Solidifying the Idea for a Computer Game


We are on an awesome adventure. A journey of creativity, imagination, and self-satisfaction. This adventure is the adventure of designing and developing a laptop game.

We now want to begin placing together the content for the unique degrees that the participant wishes to undergo for him to reclaim his country.

So, I am questioning that the starting degree, or stage 1, will location the hero someplace within the forest among the vicinity where he becomes kept and trained in mystery and one of the smaller villages on the Kingdom’s outskirts. The hero will be in his manner to go into the village when he’s going to meet the primary Guardian. The Guardian will recommend the hero to carry out some obligations before persevering with his course. Throughout his venture inside the first degree, he’ll acquire crucial facts that he can use later in the course of the sport. So the question now’s, what should the number of these collectibles be? How will they be found out in the game-play, and the way will they be interconnected to the overall gaming enjoyment?

 Computer Game

I consider that we need to have a few forms of a map to be used in the course of the sport to manual the participant on his/her quest. The map will possibly trade over-time as extra pieces are accrued for the duration of the sport. This might be achieved in numerous distinctive manner: (1) the authentic map will most effective have restrained facts to guide the person best for that precise level and undertaking objectives, and as he progresses for the duration of the game, the map also can monitor extra information and so forth… (2) The authentic map is partitioned in numerous smaller maps that the player desires to locate throughout his/her quest in the sport. This will deliver yet every other adventure like enjoy to the participant, searching and locating the map collections for the duration of the sports play to satisfy their normal challenge objective.

Other objects should range from hidden treasures to sacred books that offer the participant with a deeper insight into his own family history and the occasions which have taken place inside the past. The treasure will of the path be used for wealth and recruitment of allies and different infantrymen all through the gameplay. Of path, he can also pick out some chocolates and vicinity them into his stock for later use. Of path, we also need to have a few ways of accumulating new ways of defending and fighting with our participants. So swords and shields are going to be a huge part of the game-play. There is likewise going to be potions and magic. These gadgets could be required to beautify the gameplay and provide strategic wondering with the user’s aid on the way to defeat a specific enemy.

 Computer Game

Advancing to the subsequent level. So now, he has extra expertise of the beyond, and he also has some sweets in his stock … ROCK ON! The adventure keeps. He starts going down the course to the primary village. Entering the village, no person is aware of who he is; consequently, all of us may be very careful of him, and pretty lots ignore him. One of the principal key parts of this level would be for the hero to stumble-upon every other pleasant person so that it will deliver him greater information and steering. This is one of the higher known merchants inside the village that has been around and has seen the Kingdom’s devastation due to the notorious battles and the brutal rampage using the ORCs.

The service provider seems to be a very close pal to Maximillian’s father, King Vittorio. At first look, he does no longer understand the young Maximillian, but after a few glances and the initial change, he starts to understand him, and a terrific joy and happiness overcomes him. At this point, the player starts interacting with the Merchant, and the Merchant is the main supporting character; this will assist Maximillian in getting to the following stage. The query once more right here is what those new key facts points are? A higher model of the map possibly? More treasure searching? More riddles to remedy so that it will get to the treasure? Improved preventing equipment? How approximately the actual weapons of a Knight? More Inventory Items?

Perhaps, a new set of a map will be given to the hero, which illustrates some hidden passageway to the internal country—also, the marked-up places of factors of the hobby. Throughout the adventure, we may additionally stumble upon some hostility from other man or woman classes. This is wherein the hero wishes to expose his ability to shield and combat against his foes. The resistance could be of the Barbarian Class, which brings me to the next factor. How many different elegance/character types will we have in the game? The subsequent are the class types that I was thinking about and brainstorming about: The Citizen Class: These are your difficulty in the Kingdom. They are the residents of the Kingdom. They comprise of the peasants, the farmers, the merchants, and many others…

The Barbarian Class: These are tribes that haven’t any regulations and understand no rules and regulation! They are preventing machines, and the handiest element they care approximately is looting, lust, and extra looting. The ORC Class: The ORCs are beastly animals residing alongside human beings for many generations. They are a network within themselves, and their essential goal is to accumulate gold and different treasures. They will visit superb wars to get ownership of such substances, and they will wreck and burn down village towns and Kingdoms to get what they want.

The Living Dead: The Living Dead is a mystery weapon of the Evil King Maarten and the Wizard Darnell. These are fallen squaddies who have been kept alive using the wizardry of Darnell. They are the second line of defense in the new Evil Kingdom, and they’re very lethal if one is trapped in a set of them. The Dead Army: Another one in all Darnell’s secret guns. These are also fallen soldiers that have been transformed into the Living Dead, but the magic did now not work as well, and they turned into living skeletons. Not as powerful as the Living Dead, but still lethal in a small institution.

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