Tips to Buy Electrical Converter for Travel


Travelers, to make sure that they are not bored in the long flight, always carry their essential electronic devices. Electronics are imperative so that the camera, iPod and the mobile phone remains charged all the time.

Furthermore, when one travels abroad, using electronic things becomes challenging because of foreign voltage and sockets. In such a case, a travel converter is a blessing and takes the least space in your luggage.

But the question is how to choose an ideal converter. To know, read the tips given below.

  1. Enough Wattage – Checking the watt output of the converter is very crucial. If you connect your 90 watt laptop to a 50 watt converter, then it will stop after a few minutes. And if you don’t want to face such an unwanted headache, it is suggested to check the watts of the travel converter before buying. Make sure that it is compatible with all your gadgets. Consider the gadget which eats most of the watts, and then buy the converter according to it. In this way, it will work with other devices too.
  2. Shop before departing – It will be cheaper and convenient for you if you purchase the electrical converter before leaving. In your home town, you know where the shops are and where you can get low-priced electronics. Thus, you can get the one at a reasonable price. But once you have reached the destination, you don’t know anything about the market, and you may have to spend more money. Also, don’t buy from the airport as you will get a high priced converter over there. According to a travel guide, one must purchase an electrical converter before leaving to have a hassle-free journey.

It will be even more convenient if you purchase a travel converter online. You can easily compare the prices and features before buying while sitting at home only.


  1. Consider foreign outlets – You have to be very careful while buying the converter. If you have a three-prong British socket adapter, then buying a converter that fits the two-pin socket is of little or no use. Know beforehand about what kind of sockets you will in the country that you will be visiting. Also, learn about the standard voltage of that country. These may sound as little things but are of utter importance if you travel often.
  2. Streamline your gadgets – All your electrical needs can be consolidated by having the right electronics and a universal socket adapter. Most of the electronic items these days come with AC adapters that can convert 220 volts to 110 volts. But it is recommended to cross-check once.

If you are looking for a high-quality travel converter then you can but the one from EuroPlugs. They also have universal adaptors to make your trip hassle-free.