How Much Does It Cost to Develop an iOS App in 2021?


In the modern business world, you need to have your own app to maximize your business’ potential.

However, creating an app is an investment, and if done right it can become a valuable asset to your business and provide a decent return on investment.

Cost to Develop an iOS App

This article will discuss the costs of developing an app for iOS. Read on!

What Determines the Cost of the App?

Developing for a Single Platform

Developing an app over different platforms will require a lot of investment, and large capital expenditure will contribute to increased levels of risk.

This challenge can be overcome by choosing a specific platform to develop the app, and then by reinvesting the revenues generated from the first app to develop another version of the app for a different platform.

You can use to develop an iOS app at a reasonable price and then easily convert it into an Android version without having to develop from scratch.

Online Connectivity

An aspect of app development that drives the cost of apps up considerably is whether or not the app can function without an Internet connection.

Online connectivity is a fundamental part of every app, but if your app is heavily reliant on Internet features, it can drive up the cost as well.

Number of Features

The cost of your app depends on the number of features you include as well. If you want to create an app that is feature-rich, you’ll probably end up spending a lot more that you originally anticipated.

To cut down costs, you can first include only the essential features that are required to make your app function, and roll out the remaining features via updates.

Range of Display Sizes

The amount of screens you want your app to function on will also play a role in determining costs.

For example, if you just want to develop for mobile devices, your cost will be lower. But if you want your app to be compatible with tablets as well, the cost will be higher.


Backend plays an essential role in every framework as it collects data, maintains information and authentication, and much more.

The front end often seems quick and straightforward, but the backend becomes complicated and requires a lot of money to first develop and then maintain.

Needless to say, the back-end is an essential component of your app, so you need to make sure you’re spending the money on the correct features.

Other Design Elements

If you want your app to have fantastic graphics, animations and other UI design elements, it will drive the total costs of your app upwards as well.

How to Build a Cost-Effective App for iOS?

Building an iOS framework app involves following strict Apple App Store guidelines that involve numerous regulations that your app has to conform to.

To ensure your app complies with the necessary requirements, you can employ a reputed mobile app developer and designer such as to create your iOS app as these developers have extensive experience with the platform. will allow you to create a native quality iOS app at a low cost. The platform uses templates and existing code which will drive down both the development time and cost.

Advantages of Building an iOS App

Coding is the primary reason as to why iOS app development is inexpensive when compared to Android since Android uses Java, a programming language that requires more time to code which eventually raises the developer’s hourly fee.

iOS also offers better quality applications due to its strict rules, which prohibit excessive incorporation or creation of tools and encourage more audiences to pay for the product.

Disadvantages of Creating an iOS App

Daily maintenance is a must for iOS apps. The most critical element is to authorize an application in the App Store. The approval process is complex and requires strict compliance which can pose a problem.

To develop an iOS app in a cost-effective manner, log on to and create your dream app today. Builder,ai also offers 24*7 app maintenance support post deployment, so your customers always get a seamless experience. Good luck with your app development journey!