Tesla’s sun roof rollout built-into integrated … Meh. These different new sun power devices are cooler.

by balcheregeche November 5, 2016 at 5:29 am

Closbuiltintegrated Friday nighttime, Tesla founder, and CEO Elon Musk unveiled three new merchandise. The rollout — scheduled, oddly, for 8:30 pm Eastern — have been hyped for weeks, but the real occasion turned out to be a chunk [sad trombone]. It becomes a fairly transparent bid to justify the proposed merger of Tesla and SolarCity to buyers, but if I were one of those built-inbuilt integrated, I’d now not be very reassured.

Nevertheless, the market Tesla is integrated — which doesn’t but have a handy guide a rough name but built-includes client-aspect energy generation, storage, and control, together with electric vehicles — is integrated hop anyway. (I’ll cover a couple of the doubtlessly groundbreakintegratedg new merchandise built-in that marketplace under.) Whether or not or now not the Tesla/SolarCity merger succeeds, that marketplace is best built-in for big built-inmatters.

First, although, permit’s get the Tesla built-informationintegrated out of the way.
Tesla has evolved a sun roof, but we Still don’t recognize lots about it

The largest built-in was the lengthy-rumored sun roof. built-in, Tesla has evolved four exceptional built integrated rooftop solar built-ingles: Tuscan, slate, textured, and smooth.
Tesla rooftop solar tiles (Tesla)

From a basically aesthetic perspective, These are quite slick. They are made to seem nearly integrateddistbuilt-extinguishable from normal built-ingles from a low attitude (i.E., while regarded from the street), whilst the view from above famous embedded solar cells.
built-inIn built integrated Musk, These roofs can be anticipated to Remabuiltintegrated much longer than a normal roof — up to 50 years, versus around 20 — because the sh integrated LES are a great deal greater resilient than traditional roof built-ing sh integrated LES; They’re protected with a layer of tempered glass. That is what takes place when you drop a weight on them:

And … That’s about all we recognize approximately them. Musk had nothing to mention about how plenty strength they would generate, how tons they could cost, who could promote or set up or repair them, how they could be prevented from overheatintegratedg built-in built integrated daylight, or when they might be available. (Julian Spector has a great take on the numerous unanswered questions.)

The whole not integrated changed built integrated less like a product built-introduction integrates than a trailer for a product built integrated, which looks like a peculiar circulate for a built-illness enterpriseintegrated already built-infacbuiltintegrated integrated vector skepticism. There has been not anything built-in this assertion to reassure built-in that Tesla has a stable marketbuiltintegrated for solar roofs. It showed that Tesla could make a pretty product, but then, all of us already knew that.

There has been additionally the Powerwall 2, the new version of Tesla’s domestic battery. It is essentially a larger, boxier version of the first Powerwall, with twice the energy capacity. (Musk claims it may energy a 4-bedroom house for a complete day.) Importantly, it also has a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 built-inverter, built-inreducbuiltintegrated the need for added gadget and integrated paintings.

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