Ghost Seance and Ghost Hunting iPhone Apps – The Real Deal or Silly Toys?


I still keep in mind the pleasure of getting my first clever cellphone and downloading an app for the very first time. A friend of mine at the time had unfolded to me about peculiar happenings in her basement suite wherein she lived together with her three-month-year-old toddler. She became satisfied that her basement became haunted and that her infant seemed to interact with unseen entities. She becomes so bothered with this that she turned into considering entering into a brand new domestic. When she confided in me about what she was experiencing, I should sense that she became accomplishing out for assist and reassurance that she wasn’t loopy. Being the good buddy that I am, I wanted to debunk or verify her suspicions so that she ought to make a higher decision on whether or now not to discover a new location to live.


If simplest, there was some way of scientifically validating her claims, just like they did on those paranormal investigation TV indicates. I started out attempting to find ghost hunting gadgets online and came across a brand new device that I should obtain instantly and affordable. The tool becomes an iPhone app known as Ghost Radar. With the clicking of a button, I had now downloaded my very first app, which transformed my smartphone right into a ghost searching tool. I had usually been a paranormal fanatic and wannabe ghost hunter, so phrases could not describe how excited I become to have this new toy. Unfortunately, it did no longer take long to understand that underneath the excessive-tech graphical interface, the brand new app became just that – a toy.

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Ghost Radar, Phantom Radar, Ghost Detector, Ovilus, and Ghost Hunter are a collection of novelty apps disguised as real running ghost searching tools. Supposedly, the maximum of the application relies on an EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) meter to come across ghosts. Some of these packages test the location for anomalies and display their findings as blips of color on a radar display. The apps also claim to allow spirits to manipulate and translate frequencies into words that periodically appear on the display screen. The reality is that none of this is feasible with the hardware that a clever smartphone comes prepared with. There isn’t any manner it can measure EMF readings, locate movement, or something of that matter like they declare to do. This has been validated regularly by frustrating ghost hunting who take their craft significantly (Youtube debunk video: /watch?V=MknjmXnq6QQ), yet human beings (generally children) everywhere keep downloading these apps till they study for themselves that the phrases which might be generated are absolutely random. All the testimonials where human beings claim that the generated phrases correspond with something happening in their existence at that time – they may be nothing greater than coincidences due to the law of averages. If sufficient people download the app and allow the app to run repeatedly, those randomly generated words are bound to have importance to the person. These packages offer no greater perception than a “magic eight ball” or fortune cookie. By the time people realize the reality, the $2.99 they have spent on the app has paid for itself inside the form of leisure, although I felt ripped off myself.

Just once I had given up finding a legitimate ghost hunting app primarily based on science, Ghost Seance for iPhone hit the market. Unlike the opposite phony novelty apps that misinform, this new app becomes primarily based on traditional techniques of creating touch with the other aspect.


The internet site states:

This isn’t a faux app – This is an audio recording of an actual medium to lead a seance from starting to cease. The medium will try to summon spirits using strategies inclusive of spoken spells and chants – Without you having to do an issue! Could this iPhone app absolutely conduct a seance and summon spirits? Curiosity got the first-class of me, and I downloaded the app to find out first hand. After going for walks the app a pair of times by myself with no response, I gave up most effective to give it another shot later that night at around three:00 am because the internet site indicates.

It changed into now three:00 a.M., And I changed into mendacity in the mattress, and the glow of my iPhone lit up a comfortable small space below my covers. I pressed the play button and started taking note of the prerecorded medium to summon a spirit. After some chants, it finally labored! The reaction I got was inside the shape of an alternatively loud knocking noise that was regarded as emitting from the ceiling above me. This anxious me, and for some motive I decided to say the following under my breath:

“if you are a Demon, knock as soon as for yes.”

The unseen spirit replied with a knocking noise even louder than the primary, so loud that it made me jump in bed. After that, I lay there silent and motionless for an excellent 15 minutes with my coronary heart pounding so difficult and speedy that I could listen to it echo within my bed. I guess I got the evidence I became seeking out, even though the Ghost Seance website claims that the app is designed to summon desirable spirits most effective.

The next time I used the app became my fine pal at his house. We have been up overdue consuming and had pretty a great deal ran out of things to speak about, so I confirmed the brand new app I had downloaded. I pressed play and permit the app to do its element. The TV becomes on at the time, and the reaction we got changed into that the TV and cable each powered off on its personal then turned back on after some seconds. The relaxation of the energy within the residence became no longer affected.

I conclude that this app is more than capable of summoning real spirits. Whether or not the spirits are usually “appropriate” is yet to be decided. One issue that disturbs me is how the product is advertised. Just as its less tech-savvy predecessor, the Ouija board, the product is glaringly advertised toward kids. In bold letters, it says on their internet site: Now, I do not want to come upon as a prude, in any case, I used to spend endless hours with my pal’s gambling with an Ouija board and to this day none folks are possessed by way of demons.


After performing some research, I need to finish that summoning a spirit via an Ouija board, traditional seance, or through the Ghost Seance iPhone is sacrilegious consistent with the holy bible. However, it’s miles my very own non-public perception that God gave us an inquisitive thought. This very inquisitive nature is what’s answerable for the industrialization, nonsecular evolution, and normal advancement of our society. After all, how angry may you want to God sincerely be in the direction of folks that attempt to are looking for proof of an afterlife? If we’re given unfastened will to make our own decisions, it’s miles only herbal that we would 2d guess or are seeking evidence of the things we’re taught to accept as true with. Could attempt to talk with proper spirits such as a deceased loved one be that horrific? I’m positive on this day in age; God has larger fish to fry and ought to be able to discover it in his heart to forgive someone for downloading and using the Ghost Seance iPhone app.

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