Man Bag Review: Tamrac Evolution 8


I sold the Tamrac Evolution eight about a year ago and I even have to say it is the most beneficial backpack I’ve ever owned. I call it my Batpack because it holds my camera, pc and all my little trinkets with brief get admission to… And it is black.

TAMR-17398.jpg (1500×1500)


As the name implies, the Tamrac Evolution 8 is an evolution of the design of photograph baggage. There has arrived a popular new style of backpack: the sling/side get admission to the bag. There are literally hundreds of variations of photo baggage, and maximum of them fall into standard genres, but from my experience, something started out occurring some years in the past inside the bag world: sling baggage have become their own shape. I do not know if this becomes the primary bag to begin all of it, however, I’m certain the Lowepro Slingshot turned into the sling bag heard round the sector, because of its vast reputation. Since then I’ve noticed other manufacturers choose up this concept in diverse forms. In essence, a sling bag is a backpack that you may slide to the side and get access to your stuff/digital camera without taking the bag off. Brilliant! I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a bag that would bring greater than top loader or satchel, but convey it on my return instead of set all that weight on one shoulder. The massive 3 all have sorts of sling packs and sling backpacks: Lowepro Fastpack, Kata 3n1 & 123, and the Tamrac Evolution eight 5788.

The Tamrac Evolution 8 holds a 15 inch pc (I actually have without a doubt squeezed in one of the new 17 inch MacBook execs also), a DSLR without grip, 2-4 lenses, a flash, numerous accessories in flaps and compartments, it has a rain cover, tripod hook, and may be carried as a sling bag or backpack.


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The “three ways to get right of entry to” your equipment is in which this bag is exciting. You can position your DSLR in one of the facet cubicles and sling it up and get admission to it without starting up the %. Also, as I do, you can put a second digital camera of smaller length (like a Holga movie digicam) on the opposite side and sling that up to get access to it. This is a big advantage compared to the Lowepro Fastpack or Kata which most effective has one side get admission to. You also have got admission to the equipment from the top flap, that is a touch small for my tastes, but it does the process.

105217_6.jpg (1600×1200)

The Three-Way Harness machine is not unusual to this and the Kata bags-it lets in you to set it up as a backpack with two straps, or a sling bag with a strap over the proper or left side. (Depending on which facet you need to get at.) Personally, I never use this option as it’s smooth enough to simply slip off one of the straps and sling the bag up to get right of entry to. Another boon to that technique is you can get at both aspect of the bag in preference to being constrained to at least one or the other. But you’ve got the choice. The Kata does a thrilling factor with an X device, wherein both straps pass over you’re a chest. I have not tried it out, however, am involved to inspect it.

There are two wallets on either aspect above the camera compartment entry panels that can hold accessories. One holds the rain cover via default, and I preserve my Flip-type HD video digicam within the other. The flaps on either entry panel hold various add-ons like flash cards and filters. Though I’ve determined them to spit out my stuff if I don’t % it cautiously. The top compartment I use to keep my flashlight, laptop power supply, Leatherman, batteries in the outer flap (now not truly the quality use), pills, protein bars, quite much something that is much less than eight×8 inches I will throw in there… It receives messy in spite of the mesh holder.

The shoulder straps, while thin, are comfortable and there is a waist strap, that is without a doubt important on any backpack. Half of the weight, if no longer more, ought to relaxation on your hips. And the sternum strap is likewise a need for me, as I am a 6-foot man with fairly wide shoulders.


