The Free Property Inspection Trips to Spain – Warts N’ All


I have written this section of the item with the assistance of personal revel in in the industry, having individually undertaken an inspection excursion, family and friends who has toured and most significantly experienced income reps who still paintings inside the enterprise, so that they haven’t an axe to grind however possibly their conscience was given the better of them. The best remuneration they received turned into more than one cafe con leche’s each. The surprising issue becomes that I had arranged to fulfill reps but whilst word spread half of a dozen arrived with providing from many others.

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Your excursion ought to proceed alongside those traces. Show houses are near on Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday and flights are extra pricey over the weekend so most excursions have a tendency to be at some stage in the midweek. Tour duration is typically five days 4 nights. For the cause of this article, I have formatted a Monday to Friday tour.


A couple of years ago a journey to the appearance lounge at Alicante or Murcia airport might have visible you rubbing shoulders with dozens of dealers income reps/salespeople/assets specialists/tours courses ( I will call them reps to any extent further) all standing there with their clipboards with their clients names published on them, often looking nervously as passengers came thru the sliding doorways. Similarly a trip down the coast road from the airport you will actually pass dozens of sellers motors all brightly liveried and each corporation with its own shade automobiles. The credit crunch has killed off the numbers however made the retailers need to extract every remaining euro from clients almost an artwork.

When you rep receives you to the hotel, they will bounce out of the automobile and open the door for you, they may get your luggage and take a look at you into a completely sleek four or 5 megastar in on the seaside with stunning perspectives (see # 3). Once they have got checked you in they will take you up to the room, open the door and take you in. You will frequently discover that the curtains can be closed within the room. This is an arrangement that the agent can have with the motel. This allows the rep to do the notable display. They will walk to the window and pull the curtains again with gusto revealing a stunning view of the lovely blue Mediterranean Sea. Having simply left a grey, depressing, cold, moist and windy UK, this display makes the purchaser sense that they’ve discovered heaven.

Most customers arrive overdue afternoon, so the rep will depart you for multiple hours of relaxation and come and accumulate you for dinner (the tour will encompass all food). The rep will still no longer be speaker approximately belongings, they’ll, nevertheless be promoting themselves and the commercial enterprise. They will tell you approximately how they got here to stay in Spain, how first-rate it’s miles, how their youngsters adore it…… This is undoubtedly true as I am inclined to testify but it’s far all part of the income system. The rep will also begin telling you ways top notch the organization is and the way good they may be to paintings for and how well they deal with their group of workers. The fact is that they’re all nonagreement, commission handiest income those who are in fear in their jobs from tour to tour due to the fact if they do now not sell and hit goals they’re out! The rep can even outline the itinerary while you’re with them:

Monday: Arrive, settle in and opt for dinner. Tuesday: Pre-tour assembly and vicinity excursion, pass for dinner. Wednesday: Look for residences in areas you have got expressed an interest in. Thursday: Continue search, or if buying whole contracts, bills etc. Friday: Continue to seek or if bought, consolidate and lower back to the airport.

Following your pleasant evening meal, you may be dropped off at the inn and preparations made to meet you at the lodge reception at 9:30 am the following morning. As they go away the rep will be on the telephone to their supervisor telling them what they consider you and the likelihood of you purchasing. You could be graded as purple, amber or inexperienced or on a scale of one to ten as a prospect with red or 1 being no threat. All clients start as amber or a five on the scale.


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A proper hour or so earlier than the rep collects you on Tuesday they’ll have a breakfast assembly with their manager in which they will talk in splendid element their impression of you. The supervisor will produce all the office work that they have on you. This might be notes and transcripts of conversations that you have had with the agencies telesales team of workers, or the home visit rep or maybe with the supervisor once they referred to as to verify your attendance more than one day in the past. All the questions that you were asked no matter how innocent have the intention of garnering as plenty statistics as feasible. This meeting that the rep ha with their manager will decide the route of motion that they’ll be taking with you over the following few days!

