5 Great Ideas For Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign


1. Customers love Text contests, and your cell database will too

Text Contests (additionally typically known as textual content to win) is a kind of competition where your target audience participates in a competition or sweepstakes for a prize by sending a text message via their cellular phone to an SMS quick code. It is the easiest way for consumers to go into a contest. Access is fast, immediately, and confirmations are immediate; that’s why textual content messaging presents the highest entry rate out of any marketing channel. The exceptional factor about textual content to win campaigns is building purchaser hype and exhilaration whilst constructing your database to market to in the destiny.

Announcing a textual content to win campaign can assist convey customers in save, get them shopping your product, and most significantly get them attractive without delay with your logo. Text contest campaigns are top-notch for the phrase of mouth publicity and maybe promoted throughout your complete range of advertising and marketing media to construct hype and exhilaration. There are 3 keys to achievement with textual content message contests; have an appealing prize for your audience, correct advertising in consumer site visitors spots, and a simple mobile access mechanic. An attractive prize oughtn’t to be massive in price, just applicable to your customers.

Restaurant chain Hooters have successfully used textual content to win to develop their famous Hooters Mobile Club, which currently stands at over 50,000 members. The textual content to win marketing campaign featured in save signs and symptoms encouraging clients to textual content the keyword POOL to a brief code for danger to win a journey to a special Hooters branded occasion – the Hooters Super Pool Party in Miami’s South Beach. All competition entrants have become a part of the Hooters Mobile Club and receive ongoing cell alerts, coupons, and unique offers.

2. Mobile Club’s are a triumphing strategy for shops

Text Clubs (additionally called Mobile Clubs) are a remarkable way to seize purchaser relationships and target your maximum valued customers with exceptional gives and communications. It may be as easy as consumers opting-in to acquire ongoing textual content message signals on their cellular telephone, containing a range of various mobile advertising and marketing strategies, which includes regular indicators about new merchandise, income, and sell coupons for in-store redemption.


In particular, retail shops have an opportunity to construct a text membership database from their foot traffic and discover greater about the individual clients who walk into their shop and what they think about their services and products. Athletic shoe store Foot Locker runs a successful Mobile Club where VIP members receive early records on new products, together with information about occasions and special offers. VIP individuals can pick to manipulate and customize the information at the brands they decide upon so the club is personalized and applicable to each member. If you are a retailer Texts, Clubs can be a first-rate manner to maintain contact with your customers and ensure all and sundry is effortlessly informed of what’s occurring in-keep.

3. In-Store or In-stadium mobile marketing with Text to Screen and Text interplay

In-stadium and event cellular advertising is an extraordinary way to connect with purchasers in a non-public and a laughing manner. Whether you are a wearing crew engaging fans at a big sport or set on a stay event for some people, event mobile marketing gives many interactive alternatives, including Text to Screen, SMS Voting, and Text Trivia. Text to Screen is an era that permits cell smartphone users to ship a text message to a quick code and features their messages displayed on a screen, big or small. Why now not get attendees to textual content messages of aid to the big display screen for every person to see at your subsequent stadium occasion? Or conduct SMS vote casting with live results displayed in actual time? Alternatively, you may run a trivia sport to get attendees interacting with you at some point in the event. The opportunities for interaction are countless.

Many wearing teams, along with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders, use cell advertising and marketing to engage enthusiasts at their video games via several SMS advertising and marketing, which includes Text to Screen, SMS Voting, and Text Trivia. Fans at the games are endorsed to text to a brief code to vote in polls, show messages on the display screen, and play in-stadium trivialities games. The groups also use their new listing of enthusiasts after each recreation for their cellular database to keep supporters updated on upcoming video games, scores, and events.

In-stadium mobile marketing is likewise terrific for big stadium concert events. The 2009 Keith Urban ‘Escape Together’ global excursion noticed over 500,000 attendees take part in SMS sweepstakes, with almost one 0.33 opting into the Keith Urban fanlisting to receive ongoing updates. Similarly, In-save engagement works well in any wide variety of environments where there is a captive customer audience; restaurants, nightclubs, and retail stores are examples wherein organizations can offer the capability to text message in a pleasing way.

4. SMS indicators can preserve clients updated on records and reduce expenses for you

Text message alerts (additionally called SMS signals) are a high-quality manner to engage with clients with applicable records, maintaining your brand top of thoughts. Text messages paintings for a selection of functions – telling customers about a terrific new product, new sales, or bursts of news to keep customers informed approximately an area of the hobby. SMS signals can be used on their very own or as a part of a larger Mobile Club application. Bogus Basin Snow Resort in Idaho is an instance of using text message alerts to expand a notable records service for clients. The lodge keeps neighborhood ski enthusiasts aware of the conditions up at the hill, enabling them to force attention and business whenever there’s new snow or exquisite conditions worth talking about approximately. This form of ordinary reinforcement and fee upload helps maintain Bogus Basin top of mind over its competitors.

5. Text vote casting and SMS feedback can bring you actual-time facts


Text balloting may be a top-notch manner to interact with purchasers in the retail surroundings and additionally provide you with beneficial comments on products or even the store revel in. As retail environments increasingly turn out to be extra interactive, mobile marketing is the natural subsequent step for entire patron interaction. Consumers convey their phones with them practically 24/7, so interacting with them in the retail environment is as clean as tapping into their cellular tool. Department shop Bloomingdale’s engaged customers in-store via text balloting in an in-keep video installation coincide with the 2009 fall style season. A series of films shot and produced in New York has been proven in all Bloomingdale stores and on the Bloomingdales website. Consumers have been invited to vote for their favored film thru textual content, adding a further detail of patron interaction to the in save display. The campaign allowed immediate interplay in-shop and gave Bloomingdales a mobile database for future marketing. If you’re striving to make your retail surroundings more interactive, why not introduce cell marketing to the mix? Mobile advertising and marketing may be used to increase patron interplay inside a retail space or even alert clients to big offers in-store – proper when they are on the very last point of sale.

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