Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim Disc Read Errors


You ultimately picked up that new recreation you’ve got been looking to buy, and it’s been that form of the week; you just need to getaway. There isn’t any better break out than melting into your favorite chair, grabbing your favorite snack and beverage of desire, after which flipping at the Xbox 360 console for a few game times. You cautiously tear off the clear plastic wrap for your new Xbox 360 recreation, pop out the disc and place it in the DVD tray. You hit the close button, take a seat down with top-notch anticipation, after which “gasp,” not anything. The game disc isn’t always loading; the onscreen menu shows “studying,” and then it stops trying to read and shows “open tray.” You rise, annoyed, and hit the eject button, after which you hit the button once more to close the tray, however again, it simply shows “studying” and then is going to “open tray.”

Slim Disc Read Errors

This most traumatic trouble is generally known as “disc examines blunders.” Even though it is very fixable, it’s far despite the main interference in your recreation play. The price to get this repaired is around USD 50.00 and about a one-day flip around depending on whether you may find someone neighborhood to do the restoration. If you have to deliver it out for restore, the time and fee will actually boom. You can either test your local Craigslist ads or do a Google look for neighborhood repairs to discover someone. You will need to find a person with verifiable electronics repair experience who has a valid commercial enterprise license and insurance. There are no real Xbox 360 Repair Certifications because there are no applications presented via Microsoft to repair the Xbox 360.

Once you have determined a person to repair your Xbox 360 for the disc study error, then you may be returned on the road to gameplay restoration. But, what if you can not locate a person nearby that you are willing to pay to restore your disc read errors in your Xbox 360? There is constantly the opportunity that you can want to try and restore this problem yourself. It can be only a dirty laser lens; the repair would take about a 1/2 hour to an hour to restore yourself. (We do now not recommend this repair to all of us who is not skilled with repairing electronics) The first issue you’ll need to do to repair the disc read error trouble is smashed open the Xbox 360; this hyperlink will stroll you through starting your Xbox 360 console (you may look for disassembly of the Xbox 360 console). Once you have opened the Xbox 360, you may want to remove and open the DVD Drive. We are assuming at this point that you have expertise in beginning your drive. Now which you have opened the DVD Drive, you may ease the laser lens with a Q-tip and a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. Put the pressure back together, and you may need to test the power before placing the console lower back together.

If you have cleaned the laser after you have cleaned the laser, you are nonetheless getting the “open tray” for your reveal or TV; you will want to decide if the laser is awful or if something else is wrong with the DVD Drive. Most of the time, the laser may be the culprit that prevents operating. But, to make certain it is the laser, you’re going to need to test a couple of other parts at the force first. With the top and bottom DVD Drive cowl removed and the DVD tray within the closed position, circulate the laser ahead, after which backward to peer if the trojan horse motor is shifting freely. If the lasers move back and forth smoothly, you could assume that the malicious program motor is running well. Next, we need to test the disc spindle motor, that is, the motor that spins the disc while the pressure is engaged and reading your DVD’s. Again, with the tray in the closed position, you may discover the spindle motor in front of the laser and manually spin the motor the usage of your finger. If the motor is spinning easily, then you may expect that the spindle motor is operating properly. The ultimate aspect you will want to test is the spindle magnet on the top force cowl’s pinnacle to test to make certain that the spindle is not damaged and is missed. If it is not damaged or does not now feel caught, you could assume that it functions nicely.

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Slim Disc Read Errors

At this point, we’ve eliminated the whole thing besides the laser. Where to get a laser to your Xbox 360 DVD Drive? First, we ought to determine what laser we need; here’s a hyperlink to determine the power you have: (you should find a manual on the internet a good way to help identify your DVD Drive). One power lacking from this list is the Phillips LiteOn power, but it appears much like the Phillips BenQ power and takes the equal laser; the inner power is special; however, as stated, it uses the equal laser. If your Xbox 360 has the Samsung or the Hitachi DVD Drive, you may want to find and purchase the HD63 Laser Lens; in case your Xbox 360 console has the Phillips BenQ or the Phillips LiteOn drive, you may need the iHop-141x Laser Lens. To purchase the sort of lasers, you could search eBay or Amazon; the value can be around USD 6.00 to USD 15.00.

Slim Disc Read Errors

One aspect you cannot do with the Xbox 360 DVD Drive has switched the DVD Drives because of a keycode at the power controller board that’s married to the motherboard. The key code on the controller board will allow the simplest work with that motherboard, and in case you do change the drives, then your Xbox 360 will not examine any Xbox 360 Game Discs; it’s going to handiest study DVDs at this point. If you determine to buy a new pressure, you should buy the same pressure that you presently have, take the pressure controller board out of the original pressure, and set up the controller board into the new identical drive. The Samsung and Hitachi drives do not require any soldering; however, to change the Phillips BenQ controller boards or the Phillips LiteOn Drives, you will need to desolder the unique board and solder to the new equal force. The closing opportunity is to copy the keycode from the DVD controller board via your laptop and a few unique software programs and serial cards and set up the keycode onto any running force made for the Xbox 360.

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