The rep will come and gather you on time. They can be of their uniform, mild pants, either white or blue shirt/blouse, brown shoes, shades and immaculately easy business enterprise automobile (the motors are inspected every day and reps fined EUR50 for grimy motors). Your rep will then take you to a lovable café via the beach, or on a golf direction or with remarkable views. This facilitates promote the way of life, however, the choice of the cafe is determined following your communique the preceding night once they gleaned the information out of you to make this preference.

The purpose of the meeting is to determine what you’re seeking out i.E. Holiday home, relocation, funding or commercial enterprise, your budget and your chosen vicinity. The rep already has this statistics as this information has already been received from you when you arranged the experience within the first location. The one element that the rep will do promise by no means to show you properties above your price range, they will website affordability troubles however the truth is that folks who over enlarge when in Spain are 4 times more likely to cancel when they get returned to the UK.

Meeting over you’ll soar within the automobile. One thing to the word here is that the rep will always have a fab container or paperwork at the seat at the back of them. This means that the clients will sit in the passenger seat and the seat in the back of. This forestalls them being able to make eye touch with each other, speak without the rep listening to and the rep can be able to see the patron in the rearview reflect.

The day can be spent finishing an intensive excursion from Alicante in the North to Cartegena within the south and up to 50km inland. You will visit city, villages, beaches, golf guides, mountains, you call it they’ll cover it. Anything or place you explicit a hobby it may be noted to be used later. If you want a selected village or beach, they will stop for a look around or an espresso. Although you do not comprehend it you will be following a predetermined path aimed at displaying the place in its exceptional feasible light.

Whenever you do stop the rep may be glued to your side always. They do not need you talking to the natives because they’ll inform you something that you do no longer want to pay attention (i.E. How a lot fee the dealer’s rate/make). The rep will always seat you away from different humans, never at a café with loose papers (other marketers put it up for sale in them) and never near an estate agent window due to the fact continuously they may have the identical homes for sale for notably much less cash! (most houses for sale are on with many agents).

Following finishing touch of your location tour you are returned to the inn at 6 pm, a few 8 half of hours once you have been picked up and knowing that the next couple of hours are your own and that the rep will choose you up at 8 pm for dinner. As a parting shot, the rep will provide you with a warning about “bar stool Johnny’s”. They will let you know to be suspect of every body who processes them within the lodge bar or foyer as they may be a con merchant who will realize that they’re on an inspection trip and could coerce them out of thousands of euros. There can be a modicum of reality on this, but its fundamental purpose is to prevent clients speaking to each other and evaluating reports. One rotten apple can break a barrel….. You might be picked up at 8 pm and taken to a pleasant eating place for a 3 direction meal and wine and taken returned to the hotel at 10:30 pm. You were with you rep for 13 hours.


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Following the sizeable and tiring location excursion, you’ll be hoping for a less complicated day today. Your rep will acquire you once more at 9 am fresh from a debrief with their supervisor in which the plan of attack will have been drawn up. Today is all approximately assets, in the end, that is the 1/3 day you have been in Spain and you have not seen any property but.

There has been a whole lot of notion put into the artwork of displaying residences. The rep will have listened to your alternatives and listened to your opinions when at the region excursion. You popular chit-chat will have been mentioned and the solution to harmless sounding questions at some point of dinner will have been mentioned, analyzed and actioned.

When you arrive at assets you’ll be brought in on a path that suggests the belongings and region to its nice. The display home may be immaculate; it will likely be on a nice huge plot or have wonderful views and will perpetually be the maximum luxurious plot at the site. The display home will have been dressed by way of a designer. Your rep will now take you round room by means of room, telling you what’s protected and what is not, what the charge shape for this particular developer is

You will in no way be shown the pleasant assets first. The first property will regularly be chosen because it does not suit lots of your necessities. You might be asked in your remarks regarding, length, vicinity, perspectives, rooms and many others and asked to attain the assets on an entire out of ten and the area out of ten. If you rating the belongings surprisingly and location poorly we want to have a look at comparable properties in a one of a kind location. If you score the area particularly and assets poorly, we want to search for exclusive properties in the equal region.