Blogger Book Giveaways: What Authors Need to Know


As the proprietor of an enterprise that gives e-book evaluations and operates an e-book contest, I’ve long been conscious that many bogus contests and reviewers were obtainable. I’ve also promoted blog tours for authors. I firmly believe that having your very own blog and being a guest on a person else’s weblog is a brilliant way to get the word out approximately your e-book. But not all blogs and bloggers are created equal, and worse; a few are not very sincere.


Recently, I became privy to a new fashion amongst bloggers to provide giveaways to their readers. Sadly, a lot of those purported giveaways are scams, or at the least, they’re now not completely sincere or providing what they declare they will provide for the book’s writer. Following are some examples and recommendations to observe before providing your book to bloggers who’re supplying giveaways.

First, permit’s look at the e-book giveaway method and inspire bloggers to offer an everyday e-book giveaway. The blogger’s requests authors and often different proprietors of numerous products to ship them the products on the way to assess them. Next, they study the e-book or use the product and write an assessment of the product, posting the product information on their weblog. They then ask people to submit their names through some digital shape or via email for a random drawing for a product’s giveaway. The product is then mailed to the winner. Sounds simple sufficient.

But it isn’t straightforward than that. The blogger isn’t going to go through all these paintings without getting something in to go back. Often, the blogger will submit a picture of the product with a hyperlink to wherein it can be purchased, inclusive of an online book shop that not most effective sells the product; however additionally has a referral program in which the blogger receives a fee on all products bought while human beings click thru from the blogger’s website to the seller’s web page and purchase the product.

That is even reasonable, and there may be nothing incorrect with human beings being paid for their paintings. However, the possibility of unethical and scamming conduct comes in various, on occasion, small, however serious ways. Before you submit your e-book to a blogger, right here are some matters to look at out for:

Blogger Book

1. FTC Disclosure-It is the regulation that anybody who receives a profit when they endorse a product ought to reveal that in advance. A valid website may have an FTC disclosure announcement that the owner is receiving a commission (whether thru click on thru or the direct fee by the author or product proprietor) for promoting the paintings. That does now not mean the blogger is dishonest in providing an awesome overview of the product. In reality, if the FTC disclosure is there, it is a good signal the blogger believes in being honest about the product. If the FTC disclosure isn’t always there, do not take part.

2. Product Reviews-Before you send your e-book to a person to study it, take a look at the past evaluations on the website online. Many bloggers (and e-book reviewers) claim that they review books whilst, in reality, they simply replica the product description as it seems at the author’s or an online bookshop’s website replica the again cover description and publish that as a review. That isn’t always a legitimate e-book evaluation. It does not replicate the blogger’s personal opinion of the ebook, and it’s a terrific sign the blogger did not even trouble reading the e-book to find out whether or not it merits being endorsed. The blogger is really looking to get as many products featured on the weblog as possible to earn more commission.

Three. Multiple Copies-If bloggers request more than two copies of the book; it’s not going they need the books for review or giveaway. It’s comprehensible the blogger may need a book to read and then send it to the giveaway winner. However, it is a great deal greater practical for the blogger to request only one reproduction, after which, after the giveaway’s winner is named, request that the writer, in my view, ship the winner an autographed copy. If a blogger requests greater than two copies, it’s in all likelihood the blogger is gathering inventory to resell-possibly to a nearby used bookstall, or possibly at a web keep, thereby creating earnings off copies of books he failed to pay for and that the writer concept would be given away.

Four. Drawing Results-An honest blogger walking an e-book giveaway goes to reveal the names of the winners, even though for privacy’s sake, it might just say Amanda W., Syracuse, NY or George T, Salt Lake City, UT. What is suspicious isn’t always giving any indication that there are winners.

If you are nonetheless unsure whether to publish your e-book to a blogger’s book giveaway, touch the authors of a number of the preceding giveaways and ask them whether or not it helped them or they ever heard from any of the readers. If the blogger is strolling a legitimate contest and gives the writer the email and mailing deal with of the giveaway winner, you may contact the person and rest assured that your ebook goes in which it ought to. If the blogger is mailing out the copies himself, you don’t have proof the books are being mailed out. In reality, I’ve heard from some authors who’ve participated in such giveaways multiple instances that they’ve in no way received a thank you or any feedback from those who supposedly received their books. While not receiving remarks is not always a sign of dishonesty, while you do obtain remarks, it is a sign that the whole thing is functioning as it should.

Will a book giveaway help sell your e-book and give you exposure? It should if the weblog gets a variety of traffic, and if the blogger truly is giving away the books, you may at least locate one new fan. The blogger of the path may let you know how the weblog gets tens of heaps of views. If it really is authentic, it’s super because lots of humans will hear approximately your ebook. If they’re fascinated and do not win it within the giveaway, they will hopefully buy it.

If you do get scammed, you’ll most effective lose out at the expenses of the few books you supply away; however that said, nobody wants to be scammed, so do some research before deciding to offer away your books, and you can rest assured that the readers whom you want your books to reach will be those profiting from the book giveaway instead of completing a blogger who is out to make money without ethics.

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