Hacking the Body Via PDA Wireless Device


First I would like to stress I am condoning the artwork of hacking. Nor am I condoning the manipulate and manipulation of the human race by means of way of frequencies interacting with the organic structures, which run the human frame. We all recognize that the mind runs on chemicals and waves. We recognize from medicines, vitamins, alcohol, drugs and food intake that we will modify the one’s chemicals. And most folks take into account that brain waves are about a permit for the manner of cognition. The computer systems we use additionally run on frequencies which can be used to listening to about, for example, Pentium Chips walking 1.2 GigaHertz. Cell phones run 800 MHz approximately. Also, the electricity supply in a laptop runs on a positive cycle growing some other set of waves.

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The brain waves run at 5Hz to 50Hz range usually relying on the content material of factors like caffeine. And the nerves and body indicators additionally have levels, right here are some interesting records on that:

Now whilst someone is carrying a private electronic tool there are approaches to get to these frequencies. One way is to find the difference among the 2 components of the tool, for example, the motherboard and the CPU, and get that device to one of the numbers near or around five-50 Hz or 8 KHz. This can be achieved by using sending records or strength to the tool from somewhere else. This may be achieved through first pinpointing the tool by means of GPS or a different line of sight approach after which sending pulses to the tool, in an effort to raise or lower the device’s output or via sending a sign to the device under everyday situations that the device uses to function. Microwave, Terabeam, Sound, laser, and so on. May also all be used for such. Now then after you spike one of the additives of the tool near the alternative additives range and get the distinction inside the range of the human physical features frequencies you may then introduce the preferred result. For instance, positioned the person to sleep slowly by using reducing the difference among the waves of the device. You ought to boom it causing tension and possibly even introduce records into the mind. For example, you may contact the brain and auditory characteristic and say “Run” or “This is Allah, killing Americans is inaccurate, positioned down your weapon and go back to your circle of relatives and be a very good father and knock it off.”


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We already recognize that wireless gadgets may be easily hacked into as we have been reading. For example, the new WiFi freedom also has related flaws and capability dangers. You might need to Google those organizations also on the problem: Airdefense, Atheros, LXE, and AirMagnet.

HIPPA troubles clinical records can be at risk without scrutiny on account that Hospitals and First Responders need to rely on mobile gadgets to help keep lives and continue to be efficient in those times of essential need. The medical industry is truly discussing the HIPPA issues with wireless mobility. How can they have the data swiftly to be had and also hold whole privacy when the information is going to the airwaves?

As pace increases and upload on arise security issues need to be continually reviewed and upgraded approaches. Blackberry is concerned and diligently operating at the issues. Other Wireless Security Issues Include a few under and that is simply the beginning absolutely, in spite of everything we cannot even cast off SPAM.

While tapping records from normal citizens you could see the issues. Then the humans inside the understanding will export the hacking era after which the equal groups working in defense can have those humans hired there, then the ones human beings will train others who’re our capacity enemies after which we are in problem.

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As this era turns into more advanced it is pretty possible to examine human beings’ minds, enter thoughts into their heads, positioned them to sleep, growth heart rates to non-feasible tiers, cause anxiety or disrupt nerve impulses and mobility. All by using theirs onboard PDA, Cell Phone or different digital tool. It is even possible now to send statistics this way the usage of the skull and jawbone as an antenna and the vibrations are picked up through the internal ear.

The PDA wi-fi tool or cellular telephone is simply an amplifier and since it has it’s very own electricity source may be utilized in such a way as these organizations are discovering and clients seem to be glad to use. By reducing the quantity of power within the device itself batteries will close longer due to the fact decrease volumes will be wanted. The power may want to come from the sender entirely, consequently, batteries draining are now not an trouble. If humans have RFID implants they may hook themselves as much as a device at night time walking on 8Hz which could notable charge their immune device at the side of a once in line with week pill of super vitamin C with is said to be 100 times stronger than the Vitamin C Fred Flintstone Chewables our children take. Having a pacemaking tool to regular one’s gadget even as appearing brilliant obligations will be true for adrenaline burn on nerves, NASCAR drivers, Apache Attack Helicopter Pilots, Astronauts, and so forth. By using stabilizing the frame and permitting the thoughts to consciousness at the occasion in a clear-headed manner.

If an enemy set of troops has implanted RFID tags we may want to stimulate the bodily capabilities by way of external impulse waves and assist them to change their minds to fight. Therefore Blue and Red Force tracking problems might be in our desire even though that they had identical structures which had been sold with the aid of pirated software program from the DOD by a rogue kingdom. We ought to disable and over energy implanted devices and consequently they could show up as another color, the enemy would see it’s “Blue-pleasant” turn to “Red Bad-guy” and hence not realize who is who and kill their own men or be so burdened that they stopped giving orders of what to shoot at and in the confusion and hesitation you’ve got the time for your side and all alternatives meaning, a decisive victory is in kind order of said conflict.

It may appear like as a substitute a tough task to take control of a body, however, truly it is not for the reason that body is merely a natural robot and it works on a hard and fast of principles. You only must change the ones few things. When we currently mentioned the usage of Long-variety wi-fi tasers for crowd manage we should see what we are technologically advancing in this regard. We realize that we are able to stop human armies by way of way of bullets, explosion, harmonics, microwaves. We can blind them, nuke them, sterilize them or even lead them to crumble and cry.

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But the use of this methodology of the usage of transportable devices on that character, we ought to basically manipulate them through phone strains half way around the arena. Once get admission to is giving or even overwhelmed by means of digital power you’ll have manipulated of that person’s mind, significant anxious gadget and heart charge. An interesting idea in that a health practitioner could have a patient on the phone and stabilize their blood stress, heart rate or even put in settings for high-quality healing whilst they sleep. Or in the case of warfare, you can carry a military to its knees and completely immobilize it, put the rank and document into a deep sleep, end the natural lives of those taking part seeking to kill you or lead them to assume twice approximately what they had been doing. This isn’t science fiction we are nearly right here, we need to live “Heads UP” on those troubles.