Best Open Source Platforms for eCommerce – What to Choose!?


As greater customers turn to the laptop and internet to store, good eCommerce structures emerge as paramount. As extra corporations adopt a digital shopfront for their products, the need for both person-pleasant and customizable eCommerce platforms is extra critical than ever.

Platforms for eCommerce

If you’re planning to release an eCommerce internet site or promote your services and products online, the primary factor is to discern an excellent eCommerce platform to build your website on. With a plethora of popularised and open supply alternatives to be had, it will become hard to pick the exceptional feasible platform for a website that suits your enterprise. This article shall cover the maximum popular eCommerce systems- Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, and OsCommerce, evaluate their execs and cons, and help you pick out the exceptional to be had the option, as consistent with your wishes. Let’s dive in!


Magento, a platform built with the Zent Framework usage, gives a flexible, effective, and value powerful answer for designing eCommerce Websites. Magento is to eCommerce, as WordPress is to running a blog and content control. The legit internet site of Magento boasts some exceptional customers, including Nike, Rovio, Oneida, and several different popular manufacturers. It embodies all of the awesome features crucial for any eCommerce website, including catalog management, the shopping cart, search, and other administration functions. Although Magento is fee-effective in initial funding phrases, the fee of preservation inside the long term is quite excessive compared to different structures. It offers a huge capacity for customization. However, it calls for some technical information. Understanding CSS, MySQL, and PHP are needed to make effective use of the software.

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OsCommerce, one of the oldest open-source eCommerce structures obtainable, has its very own share of blessings and barriers. Being one of the oldest in the eCommerce domain, there are big advantages via the tremendous community produced over the last 12 years. Consisting of about 270000+ participants, it is domestic to lots of specialists and developers concentrating on the OsCommerce platform, thereby presenting you incredible support in times of need. Moreover, it consists of a repository of over 7000 uploads and several templates. OsCommerce might be a veteran due to its years of revel in. However, that makes it a bit dated compared to more modern alternatives that are greater energy-packed and scalable.


Open Cart is very effective. It changed into launched in 2009 and is one of the newest structures amongst other famous selections. Despite being new, it has paved its way thru the market and has emerged as a peak desire for eCommerce websites. The primary reason for that is its Order Management. You can sell a limitless variety of products, have unlimited categories and implement diverse languages and currencies for the website. This imparting of a couple of alternatives makes it the pass-to with the aid of builders nowadays. Open Cart is specifically beneficial whilst there’s a need to manipulate a couple of stores through the one not unusual admin interface. Due to this kind of function, it offers a high ranking in SERPs. As per its internet site, Open Cart offers around 20+ Payment Gateways and 8+ Shipping Methods- an excellent feature. However, with Open Cart, you need to hire a web developer to ascertain the effective use of the functions. As for the cons, the equal that comes with any new software is valid right here. Since it is a noticeably more recent platform, it has a smaller consumer base and confined documentation.


Platforms for eCommerce

Zen Cart is your cross-to platform in case your awareness is greater in customer management and marketing. The great component approximately Zen Cart is the consumer management features it gives along with coupon codes, promotional offers, present certificates, e-mail order affirmation, and greater. However, if you are not technologically sound, it’ll be a bit of a conflict with Zen Cart’s usage. The software program itself is aimed towards a superior consumer base. If you don’t have any earlier enjoyment with this platform, you shall find that even the fundamental obligations, including installation, enhancing templates, and greater are tedious and complicated. Thus, Zen Cart is a great option- in case you are accurate at it. Even though the option is open supply and gives awesome functions, you should recall this option handiest if you have hired a professional developer or realize a way to get around the software program.

The Deciding Factors

How Are Technical You? Platforms such as Zen Cart and Magento are excellent options if you are proper with the technicality worried or hire an expert. If it really is not the case, it’s far higher to go along with different alternatives and Open Cart and OsCommerce.

Requirements –

Do you expect a whole lot of add-ons and templates to your website? Should they be customizable and, without difficulty, editable? Magento gives countless customization, but it requires a sound technical understanding to tweak it.

Community Base –

Having observed the Google Trends reviews will display you that OsCommerce, followed by Magento, had been launched a manner earlier than the opposite popular platforms. Over the years, they’ve produced a sizeable network of professionals and web developers, thereby providing desirable help and guidance.

Features –

Magento has precise search engine optimization functions; Zen Cart offers amazing purchaser management functions; Open Cart gives various order control capabilities, while OsCommerce boasts approximately its enormous community and repositories of add-ons and templates. Every platform has a pick! It’s up to you to determine, based totally on your vested pastimes.

Platforms for eCommerce

Study the Trends –

A leaf through the Google Trends report of eCommerce platforms can give an honest concept approximately their reputation. OsCommerce has witnessed a decline in recognition considering 2011 and has no longer been capable of making an effective comeback. Regardless of being a new player in the game, Open Cart has overpowered numerous formerly set up giants within the eCommerce market. It has been rising steadily ever on account that its inception and has a bright future. Magento comes from the approved eBay Store and has enjoyed recognition ever since due to the terrific features and customization it offers. The more famous the platform, the higher it is. More popular platforms have a larger purchaser base, a larger developer base, and a huge repository of subject matters, add-ons, and widgets.

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