Top 3 Reasons to Hire Professional Piano Movers


A piano is not just any piece of a musical instrument; it’s an emotion. It brings great joy to you and your family for a lifetime. Not just this, your beloved instrument is quite expensive, heavy, as well as fragile. As such, considering the emotional attachment, cost of the equipment, and its delicate nature, your piano needs a little extra love and care.

If you’re planning to shift to a new house, moving a piano by yourself can be a risky endeavor. Moving your piano on your own can cause irreversible damage to the expensive instrument, resulting in costly damage to the house or apartment, or even cause a serious personal injury. To avoid such potential risks associated with a DIY piano move, hiring professional piano movers is highly recommended. If you consider the hassles, as well as the dangers of moving a piano without the assistance of professional movers, you’ll find out multiple benefits of hiring experts for this task.

Professional Piano Movers

As you hire professionals to move your heavy furniture and valuable household belongings, it’s important to give the same professional treatment to your piano. Though your piano may not be the largest item in your home, it is one of the heaviest. So, if you’re planning to shift to a new home, here are three of the top reasons why you should always hire a professional piano mover.

1. To Keep Your Piano Safe

Pianos are very heavy, delicate, and usually come in unique shapes. Even small bumps or cracks can throw off the piano’s tune, which can be difficult or costly to fix. To properly lift and move a piano, at least 4 to 6 people are needed, and it gets even more difficult when there are stairs involved. As you know that pianos can be costly; damaging your high-priced piano during a DIY move can be heart-breaking. Moreover, hiring a professional can save you money as even re-tuning your damaged piano after the move can cost you hundreds of dollars. A professional piano mover will have the required workforce to ensure that the piano and the workers remain safe throughout the process.

2. The Right Equipment

For a DIY move, you will need some tools and a moving truck to safely move your piano from your present location to your new house or apartment. Moving your piano without using the right equipment can damage your piano, and purchasing new tools will be a waste of money because you won’t use them later. Simply hiring a truck is not sufficient as you will need to properly pack and tie the piano so that it doesn’t get damaged during the trip. A reputed professional piano mover will have state-of-the-art moving trucks and equipment built to handle and transport pianos of any size and shape safely and efficiently.

3. To Keep Yourself Safe

Considering the weight, unusual shape, and delicate nature, pianos fall into the category of the most difficult and dangerous things to move to another home. The task of moving it safely can be very challenging for homeowners as it may result in a serious personal injury like a back sprain, crushed fingers, or broken limbs. You certainly don’t want to move to your new dream home in an injured condition. Therefore, hiring professional piano movers will make the process hassle-free and pleasurable for you and your family.

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