Before You Hire a Blogger, Read This!


You virtually do not have the time to maintain fresh new content posted on your weblog, so you will rent someone to do that for you. Here are a few helpful subjects to take into account while you are prepared to select that individual.


Write out a list of the work you want to be accomplished. What are your expectancies?

The time utilized to write down what you want or assume from a blogger will go a long manner in getting you precisely who you want. Ask yourself, how many posts in line with the week? How many comments to answer? Several page views? How about a minimum wide variety of incoming hyperlinks every week?

Write a task description.

Review your written feedback from the paragraph above, then condense those feedback that will help you write out a task description. Be certain to deal with the problem as to who will mild and answer remarks.

What fashion of writing do you want for your weblog?

Ask yourself what fashion you want your blogger to acquire. It would help if you inspired creativity and ardor for writing. It would help if you found an author who is unlikely to tire daily or weekly put up-to-put up recurring. A creative mindset will work wonders for your weblog.

Ask for examples of their work.

Ask for hyperlinks to their past work. Go online and examine theirs beyond posts and solutions. Do those examples imitate the paintings contained in their written resume? If now not, you want to invite why now not. You need to be sure that the man or woman you are handling is the same character who definitely wrote the one’s blog posts. Do they write properly? Is English a 2nd language for them? Does their fashion of writing fulfill the needs of your readers? It’s one aspect to put up with the English language’s distinctions, but you need not put up with poor grammar or spelling.

Good grammar and proofreading abilities are important.

You want to put up posts that your readers will discover engaging. You ought to have properly written authentic content material that is grammatically correct, loose from spelling errors, and importantly, translates like it has been written using a person who is aware of what they are doing.

Is this applicant adept at the usage of social media?

You need to hire a blogger who is familiar with and uses social networking or social bookmarking websites. The applicant could have and have to offer you a list of their affiliation with websites together with Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Linked In, and/or Twitter. I recognize that my understanding in those areas is constrained, so I need my blogger to have a full draw close to using those social media websites.

Your blogger desires to illustrate great expertise in search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Ask the blogger applicant to write down a paragraph on what search engine marketing means to them. Ask for their creative comments on how search engine optimization is critical to pressure traffic for your blog. Now ask them how they plan to locate readers. Ask them to examine your current blog and comment on what they would alternate. Does the applicant express experience within the subject matter of your weblog?

You need to locate a blogger who knows enough about your area of interest to keep your blog readers engaged. The method of “faking it till you make it” will not garner you a target market of trustworthy readers. And, what’s a blog without readers? Not tons!

Don’t lease the first man or woman who answers your ads.

I hired an author from PeoplePerHour as I became so enthused with their resume. Had I no longer employed the primary person who responded to my ad, I may want to have had the work carried out for half of the price. Yes, you get what you pay for, but it can no longer continually be the first-class deal round. Be affected the person; let your blogging activity establishing populate the Internet for a few days. Reading the ones resumes can be true revel in for you. Then, consider re-writing your advertisements.

Hire an author, no longer a blogger.

There are true reasons to lease an author, no longer a blogger. Bloggers often damage exact grammar regulations, and their past work may additionally replicate this tendency. Most writers can use weblog; no longer all bloggers can write! But maintain in mind; maximum bloggers are more practiced at the usage of social media! Did the blogger applicant send you a regularly occurring version in their resume, or did they bother to make it a record directed specifically for you?

Those “canned” resumes are first-class for maximum applications but call for a better preferred for your use. You want to have interaction with a writer who will send you authentic content. Their resume will tell you a pretty lots about the type of writer (blogger) they profess to be.

Is the applicant capable of observing instructions?

Write a nonsensical requirement in the job software commands. This is a great manner to “weed out” those who are unwilling or unable to observe easy commands. From my past writing experience, I recognize that non-income foundations will ask for an unusual type or font to see who is paying attention.

How do I realize what to pay my blogger?

This is a superb query! I enjoy shows in which you get what you pay for. A $7 weblog put up is about as good as a $12 weblog submit, and neither certainly, one of them is worth much. Sure, if you are getting a person who is just starting, they could do an amazing job at that charge. A proper rule of thumb is that a tri-weekly weblog posting recurring to include a few social media interactions ought to feed you about $300 – $400 a month, in 2011 dollars. Remember, you get what you pay for!


Should I base pay on overall performance?

Absolutely! If you are becoming a pleasant surge in website site visitors, you’ll want to preserve directly to that blogger. When you negotiate your first agreement, achieve this for, say, a 3 or six month trial period. After that, you may arrange any extra repayment that may be warranted.

Get a duplicate of this book!

I very strongly suggest that you get a copy of Blogging All-in-One using Susan Gunelius. This 700 web page e-book is truly eight books in a single. The creator explains so much greater about hiring a blogger that she ought to be regarded as a professional at the challenge. Of course, be sure to reserve your copy whilst you go to the Amazon store by using my website! You will locate an expansion of beneficial assist, pointers, films, and more facts on running a blog while you visit [http://www.TheBloggingAdvisor.Com] in which the author is a web-content supervisor. Timothy Stolz is a professional pianist and advocates animal welfare issues from his home in Greeley, Colorado.

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