.

It changed into over 10 years in the past that I worked in an enterprise that turned into named “Mobile Internet.” I worked for a telecommunications business enterprise that evolved, manufactured, and bought network infrastructure to cell operators, the likes of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and MetroPCS, to name only some. We had just added 3G generation to the market. We now had to educate each of the operators, give up customers, and organizations on the capabilities and opportunities that existed with wireless statistics. We delivered programs to demonstrate the abilities; most existed around using place-based total services.


The biggest gain we drove with organizations become the usage of comfortable, wi-fi records access. I do not forget giving presentations to many big companies on how a whole lot more efficient they might make their visiting personnel with the aid of actually giving them a 3G wireless data card that they could put into their laptops. By doing so, they might be connected everywhere their cellular phones are labored and usually keep up a correspondence with specialists lower back within the office.

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The different massive themes we promoted were that “Devices Grow Muscles” and that “Micro-Billing” would be the “Killer App.” By micro-billing, we intended the usage of your cell telephone to complete financial transactions beneath $2.00. The easiest example to illustrate how micro-billing would work could be a vending machine. The concept is which you could walk as much as a Coke device. As opposed to putting cash into the machine to pay for your soda, you’re making some clicks on your mobile cellphone, and the soda gets paid via the cellular internet and will appear on your monthly mobile smartphone invoice. The hassle became that we have been likely 10 years ahead of our time. Back then, the technology that existed has been CDMA 1X and GPRS. As each supported data access, the to be had speeds had been quite slow compared to trendy networks. Enterprises and Consumer Electronics corporations used to study me as I changed into crazy while passionately presenting the possibilities.

So when I speedy forward from that point in my career to cutting-edge day, what I said might appear 10 years in the past has sooner or later took place in only the past years. Our mobile networks at the moment are tons faster, with CDMA EVDO RevA supplying three.1Mbps downlink speeds, CDMA RevB presenting as much as 14Mbps, and variations of HSDPA networks going all the way as much as 20Mbps. And I’m no longer even speaking approximately the 4G networks that each VZW and AT&T have recently released.

Combine the upgrades we added into the networks, with the advent of the smartphones and all the applications to be had in more than one software shop, and it is smooth to see why cellular facts utilization is going through the roof. Working for a company that sells network gadgets to cell operators, all this equates to wholesome sales. The more facts usage at the cellular networks, the extra equipment the operators want to shop for to address hundreds that have genuinely started stressing their networks.

So permit’s cross lower back and spot simply how near we had been 10 years in the past to define exactly what the Mobile Internet could be. First, as a technology company, we have added the solid and high pace wireless networks that might be required to make all this a reality. Second, comfy wireless records get right of entry to existed lower back then and nonetheless exists now. Data cards in laptops could be a very not unusual region for all cell people. It’s nearly desk stakes at this factor. Although information playing cards in the shape of both PCMCIA playing cards or USB dongles create various facts utilization, they may be pretty small in numbers. That brings me to the prediction that “Devices Grow Muscles.” Today’s smartphones have more computing energy on them than the computer systems we used lower back then. For instance, the iPhone 4s has a 1 GHz processor on board, and just this past week at the Consumer Electronics Show, phones have been introduced which can be walking 2 GHz processors. So it’s far honestly true that the gadgets have grown muscular tissues.

Finally, we stated Micro-Billing would be the killer app. Well, the jury is still out on that. Mobile payments (using your cell phone to pay for things) are virtually feasible nowadays, but it hasn’t pretty taken off yet. It will nevertheless make an effort for the hundreds to get secure with procuring matters with their mobile telephones. However, it’s going to show up, and it may not be limited to micro bills. So what are present-day killer programs? I’m no longer positive there may be simply one. With over a half-million applications in the Apple App Store and similar numbers in the Android Marketplace, you may certainly take your choice.

I, for one, have without a doubt loved watching the wi-fi technology evolve from which we were 10 years ago to wherein we’re now. And that evolution is not over but. 4G networks permit even quicker download speeds and offer very low latency, which is best for actual-time programs. The devices keep getting smaller and extra power. I can certainly go on an enterprise trip and leave my PC at domestic due to the fact between my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 tablet, I’ve got the whole lot I want on my mobile gadgets.


In my contemporary task, I actually have product management possession of mobile products. I also personal the alliance control with device producers, so I get to analyze in advance of time what the subsequent generation of cellular devices will appear like. It also a way that I get a danger to play with some of these new devices. Yes, you can call me a machine geek!!! Optimistically, you can understand with the aid of reading this text why I suppose that the wi-fi industry must be one of the maximum thrilling and thrilling industries to work in.

Under the consumer name of “doubleklm,” I write a whole lot of articles on the HubPages internet site. I write about various things, but a majority of my articles (or hubs as they are known) are about wireless technology. That has to be no wonder to anyone. If you get a hazard, test out some of my hubs and feel unfastened to leave comments. I love to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas, in addition to opinions on my content.

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