Five Tips To Choose Right Armored Car


An armored car is prepared by replacing original windows with bulletproof glass and putting layers of heavy armor plate under the car’s outer skin. Many other safety features are also available, like automatic fire extinguishers, bulletproof tires, alarm systems or siren systems, etc.

 Armored Car

But how do you find the right armored car, which is perfect and fits your needs? Well, it just takes a little research and planning.

Here are some tips for choosing the right armored car:

1) Evaluate your protection needs:

The first tip to choose the right armored car is to evaluate your protection needs that eventually depend upon how many passengers will accompany you, what type of driving you do, will you be driving in ice and snow, and what safety features are more important to you. The company or manufacturer you select will customize the armoring based on your needs and threat levels. All you require to do is specify your security requirements to the company concerned.

2) Set your budget:

Armored cars are expensive as all the labor and materials in armoring and making cars bulletproof are costly. But nothing can be essential and expensive than your own safety. Still, it is recommended to set a certified budget for the armoring process and try to work. This will save you from spending extra money and provide safety in your own money terms.

3) Consider all the options:

If you already have a bulletproof car design in your mind, still consider the assistance of the company you choose to deal with. Since the manufacturers have been in this business for a long time, they can provide you with the best suitable design. What is required by you is to communicate the idea you have in your mind with the manufacturer, and then let him analyze it and see whether the design would be feasible or not. You may also ask for their aid in your prepared design so as the improvisations by the company will lead to a best-fit design.

4) Prepare for a test drive:

Do not ever consider buying before a test drive. It will provide you a surety whether you want to continue with that particular type of car or not. Ask for an appointment with the company and tell them to provide you a test drive of that specific car as this will help you arrive at a decision.

5) What specifically has to be seen in a test drive:

A car might seem very attractive and has a perfect exterior, but the real test takes place in the driver’s seat. Drive the car in traffic and at highway speeds, drive over bumps, take tight corners and test the brakes in a safe location. When you examine the car, do not be distracted, and take your time to look over everything. Check for the backseats, especially if you plan on carrying passengers, and check for all the security aspects. Clear your doubts, if any, about the car with the manufacturer and then consider buying.

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