Why Steve Ballmer’s Vision Is Right for Microsoft


Moves by way of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to put together for the approaching head-to-head warfare with Apple and Google have provoked a rash of media comment and industry analysis. Most of these had been very critical, of both Microsoft and Ballmer, in my opinion.


Yet few of them show any signs of real strategic evaluation of Microsoft’s function or maybe getting gasped the approaching war’s character. Some analysts have even favored to ‘wait and see,’ though they’re paid to make market predictions. Commentators along with Computer Weekly have decreased Microsoft’s issues to extraordinarily trivial product troubles. Like the Financial Times and Telegraph, others have emphasized what they see as Microsoft’s failure to evolve to changing market situations, together with the current sharp drop in PC sales. None of them has been executed to assess how Microsoft’s modern-day international dominance plays into smartphones’ future evolution and how this may affect the laptop.

The activities in Microsoft’s international are currently being decided by way of four key marketplace forces. They are the effect of the touchscreen era, the takeup of unfastened Cloud offerings together with Skydrive, the security troubles across the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the corporate globe, and its impact cellular working on office practices.

Touchscreen technology

Rob Epstein, Microsoft’s Windows manager in the UK, lately instructed how his company ran a stand at The Gadget Show, showing several conventional PCs and some touchscreen gadgets. It was, he says, the kids who went straight for the touchscreen devices and adults who picked up a mouse. Picking up a mouse is a specially easy addiction to interrupt – all it takes is a touchscreen telephone. It was Apple who first broke the addiction for us, followed by way of Google with Android. In doing this, they were seizing an early position of dominance in smartphones. But they have been unwittingly doing something with even more long-term impact – liberating us from the laptop altogether by using making the traditional start screen redundant.

Anyone who critically makes use of a touch display screen will ‘get’ Windows 8. Anyone who would not (and this seems to encompass a few of the commentators stated in advance) would not get it and joins the howler monkey chorus of those describing Windows eight as a generation failure and Steve Ballmer frontrunner missing imaginative and prescient. The essential factor right here is that – whether they desire it or now not – anyone who uses a virtual device will, inside the near future, discover themselves the use of a touchscreen, simply due to the fact the subsequent tool they purchase could be based on that interface technology. Trying to buy a PC-with-mouse goes to be like attempting to buy a typewriter.


Everyone on the earth buying a telephone or any other screen-primarily based device in destiny could be taking the vital first step to want an extra smart and responsive interface – like the one on their telephone. Crucially, too, they’ll all need the interface on their smartphone to be the same as the interface on their PC, or laptop, and their pocketbook or tablet. One and most effective one mounted technology solutions this demand, and it’s miles referred to as Windows.

Cloud generation

Having found that they want the identical interface on all their virtual devices, customers will take an inevitable second step within the identical route. They will need the entire and on-the-spot synchronization of their apps and statistics files throughout all their devices. We were presently emerging from a brief period when industrial providers tried to monetize cloud synchronization and getting into an era in which cloud offerings are universally available totally free. As an example, Microsoft’s Skydrive currently has 250 million customers (and, incidentally, its Skype subsidiary has 633 million customers, making it the second-biggest social media network after Facebook.)

You should not appear very deeply to find out the reasons for this success. Skydrive and Skype are each unfastened to Windows users and included with Windows devices. Most essential of all, you may set all Windows eight devices to synchronize automatically thru an unmarried account login. The second I kind those words, they may be simultaneous to be had on my pc, my Windows Phone, and my Windows pill. Now, I can walk out my workplace door, board a teach, and keep on writing where I left off on another tool, without taking an unmarried motion. It’s not possible to do this on something but Windows gadgets.

Bring Your Own Device

The 1/3 essential marketplace motive force is the rising exercise of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD). There are many troubles for company IT departments surrounding BYOD practices; however, none extra urgent than company commercial enterprise information’s safety. In the past, massive corporates issued at ease laptops to their senior staff or supplied comfy software program downloads for accepted laptops. Now everyone can get entry to their organization e-mail account on their personal telephone or pill. The trouble for corporates is that some of those gadgets have critical protection troubles.

There is one operating system that is already very acquainted with corporate IT departments, which has been uncovered to every form of security chance and already shaped defense-intensive. That is to be had on every sort of virtual device from cellphone to PC – Windows. Android, in particular, has experienced a few very public screw-ups in the security branch. Bluebox Security CTO Jeff Forristal has lately said, ‘This vulnerability… Ought to affect any Android cellphone launched in the last four years – or almost 900 million gadgets.’ This is 99 consistent with the cent of the Android telephones in use.

Journalists like me have been writing about faraway operating for many years. There had been encouraging early adoption symptoms with many exclusive kinds of benefits both for groups and their body of workers. But now, all the elements for this remote working to emerge as a generic fact have in the end been absolutely incorporated.


At least, they were completely included for users of Windows devices. The overwhelming majority of company users proportion maximum in their data through Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, etc. Office Documents can be, without delay, examine and edited on all Windows 8 gadgets, inclusive of smartphones, due to the fact Office is an imperative part of these gadgets. For many (perhaps maximum) corporates, this could be a no-brainer – once they have a concept it via.

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