2014 Fashion Trends: Do The Biggest Trends Of 2004 Still Hold Up?


Here, we’re going to explore those tendencies. Or more especially, ten traits that defined 2004, and whether or now not we ought to burn our photographs or our garments or our memories, if in any respect feasible.

1. What: Von Dutch

The story: Thanks to the likes of Paris, Nicole Richie, and Ashton Kutcher, trucker hats – especially of the Von Dutch range – had been ushered into the mid-2000s for reasons no one can truly apprehend. However, we ought to try. Was it the overt trademarks? (Let us consider it was around the same time Louis Vuitton bags became a status image.) Was it the bright colors? (Maybe? We have been teenagers and still related “amusing” with “a vivid purple trucker hat.”) Was it due to the fact famous people have been doing it? (Absolutely.) So we have to examine our mistakes.

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2. What: Ruffled Mini-Skirts

The tale: Part of the uneven, cotton, go with the flowy skirt movement, the mini versions provided themselves in time for spring – while you can pair them with polo shirts, skate footwear, or sure: Ugg boots (or knee-high if you are Paris Hilton, of the path); an excellent search for Easter dinner (we advised ourselves in one, in direction to Easter dinner 2004). Do they nonetheless hold up: Technically? There are still ruffled mini skirts that exist. In the case of the existing, in reality, they maintain up. Can you find one now? Yes, you can. Should you buy and put on it? With an oversize sweater from a thrift save, best.

3. What: Polo Shirts

The tale: And as if it had been 1991, polo shirts returned with a vengeance. But now, not simply any polo shirts: outfitted, “preppy” patterns that could skip the “Laguna Beach” dress code. Soon, the likes of Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, and Aeropostale were stocking up on striped, patterned, and logo versions – most effective to set up the uniform for frats indefinitely slowly. Do they nevertheless maintain up: First, everything will continually maintain up if you can make it personal. That’s what fashion is. But are you going to locate under-sized patterns piled within the above-mentioned stores? Only Abercrombie – but be cautious, because you need to be very cool to store there.

4. What: Uggs

The tale: Once upon a time, a unisex boot made from sheepskin and utilized in the Australian surf way of life descended on our truthful continent and changed into used inside the contrary way: in opposition to snow and ice, once they provided no real safety from the one’s matters. And then they had been used as a normal shoe. They were then used at the side of mini skirts, and the relaxation is our species’ legacy.

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Do they still preserve up: They are still anywhere, really. And that’s what we get for wearing them and protecting them, so that is our karma. Forever. (Please prevent sporting them to your own safety – at least inside the iciness to save you falling on ice.)

5. What: Graphic T-Shirts

The story: Graphic t-shirts have continually existed, but there has been an increase in the mid-2000s thanks to (yes, once more!) Ms. Paris Hilton, who, now that we’re speaking about it, virtually did set a fashion precedent. And become that sincerely so wrong? (Not certainly. And earlier than you solution or argue, consider how Kim Kardashian’s placing the precedent in 2014.)

6. What: Velour/Track Suits

Today, the tale: Exercise and entertainment gear look almost futuristic or at least suit form of reasonably. But then? Enter: the velour zip-ups, pants, and matching fit that lower back from the ’70s for no cause aside from confusing our parents. Especially when you consider that these entertainment fits had been without a doubt not being worn for exercising functions. Do they still preserve up: Every spring, we herald a new technology of sports or sports-prompted styles, so sure, this trend is immortal. But as for the velour? Your pleasant wager is to head to L.A. – or at least the gown branch from “The Bling Ring.” (Though bonus marks if it’s honestly velour from the ’70s, and in that case, please let us borrow it.)

7. What: Layering

The story: No, no – not layering like “a blouse with a sweater worn over the pinnacle.” We mean layering for purposes handiest, not to put on a see-thru shirt. “Over pinnacle” like wearing a long tank top with lace at the lowest, you then put on under a v-neck Henley, It really is also lengthy, but not as long as to cowl the lace. And in case you ever were to wear those separately, each person would see your bra. And precisely what we’re speaking approximately because all of us lived it.

8. What: Dressy Capri Pants

The tale: Is there any way we will describe this higher? Probably no longer, but we’re going to strive: assume get dressed pants, but worn at Capri period, then worn with tall boots or heels, relying on the season. Basically, pretend they are pants. But brief. Short-pants. But dressy. Dressy quick pants. Do they nevertheless preserve up: There’s a distinction among cigarette pants (ankle length) and dressy capri pants, and considered one of the biggest is that we don’t see dressy capri pants round tons anymore. And for the correct cause — we were all higher than this.

9. What: Pointed Toe Heels

The story: 99% of the footwear on “Sex and the City” (which ended in 2004) is a perfect instance of the shoe motion of the early-to-mid 2000s. However, excessive heels and overly pointed toes eventually evolved right into a rounded fashion, then extra unfashionable – just like the dress footwear of the ’50s and ’60s. But this isn’t always about those a long time – that is approximately Kirsten Dunst’s shoes from ten years in the past. Do they nevertheless hold up: Not a lot. Pointed toe pumps will obviously in no way fade away, but the factors so long they could’ve reached from your workplace to your house have by some means disappeared. (Or have they? Points that big do not definitely cross anywhere.)

10. What: “Boho” Chic

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The story: “Boho” is bizarre because it’s arguably a motion, however in 2004 (and thanks to the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), flowy, unfastened-fitting, drop-waists, oversize belts, and slouchy boots became more than a sense. Think oversize tank pinnacle and quick denim skirt. (Or: suppose your favorite outfit inside the mid-2000s.) Time flies whilst you’re growing older at an ordinary human tempo. One minute Paris Hilton is dictating your cloth wardrobe, and the next, it is ten years later, and you continue to do not know what Von Dutch is. Point clean: 2004 changed into a sad time for style – however, at the equal time, it ushered in a few 2014 style developments, which have been going robust for a while. Here, we are going to discover the one’s developments. Or extra especially, ten developments that defined 2004, and whether or not or not we need to burn our pix or our clothes or our recollections, if in any respect feasible. In the phrases of Paris herself, “That’s hot.”

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