Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men


There’s no debate: masculine men aren’t down with artsy fartsy pores and skin care.

That method they are not going to spend money and time tinkering with numerous flower scented lotions, finger via a number dainty tubes, jars and bottles with distinct and cryptic names, or try to preserve track of which lotion goes on before which cream, and whether or not to lather, tone, peel, spritz, or scrub (sorry, I supposed exfoliate).

In short, skin care simply isn’t what masculine men are about – and that is the manner they plan on keeping it, in spite of the beauty industry’s great efforts to pitch them girly product after product, in mixture with public relations campaigns to help men find out their inner feminine sensitivities, as though masculinity is a handicap.

And that begs the query: why does the Beauty Industry hate guys so much?

That is, why does not the beauty enterprise reach out and connect with the masses of masculine men accessible who aren’t responding to artsy fartsy product services and sensitivity education campaigns – and never will?

Through my in-intensity research in this captivating query, I’ve uncovered motives for this obvious trouble. I consult with them because of the “physical barrier” and the “psychological barrier.”Beauty Industry

The Physical Barrier

Inexplicably (and a few might say obnoxiously, as properly) the splendor industry does not need to admit that masculine guys are…Guys. That’s why they’ve multiplied so many sources to set up a stronghold in traditional splendor venues that cater to women. Such as the one’s rows of glowing branch save “splendor counters” – and that they are not going to alternate that setup on the way to make the shopping experience greater cozy and inviting to masculine men.

Drug shops and cut price retailers aren’t tons better. While they don’t have the department shops’ ever-gift glossy “splendor consultants” soaring around, the men’s phase (if there is one at all) gives paltry few options – maximum if not all of which might be what the splendor enterprise considers to be fundamental skincare and “low-end” anti-getting old products. For men who are determined to locate more superior skin care and anti-growing old merchandise – even supposing it intended braving the girls’ phase, they’re faced with multiple aisles and a dizzying array of skincare merchandise, each with its own set of hyperbolic claims – making purchasing for the right merchandise and making feel of them all, irritating, to say the least.

Basically, as Ways as the splendor enterprise is concerned, if masculine men want to take care of their face and need the exceptional products to do it, not because they have got answered to the woman sensitivity training and need to look “quite”, but with a view to benefit a competitive gain and hold a more youthful and vibrant look…Nicely, that is just too awful for them! Masculine men both take what the traditional beauty purchasing revel in offers or leave it. And to no person’s marvel, they’re leaving it.

The Psychological Barrier

Because the splendor enterprise is doing the sort of the horrendous job of reaching men, obviously – they’re doing just as terrible an activity teaching guys about the want, cost and right use of guys’ skin care merchandise. And that ongoing lack of understanding – which is the fault of the splendor enterprise – perpetuates the stereotype and stigma connected to a person’s use of skin care and anti-getting older merchandise.

We all realize what that stereotype is: splendor and something related to its renovation is an exclusively female ritual – and any guy who uses such products is by hook or by crook much less of a man. In different words, the stereotype emasculates guys. This alone is sufficient to save you masculine guys from going everywhere close to so-referred to as “splendor products” within the first area.


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And the tiny part of masculine guys who do break this barrier, due to the fact they care about their look, are forced to cover this truth – due to the fact they may be mocked with the aid of their friends, and all too often, their girlfriends or wives are underneath strict orders in no way to divulge this closely guarded mystery.

So What’s Behind These Barriers?

As alluded to above, the force that continues those barriers in location, the force that alienates, emasculates and insults masculine guys – is the beauty enterprise’s function that there is just no want to take note of masculine guys, due to the fact 70% of fellows’ skin care products are bought by women besides. And in order that they really use the whole thing they have got found out from their women’s lines, from product to marketing, as a blueprint for achieving guys. After all, if a female like what she sees, she’ll buy it and take it home to the person.

So that means the packaging, the advertising, and the entirety else in-between is geared toward girls. Men aren’t truely on the radar screen any greater. They aren’t that important, now that the beauty enterprise has determined that the greater power and fastest manner to get thru to guys, is through sneaking around his returned to the girls in his lifestyles. You realize how it’s far – persuades her that he desires it and thereby get her to do the beauty industry’s bidding (or nagging) for them.

Is this contemptuous of fellows? Utterly! Is this disrespectful to guys? Entirely! Is this necessary? Absolutely Not!

Changing the Paradigm

The assignment right here is to interrupt these bodily and psychological limitations, and opposite an entire life of social conditioning and stigma attached to a skin care habitual for men. We need to respect the truth that there may be a population available – the masculine man, the manly guy, the man’s man, the man’s man and the real guys – who are not getting a fair deal with the aid of the splendor enterprise. In truth, they’re being woefully disrespected and handled with contempt. That has to exchange.

For far too long, the beauty enterprise has been looking to trade guys, as if there’s something wrong with them. It’s time the beauty enterprise wakes up to reality – it’s the Beauty Industry that desires to change.

And, like any real alternate, it has to start from the basis – that is, from inside the beauty enterprise itself, wherein the hassle lies, but what does this mean in sensible terms?

Simply and in reality, it approaches developing masculine face care merchandise that concentrates on guys on their terms – through running with their nature, speak me their language, respecting their needs, and serving their interests. It additionally way developing true and powerful marketing and advertising strategies, methods, and campaigns that are designed, from the floor up to goal masculine guys.

So say goodbye to artsy fartsy phrases like “serum” and say good day to masculine, powerful phrases like “protectant.” Say goodbye to retail channels that cater to women, and say hey to retail channels that cater to men. And now not simply any men – Masculine Men.

The Final Word – Masculine Face Care ™

Changing the way humans think and act is an uphill undertaking. The conventional beauty enterprise isn’t always inquisitive about converting the manner it does business. It’s a multi-billion greenback industry that has blueprints in location, and if which means that masculine men are treated like they do not even exist…So what? They’ve been doing things a sure manner for decades. Why exchange now?

Well, right here’s why: because masculine guys are powerful and but staggeringly underneath-served demographically. Masculine men have a right to experience all the advantages that come from looking after the masculine face, for a greater youthful and colourful look, for an additional facet in an ultra-competitive administrative center, and extra confidence and aura. And they’ve a proper to be handled with appreciate by using ALL within the beauty enterprise who make, marketplace and distribute guys’s skin care and anti-getting old products.

Yes, it’s an uphill venture. But so what? Masculine Men love a terrific mission!

Candace Chen is the world’s major authority on the marketing of Masculine Face Care ™ (men’s skincare and guys anti-growing older) merchandise, her credentials encompass over 150 U.S. And worldwide patents issued and pending. She is likewise the founding father of the FaceLube Marketing System and FaceLube, the Home of Ultra Masculine Face Care for a Man’s Man®. FaceLube is Ultra High-End Masculine Men’s Anti-Aging Technology with everything he desires, not anything he does not.Men

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