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If you have got read any of my preceding articles, then you already recognize I even have a version of ADD for cellular telephones. It might not be a legit diagnosis, but permit just says I have to change my smartphone’s appearance at the least as soon as a week or extra. If you are getting uninterested in the way your telephone appears, and you don’t want to root, then this next app overview is for you.

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Today’s assessment isn’t always only for an app, but a launcher. ADW Launcher EX to be precise. I plan to now not just provide you with a review, however, an in-depth observe what precisely this launcher does. Launchers are nonetheless new to a huge percentage of Android customers, and some of you’ll be a little irritating to strive one. Ready to take a glance? Let’s move.

What Is a Launcher?

I’m now not going to bore you with technical terms due to the fact, quite frankly, I wouldn’t give a crap approximately the technical stuff, so why would I push it on you? To put it evidently; A launcher is an app that you download that adjustment the way your cell phone looks and operates visually. What does that suggest? It method it does nothing to the change the manner the hardware works. Launchers are supposed to exchange matters visually, so you can customize how your phone looks while it does something. Imagine if you took the complete body off of a Mustang and changed it with a Camaro body. The engine, chassis, wheels and indoors continue to be unchanged, however visually, it is completely new. Now, earlier than you vehicle-junkies go nuts, I realize it’s not possible to put a Camaro frame on a Mustang, and I additionally know it’s whole blasphemy to even recommend it, but I’m seeking to make a point here. The excellent element is you do not ought to root your cellphone to apply this. Just download and move.

Gestures-Set your Home button to carry out a positive mission (other than going to the home screen), set what occurs when you swipe up or down on the home screen. These sincerely come in handy in case you want to get entry to a selected app or act fast. When I use it, I set the “swipe up” motion to open my cell phone dialer, and the “swipe down” motion to open my hidden dock bar.

Here, you may rename the icon or trade the icon’s appearance. By downloading extra themes, you may have extra icon packs which you could use to assign a distinctive icon to a particular app. Just touch the icon on the menu to exchange it. In this menu, you may additionally press the button (named Browser in this situation) to alternate what the icon does. For example, in case you downloaded a custom browser like Skyfire, Opera, or Dolphin Browser, you can press the button to reassign what app opens while you open your browser.

Dock Setup-In the previous screenshots, you’ll be aware that the modern-day (and default) setup is the 3-Icon Dock. You can customize which apps sit on that dock. Maybe you do not need your contacts and browser on the dock. No trouble; Just long press the icon you do want at the dock, drag it to the location on the dock you want it, and then drop it (let move). Drag and drop. Go determine. Someone become truly taking into account “ease of use” while designing this thing.

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What I Like About This App

ADW Launcher EX is one of the exceptional home screen launchers accessible due to its capacity to customize almost everything. You can alternate the advent of virtually anything you want very easily. You do not have to root your phone to make those adjustments either. Once you put ADW as your number one launcher, it does its factor within the history. It does not bother you with commercials, freeze, or crash. The consumer interface is very simple to use and not unusual obligations like transferring or converting icons are commonplace-sense approaches.

What Could Be Better

While subject matters are being created every day, it is regularly difficult to discover many excellent issues at the Android Market. Most of the sub-par topics on the market are loose, and almost all the first-rate themes value $1-$5. This analogy is quite backward to many apps available on the market. Personally, I could as a substitute pay up to $20 for the launcher and feature get admission to all the fantastic subject matters without spending a dime, however, that’s just me.


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While there is more than one launcher available on the Android Market, I consider that ADW is one of the quality out there. Thanks to apps like ADW Launcher, your phone subsequently can experience like it ought to have right out of the container. The capacity to be downloaded and applied right away is fine, and it gives the person the functionality to have a brand new-feeling telephone every day. In a rustic in which two-year contracts are the norm, giving your telephone a clean look as often as you like is a huge help.

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