Trolleys- Various Types And Benefits


A trolley can be used for many purposes depending upon its use. Almost all the industries require a trolley for one work or other but mostly for transporting goods. There are various types of trolleys available, along with its specification and uses. We can even customize a trolley as per our own requirements.

Below are some various types of trolleys:

  • Platform trolleys: These trolleys are used for transporting heavy materials from one place to another. It is suitable for a warehouse that requires a vehicle to transfer items from one place to another. They have large wheels and can easily move everything from a stack of boxes to large furniture pieces.
  • Hospital trolleys: A wide range of trolleys are used in hospitals, from personal patient trolleys to trolley for storing files and medicines. Dispensing trolleys are the trolleys that doctors use to carry medical tools wherever required.
  • Catering trolleys: Catering trolleys are used to ease up the work and reduce the labor and minimize the time needed for cleaning. They are used for storing kitchen items. Also, they speed up the foodservice and help in maintaining high levels of hygiene.
  • Linen trolleys: Linen trolleys fall under housekeeping trolleys and are used for carrying out linen from the laundry room and vice versa. They are even used in hospitals for transporting hospital linens.
  • Service trolleys: These trolleys are usually found in restaurants and speed up the foodservice. It also assists you in keeping a healthy and hygienic environment and keeps the tables neat and clean.

Therefore, every kind of trolley has its own benefits and purpose. Trolleys usually minimize the manual workload and allow easy transportation of heavy materials.

Some benefits of trolleys are :

  • Low maintenance: Trolleys usually require low maintenance; they do not require to be cleaned regularly. But cleaning them once in a while is necessary to ensure their functioning.
  • Speedy service: Trolleys are very useful as they increase the speed of service. With trolleys, you can easily transport things from one place to another. For example, catering trolleys are used to store kitchen items and transport them quickly from place to place. Another example is service trolleys. They are used in restaurants and pubs to speed up the whole food serving process and picking the leftovers from the table, thereby maintaining a hygienic environment.
  • Strong and reliable: Trolleys are robust and reliable. Once you buy a trolley, it comes with an assured long lifetime. You can easily load all the heavy stuff on it and carry it from one place to another with the minimum amount of effort, energy, and time. Purchasing a trolley is a one-time investment and lifetime benefits.
  • Durable: These trolleys are made to be very durable and long-lasting. You need not change a trolley frequently; once purchased, it ensures long time benefits. You can even customize your trolley as per your own requirement, and this way, you can easily select your type and design.
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