The Case AGAINST Raw Frozen Pet Foods


    For some 25 years, I have alerted the general public to the dangers of exclusively feeding heat processed ingredients. Companion animal feeding has progressed – definitely digressed – from table scraps and actual ingredients the circle of relatives should spare to these days’ “one hundred % whole” processed foods infrequently kibble shape, with some canned and semi-wet additionally available. The foods seem scientific and stepped forward, but they’re some distance worse for the animals. Not simplest is nutrient fee dwindled by warmth. However, a spectrum of pollutants is created. Additionally, processed food’s singular feeding has brought about the spurious “one hundred% complete and balanced” declare this is each logically and scientifically fallacious.

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    Entrepreneurs have seized this information to create a spate of uncooked frozen (RF) ingredients to capture a market niche and fill the call from clients trying a raw opportunity to conventional warmness processed canned, semi-moist, and dried puppy ingredients. As with maximum others, this marketplace fashion may also begin with a few facts (raw food is the nice food) however receives distorted, if now not perverted, once financial possibility enters the photo. This paper will have a look at the cause of this merchandise, their economics, and dangers. A greater intelligent and healthful opportunity can be proposed.


    1. Weakened Pets And Highly Virulent Organisms –

    An uncooked nation and moisture in food provide an appropriate surrounding for the growth of pathogenic organisms. Although prey meals within the wild regularly putrefy and are teeming with microorganisms, carnivores in the wild are immunologically tailored to these organisms or even enjoy the probiotic results of a few. On the other hand, home pets ingesting sterilized warmness processed meals are immunologically compromised. They are threatened by using mutated and distinctly virulent pathogenic lines created by cutting-edge situations and antibiotic resistance. Freezing at suitable temperatures places pathogens in a state of arrest but does not dispose of them. Although all foods contain a few pathogens, until they may be sterilized (requiring excessive heat or different measures that substantially diminish the dietary value and create toxins), it’s for the weight of these pathogens that should be of issue to purchasers. RF ingredients are a potential reservoir and vector of massive numbers of pathogens.

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    2. Producers With Only Kitchen Technology –

    Because of the minimum technology required to provide RF puppy meals, essentially everybody, no matter credentials or know-how, can carry a product to the marketplace. All one needs to do is grind and blend ingredients in a kitchen, package deal and put in a freezer. There are no controls over the kitchen’s conditions, the pleasant of the elements, or the method of freezing. All these elements can dramatically affect the dietary fee and pathogenic and poisonous content material of the meals. But being in a frozen kingdom hides these capability dangers and therefore poses a chance to each pet and the humans who handle the meals. John Doe could make a food beneath unknown situations and with unknown ingredients, label, bundle, freeze and deliver to consumers or shops without one unmarried control tracking or impeding the technique. Regulators can also eventually study the label if they happen to see it in a store (they may never see it if shipped directly to customers) and item to a few terminologies or the like; but, all John desires to do is alternate the label and all will be well. The product may want to contain every manner of the ingredient, be laced with virulent pathogens, and receive the aegis of regulators … and into the promote it goes.

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    3. Raw Frozen Foods Are Not “one hundred% Complete” –

    Many RF foods make (or mean) the identical, spurious 100% entire declared as warmth processed meals and, consequently, convey the equal fitness risks with them. Feeding any food solely, let alone nondescript packaged meals containing who-is aware of-what from who-is aware of what production surroundings, is a horrific choice if health and protection are of difficulty. (See The Truth About Pet Foods with the aid of Dr. Wysong).

    4. Problems Are Ignored By Producers –

    RF food pathogens encompass not the most effective bacteria but fungi, viruses, and parasites. Toxins include the ones from molds (mycotoxins), microorganisms, and people created by using oxidation. In our look at RF merchandise inside the movement of commerce, no longer one manufacturer addressed these worries with any technical knowledge that we may want to parent, and maximum did no longer even acknowledge the issues doubtlessly lurking of their foods.

    5. Freezing Masks Inedibles –

    Raw meat and organ tissue continues to use ATP (source of power) till it’s far exhausted and the tissue enters a state of rigor. Endogenous enzymatic hobby inside the tissue keeps digesting the muscles (proteolysis), softening it until it becomes smooth, and develops the everyday palatable flavor. This system is retarded through the cold. The freezing of well elderly meat affords few issues. However, any residual ATP present within the tissue in the course of freezing will settlement the muscle upon thawing, resulting in a greater unpalatable product. Mixed RF foods might cover this problem.

    6. Free Radical Problems Masked –

    Essential fatty acids and other fitness-enhancing lipids are vital within the weight-reduction plan. Once foods are on a floor, blended, exposed to air, mild and seasoned-oxidants such as heme iron and other metals determined in plant and animal tissue, the contained lipids are oxidized to chain reaction producing loose-radicals, causing rancidity and oxidant toxins. Freezing at appropriately low temperatures slows this system but does not prevent it. The temperature in conventional freezers used for RF foods isn’t insurance in opposition to such oxidation. Because the frozen kingdom masks olfactory detection of rancidity, meals that would be in any other case rejected become being fed on. The free-radical pathology potential can then work its chronic degenerative ailment and immune weakening effects.

    7. Freezer Burn Indicates A More Serious Problem –

    Air attaining the meat floor serves the freezer burns that bring about the everyday grayish-brown leathery spots. Frozen water on the floor or simply beneath it sublimates (from solid kingdom directly to vapor) into the air, inflicting moisture to be lost from the meat over the years resulting in discoloration and a dry, leathery texture. Proper packaging allows keep nice and saves you freezer burn, but most packaging is permeable to air. The occurrence of freezer burn in RF merchandise speaks to the truth that the product is being oxidized and, with that, developing free radical toxins to put the seeds for diverse degenerative sicknesses.

    8. Display Packaging Causes Free Radicals –

    Light, as well as air, can promote loose radical manufacturing. Retail display packaging that is clean or light permeable lets in mild to catalyze the free radical (ailment selling) method.

    9. Frozen Products Are Not Inert To Degradation –

    There’s deterioration in organoleptic satisfaction in the frozen garage – meat texture, fat turning granular and crumbly, and discoloration. Microbial enzymes also stay lively, particularly lipases that ruin down fats, increasing their susceptibility to oxidation.

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    10. Frozen Foods Can Lead To Acidemia –

    Tissue degradation and oxidation below excessive heat freezing (above 29° F), which occurs along the delivery chain with most RF products, additionally results in acidification. Increasing acid consumption can contribute to academia that lies at the bottom of truly every continual degenerative ailment plaguing cutting-edge pets. (See reference underneath.)

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