Two Secrets to Making an Old-Fashioned Fruit Stack Cake


If you’ve got been to many church socials or family reunions, especially inside the South, it pretty probable you have got had the possibility to revel in an old-fashioned fruit stack. If you do not know what this is, it is truly a cake made with applesauce and baked sugar cookie dough. If you like desserts made with apples, it is “out-of-this-world” delicious. The taste is each exceedingly simple and a problematic combination of tastes. It will probably remind you of home, or of Grandma’s, even if you’ve never tasted fruit stack before.

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You can discover many different forms of the stack cake, together with dried apple, peach, or pumpkin. However, the one the general public are acquainted with is the applesauce stack. Those cakes’ foundation is pretty clean; they may be made from simple elements found in the country and on farms. Even poor households, dating back centuries in America, might have had those components accessible – specifically all through the holidays.

Many present-day cooks have tried to re-create the applesauce stack cake both from written recipes or via phrase of mouth, but maximum come to be disappointed with the outcomes. Either the taste isn’t just right, or the cake is too thick and too dry. I will not attempt to supply a specific recipe right here; as an alternative, I will talk about two secrets and techniques to making the stack cake turn out the manner you want it. These are secrets passed down from mother to daughter and frequently, but unintentionally, do not make it into the recipe book.

All you need is a straightforward recipe for sugar cookies and a jar of applesauce.

Secret # 1 – The cookie dough layers ought to be rolled out extremely thin. Once you mix up the cookie dough, take a small ball and roll it out as thin as you may in all likelihood get it and nevertheless pick it up with both arms. You will region it in an ordinary spherical cake pan that has greased and floured. It should suit on the bottom but not come up on the sides. If it is too big, reduce the number of it off and strive again. If you’ve got rolled it out thinly enough, it’s far regular for the dough sometimes to wreck. Then you must roll it returned out and attempt again. Where most of the people make, their mistake is in rolling out the dough too thick. It is easier to deal with, and also, you don’t must fear approximately “do-over’s,” BUT that is what makes the completed stack cake too thick and too dry.

Depending on how many cakes pans you very own and how many will match into your oven, you could get a small assembly line going. For instance, placed desserts into the pans. While they may be baking, prepare greater pans with greater cakes. When the first two come out, lightly dump the baked desserts onto a towel, wash, dry, and put together the two pans, and do it all again. An excellent stack cake can have 7-14 layers.

Two cautions:

1) If you roll out the dough very thinly, it’ll bake quick, on occasion in just 5-7 minutes. You have to oversee it and be geared up to take it out soon because the top begins to turn light golden brown. (The backside will already be a bit browner.)

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2) It will likely be of a cookie texture until the cake is all completed and aged for a while, so be very cautious whilst you dump it out of the pan and later region it onto the plate for the stack because it will damage and crumble without problems.

Secret # 2 – Use the right spices in the applesauce. Admittedly, people have one-of-a-kind tastes regarding applesauce and cakes made with applesauce—some like theirs with greater spice, some with much less. I am going to speak about my alternatives. However, you could change this in line with yours, in case you’d like. A few people make a mistake while making fruit stack desserts because they use applesauce sold immediately from the store, which has little to no spices. Other human beings add an excessive spice, and the stack cake gets a “highly spiced-warm” flavor. Personally, I can my very own applesauce, and I upload cinnamon and nutmeg to my applesauce when I first make it. Then, once I make a fruit stack cake, I genuinely open a jar of my applesauce, and I am equipped to move. If you can get a jar of homemade applesauce already seasoned, this is in ways the fine alternative. However, if you have to apply store-bought applesauce, do these steps in advance of time before you’re prepared to make your fruit stack: Pour your applesauce into a saucepan. Add sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the flavor. One opportunity for the cinnamon and nutmeg is to apply Apple Pie Spice, which already has the spices combined in good proportions. When I say “to taste,” I imagine the way you want your fruit stack flavor whilst it’s miles achieved. How sweet do you like it? How highly spiced do you like it? Add the sugar and spices a little at a time until you are glad about the flavor. The sugar will skinny the applesauce down so that you will boil it on medium to low until the excess water has cooked off. Be cautious not to have your burner too excessive because sweetened applesauce will effortlessly burn.

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Once all of your cake layers are baked and cooled, and once you have your applesauce the way you want it, you’re prepared to position the layers together. It’s as easy as it sounds. Place the primary cake layer on a plate and spread it with applesauce. No want to spread it on the perimeters in view that a few excesses will trickle down. Spread the sauce as thick as you could without dropping too much down the perimeters. Then repeat for each cake layer you’ve got. Your stack cake may be eaten properly away, but it’s far better if you refrigerate it at least overnight.

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