This bag is virtually a compromise. If you are a professional photographer seeking out a vicinity bag this is not it. It certainly sucks at that. I’m telling you from experience it just would not preserve sufficient of the form of tools you want and also you can’t get at it fast sufficient. Though one caveat is that it’s remarkable for road images, mainly if it’s raining. This bag is for daily, multipurpose use. If you’re looking for a tour bag, something to keep your pc and digicam and healthy int he overhead bin, you would possibly have just observed your One Bag to rule all of them. This bag works for me due to the fact I best use a DSLR without a battery grip, I do not very own any massive lenses (e.G. 70-two hundred f/4L), and I actually have a fifteen-inch pc. It’s a bit light on how an awful lot stuff you may put in it, but to me, that’s an excellent component because I’m constantly looking to travel lighter. After 12 months with this bag, I can say that I’m truly glad. However, I may be looking for every other bag to hold more equipment for my pictures shoots and if I turn out to be getting a digital camera with a battery grip, I will actually look at the Kata 3N1 or 123.

“We view the Internet because the fourth laptop working system we should guide after Windows, MacOS, and DOS.” That quote was from a govt at McAfee, and DOS gives it away that it turned into spoken back in 1996.

With the declaration that Google will broaden a brief-start working system by using subsequent 12 months for fast-on netbooks, I concept it might be thrilling to take a experience down memory lane and remind us how we have gotten to the factor wherein the browser has grown to be the subsequent OS, and likely now entering into the first area as opposed to fourth.

75860097_1280x720.jpg (1280×720)

Of route, the smarmy retort to Google’s announcement is that we already have a brief-start, ultra-dependable Web OS, it is known as OS X and my MacBook takes about 5 seconds from once I open the lid to when I can be surfing the Web. Unlike many Windows PCs, I do not have to have a diploma in superior strength control techniques with a minor in unsolicited mail and virus prevention to get this to paintings.

But permit’s move into the Wayback Machine to the early Nineteen Nineties and see the context of that McAfee quote.

The first collection of Web browsers literally weren’t a lot to examine, due to the fact they handiest displayed characters and basically just a page of hyperlinked textual content. This changed into the then-famous Lynx that becomes to start with designed back in 1992 for Unix and VMS terminal users (that turned into again whilst we knew them that). Think approximately this for a moment: this was pre-porn, pre-IPO Netscape, pre-actual Windows — while the range of Web servers became less than a few hundred. Not very interesting with the aid of latest requirements.

Then Microsoft got into the game, and things began converting. With the introduction of Windows 95, we had the beginnings of a graphical Internet Explorer, which ironically changed into certified from the equal code that Netscape could use to create their browser (and sooner or later Firefox). Windows 95 came with each IE and Windows Explorer, and the two have been in addition named for a purpose: browsing pages of the Web changed into the beginnings of something much like surfing documents to your computer. Things failed to absolutely get integrated till IE v4, which came out about the same time as Windows ninety-eight, and that they have been so integrated that they begat a lawsuit by the Justice Department. At the give up of 2002, Microsoft becomes legally declared a monopolist and had to provide approaches to extract IE from Windows going forward for customers who wanted to install a specific browser.

During the middle 1990s, we started out to look higher support for TCP/IP protocols in the Windows OS, even though it without a doubt wasn’t until the second one version of Windows ninety-eight that we noticed Microsoft improve upon the browser enough that they might consist of it as part of their Office 2000 product. Before then, we had separate drivers and add-on utilities that required all types of care and feeding to get online, further to the usage of AOL and Compuserve dial-up programs.

As an example of the way cautiously integrated IE was with Windows, whilst Microsoft launched IE v7 at the side of Vista, first of all, you needed to affirm your license of Windows changed into reputable before you may install the state-of-the-art version of IE on earlier operating structures. That limit was later eliminated.

And currently, Microsoft has announced its next version of Office 2010 could have even in addition Web integration and the capability to create online files just like the way Google Docs works. Google Docs is an exciting improvement for itself because now files are saved out of doors of the computer and managed via a Web browser. As long as I have an Internet connection, I don’t want any software program on my neighborhood gadget to edit a document or calculate a spreadsheet.

So what is the real reason for a working device? Originally, it was to control the various portions of your PC in order that your applications should communicate in your printer or your hard force or show characters to your display screen while not having to jot down low-degree applications to do those obligations. Three things have took place since the early PC era: