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The world of television is enormous. With new series popping up every week, the audience has difficulty choosing what to watch next. However, quantity does not equal quality. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the good from the bad. What with the thousand and eight odd series you have had suggested to you over the past month alone?

Let me tell you that since you chose to read this very article, you are either starting The Walking Dead midway through it or just coming back for a good long session of much-needed nostalgia, that you have excellent taste.

the Walking Dead's' Scott Gimple Says There Was Talk of Carol 'Going Away' on Season 3

The Walking Dead is undoubtedly one of the most gruesome, raw, amazing, unapologetic, visceral series to have ever hit the screens. With an unmatchable plot, characters sculpted to perfection, a long runtime, great visuals, and an overall lingering effect long after you close the tab, Walking Dead is a force to behold. People did not go bonkers over this series for anything.

A popular comic book series authored by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead got adapted into a glorious television series that Netflix now owns.

The primary plot of The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world. This one isn’t struck by meteors or wars but features a zombie outbreak. The set follows the cast painted as the zombie-attack survivors called the walkers who are on the run from the zombies, all the while trying to maintain their humanity. Like all humans, they form groups and communities and help each other stay alive. With no civilization or even a handful of people around, the collapse of civilization sometimes even renders humans worse than zombies.

Carol Walking Dead

Carol Does the Unthinkable on 'The Walking Dead'

Now let’s get to the fun part. Carol is a highly popular, well-loved, and respected character in The Walking Dead. And for a good reason. So, I will try and cover both the comic book and TV series versions of some events.

So, Carol was first brought to life in the comic book’s third issue, called the “Days Gone Bye,” which is innovative. Keeping with the theme, Carol makes her appearance in the third episode of the season’s debut season.

And what sticks with her character is that when first shown to us, Carol was a docile woman her husband had previously abused. This fragile-looking homemaker makes her first shot in a survival camp in Georgia. This is common to both the themes retained in the books and the series.

However, her progress varies greatly later on. The book displays Carol as a meek woman who her husband would have abused for all appearances. She is the mother to Sophie. Unfortunately, her history of abuse and nervous behavior will reflect poorly on her mental health leading to her ultimate demise. Throughout the comics, readers are shown her self-centered, neurotic, and gullible; she has psychological issues that add to her instability and eventually give way to self-destructive behavior, ultimately leading to her suicide.

Fortunately, this is the comic book version of Carol’s life. The television series pays her more attention. Carol, while initially introduced as a victim and a docile woman, the series awards her with one of the best character arcs in the whole franchise. A recurring character, she soon got bumped into a series regular and stole the spotlight by being the sole female survivor from the original troop featured in all seasons. Her abuse is also explored more in the series than in the book version, where it was just heavily implied. The words mostly used to describe Carol would be resilient, pragmatic, strong, and compassionate. A beautiful woman in and out, she survives so many falls.

Walking Dead' star Melissa McBride talks about Carol's big threat | EW.com

She is widely regarded as one of the show’s titular characters, the executive producer of The Walking Dead, Scott M. Gimple, titled Carol’s role as a hero’s journey, cementing her presence among the fans of The Walking Dead.

She is also seen adopting the maternal role with Lizzie and Mika Samuels after the tragic demise of her child. She is shown pursuing brief romantic relationships with other minor characters in the show. She eventually is shown succumbing to the same trauma that her book counterpart went through.

Carol goes through a suicidal patch in her life over her survival instincts and their subsequent consequences. However, she is saved by Morgan and finds herself in King Ezekiel’s kingdom. She finally gets her much-deserved break when she forms a genuine bond with the King, eventually marrying him and adopting Henry.

With one of the best transformative arcs seen on any television character, her fixed presence in the eleven series of this critically acclaimed series made Carol a household name.

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