Amazon Kindle – Is it Really the New iPod?


The Amazon Kindle appears to be the currently hot “must-have” machine in the marketplace right now. It appears a lot as though the eBook reader is an idea whose time has come – and the Amazon Kindle is undoubtedly the first-rate example of any such device available on the market right now. It is also, and let’s make no bones about it right here, cool.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has been compared to the Apple iPod – which now has a Kindle application that permits you to study kindle books on it – via several enterprise observers. Indeed, going proper back to the original Kindle’s launch in November of 2007, Steven Levy’s Newsweek cover article recommended that the Kindle became the “… iPod of reading”. Two and a half years down the road, evidently drawing parallels between the 2 devices would possibly move some way toward expertise the cutting-edge exceptional success of the Kindle – and possibly even a few insight into what may appear shortly.

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Amazon supremo Jeff Bezos is quoted as announcing, again manner back in 2007, that “This [the Kindle] is not a device, it’s a carrier.” – and that is actually essential to know-how why the Kindle works so nicely in Amazon’s commercial enterprise model. Some criticisms were levied on the Kindle’s excessive charge – it currently retails at $359 for the Kindle 2, barely reduced from the authentic Kindle price of $399. The unique iPod changed into the price at $399 when it was launched – charges have fallen as the product changed into first familiar, and then surpassed thru mainstream to nearly ubiquitous. At the same time, the capability has multiplied.

Apple is, and has been for some time now, synonymous with music downloads and has improved to be had a variety of products to consist of motion pictures, video games, and a bunch of applications for the iPod. Comparably, Amazon is strongly related to books, making the Kindle an excellent product preference. The bigger Kindle DX’s current announcement is noteworthy, not simply because of the numerous technical upgrades that it offers, but because it improves Amazon’s capability to supply newspapers, magazines, and even academic textbooks to its customers.

It might be wrong to discount the technical elements of the Kindle collection of readers completely of direction. Still, plainly, for Amazon, the technology is a method to a stop in preference to the give up itself. In fact, as some distance as e-book reader era goes, Amazon is pretty late to the birthday party. At the same time, you recollect that there have been contenders and the Franklin eBook (no longer being evolved but available from some sources), kicking around considering 1999. Sony has had eBook readers for a while. Several others have already died a demise; others are soldiering on without, currently as a minimum, attracting whatever like the quantity of interest generated via the Kindle.

Amazon Kindle

Another key gain enjoyed through Amazon right now is the 3G wireless generation used to enable Kindle users to download their ebooks in much less than a minute without using a pc or an internet connection – and without being tied into a month-to-month settlement or having to pay a download charge. It’s a tremendous instance of how Amazon has used the generation to offer a perceived gain for their clients.

No month-to-month connection fee and no download prices mean that clients do now not feel tied in or committed to the Amazon carrier, a critical issue thinking about the noticeably excessive ticket price and the modern-day monetary climate. Of route, whilst clients may be capable of buy ebooks some other place to be used with their Kindle, it’s miles still going to be plenty simpler for them to shop for from Amazon’s massive and ever increasing choice of Kindle-friendly books. Amazon is going to see loads of repeat business – just as Apple does with their iTunes keep.

Using the iPod revel in to expect the Kindle’s capacity future, it appears unlikely that the Kindle may have the whole thing in its personal manner. As formerly mentioned, there are already several existing opportunity eBook readers available on the market – the Sony PRS is probably the maximum extensive participant aside from the Kindle right now, but there are others. These will both improve and provide strong opposition for the Kindle or disappear from the market.

Also worth considering is the reality that there are more than a few new readers in improvement. Plastic Logic has a Kindle DX sized reader in improvement, scheduled for launch in 2010. Rumors abound approximately the release of an Apple tablet-based totally pc, suggested being geared toward the space between an iPod Touch and a complete-blown MacBook. It might no longer be too fanciful to imagine that Apple might enlarge their iStore to consist of ebooks just as they elevated it to include motion pictures after the iPhone and iPod Touch discharge.

And it’s now not just more difficult competition based on advanced reader generation that Amazon may also face. In March of 2009, Google and Sony introduced that Google’s massive library of public area e-books could be made to be had free of charge on Sony’s reader. That’s a total of 600,000 titles and is a clear sign that the eBook reader market will be fiercely contested in the future.

At the instant, Amazon is sitting quietly. It has a wide variety of ebooks in its library; it has the wireless era to offer free loose downloads and, maximum vital of all – the Kindle is cool. Whether or no longer it develops right into a ubiquitous iPod type product or now not in the face of what will probably be fierce opposition, most effective time will inform. Amazon has been extra than clever to date, so it seems probable that they’ll be a first-rate player in this emerging marketplace for a long time to come back.

Amazon Kindle

One aspect seems certain; we can all choose to study books, magazines, newspapers, and even textbooks for the usage of transportable virtual readers in the instantaneous future. As a competition, volumes of scale and improvements in era integrate to drive charges down. This will become an increasingly famous desire for lots, possibly even a majority of, readers. The manner we study is set to alternate, in all likelihood quicker than you might imagine.

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