Collective Consciousness Creates Our World


We aren’t human; however, electricity and mild. We all vibrate at different tiers. We selected to come to earth to grow, examine, boost our vibration, and evolve. Jesus is your brother. He vibrates at a higher stage. Raising our vibration is our purpose. You are your personal creator. You create your world, and together, we create the world too. Everyone has continually seemed outside of themselves for help, for fitness, for international alternate, for money, relationships, and so forth. No longer figuring out which you are chargeable for your personal existence. It’s time to break free from searching on the outside for your dreams and blaming others for your troubles.

My main attention is to tell you that collectively we also create the whole thing else. Our collective mind creates our weather, racial troubles, violence, poverty, and something else you feel wishes changing. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CREATE. You see, the powers that be knew this reality and have used it to their benefit; what most of you do not recognize that your mind creates your outcome. Whatever you trust is created to show to you which you are correct. Our mind has been manipulated for the past 26,000 years! We are presently ascending. Planet earth is experiencing a new era of affection, peace, and concord. If your existence is full of tension, strain, health troubles, and worry, then you definitely are following their programming.

You stay within the matrix, trapped into a low strength vibration, which created you to lose your reminiscence of who you absolutely are. Now is the time to rouse to the reality of existence, so together, we will change our world’s final results. I wrote many articles and poems approximately turning off the news as they sincerely have the simplest one reason in mind that is to preserve you in fear. This control extends to the information, media, television shows, and movies. Nothing that happens is real, and this is all a phantasm. This illusion has you confused out, saved you sick, angry, full of tension and pain on your own innate powers. God has given every folk the strength to create something our hearts desire, and these strength-hungry human beings know this. Without knowing their plan, they devise what they want to accomplish using you to get on their side. You had been their puppets.


Let’s observe the cutting-edge racial wars that are now going on. They absolutely planted the seed to perform. How would you possibly ask? First, I would love to paint an image so one can higher recognize my factor. Our poisonous food and water supply lead you to medical doctors and drugs. Drugs are designed to make you unwell, no longer heal you. Twiggy was created, which extended the makeup and food plan enterprise at the side of garments and plastic surgery and hair products, to name a few. We do not need airplanes, motors for travel as we have the energy to journey everywhere inside the international simply with motion. Electricity and strength or cable payments are not needed as this turned into additionally created to extract cash from us. Illnesses have been created to hold us separate. Borders were created to boom their wallet and preserve us separately. Our jail system, borders, and schooling are also ONLY about cash. Hollywood is a prime aspect together with the media of all kinds. You trust you need to recognize what goes on inside the globe when in reality, most everything you believe you studied is taking place is staged to maintain you in worry and therefore to control you. Fear primarily based testimonies are written approximately now not sufficient food, not enough water supply, terrorists, overpopulation, murders, rapes, child abductions and how our schooling device is losing money. The powers that be realize they are losing floor so that they maintain flooding our information and internet with more fear-based totally tales.

Many human beings are awakening to so much of what I even have referred to, but most people do not recognize that our collective thoughts create this kind of situation. Television and the film enterprise has delivered us to separation and fear. Fear primarily based movies create fear in you, which in turn continues you vibrating at a shallow level. Think about your fears. You fear your future, your active hood, health, diseases, getting older, other people, different international locations, terrorists, wars, guns, and many others. Are you following me? The seed of race turned into planted, showing us for years that blacks are not smart, are dangerous, and a person to fear. This has been flashed over news channels subliminally for years. It is sustained through the media, TV shows, and movies. Collectively you accept as true this, and so it is accomplished via the police force and others who agree with this reality,

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You might be wondering what do I realize? Well, I know all this to be proper and deep inner, so do you. In the intervening time, you may show every single component I have said for yourself. Every unmarried notion you suspect creates your final results. Change your negative notion to a positive one and spot what takes place for your self. After you notice this fact for yourself, you will recognize the strength you have and understand how together these troubles are created with a bit of luck. For instance, if you believe that different humans will make you ill, you may get unwell. Now exchange that idea and tell yourself that no individual on the earth contains any germs so that it will catch. Then surround yourself with human beings who’ve colds and watch what happens. If you believe that everybody on the Parkway is impolite, in a rush, and in no way helps you to of their lane, exchange your thoughts to the alternative and see how that works for you. Instead, say, “all of us at the throughway is pleasant, does not reduce me off, and continually lets me inside the lane I need to transport into when my blinker is on.” Think of anything you want to exchange and make your notion positive to create it rather. After you have validated that what I am telling you is accurate, then with a bit of luck, you’ll see how our collective thoughts create the whole lot else.

We are related to all. Every character who lives on the planet is your own family. We are one a part of the whole, and the whole is God. He created the entirety we need to survive, and also, you create the rest. The modern racial wars had been created using our media, and all the television indicates and movies you challenge yourself to whilst having those seeds planted into your mind to govern you. They call this amusement. I name it subliminal thoughts manage.

It is important to test with this to prove to yourself this truth then spread it to all of us you recognize. All you need to do is alternate your personal misguided wondering. If every person did this, our global might exchange in an on the spot. Then together, we can live on a brand new planet of love, accept as true with and togetherness. We will love ourselves unconditionally and all others too. We will create whatever we need, not need money or jobs or work our fingers to the bone. We might not worry about death and sickness because death isn’t real, and disorder is part of the fear primarily based on illusion. We may not ever be unwell to experience ache, ag,e or die because all of this has been created by our minds.


When you convert and raise your vibration better, you mechanically boost the vibration of others too. Let’s be a part of collectively to exchange our world to the place God has intended for us. This is a reality. This is actual. Are you going to be aside from the alternate? Changing your mind changes your lifestyle. Emotional Spiritual Healer Life Coach Reiki Practitioner Published Author Poet “God’s Messages of Truth,” “Life-The Truth Versus The Illusion,” “Be Spiritually Healed and Focus on Real Truths,” “How to Step Out of Fear and Reclaim Your Life”

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