Six Business Technologies That Don’t Work


Decades because of the advent of personal computing, there are nevertheless too many business technologies that do not work. Oh, the hardware and software program corporations will inform you that they do. But they still don’t get it. For instance, go to Microsoft’s aid web page and type in “Microsoft Word Error” (omit the prices). I did this and was given 2,380,000 results. Is this indicative of something working?

Business Technologies

Of route, I’m not absolutely fair. Many of those consequences pass back in time. Most are minor issues or can be due to my blend of search keywords. And, except for Windows Vista, Microsoft is a good business enterprise that makes suitable merchandise. All I know is thank God they do not construct airplanes. The problem is that humans in the technology business seem to have a distinct definition of while something “works.” To me whilst something works, it works all of the time.

For example, we’re possibly the best own family in my county that does not own a virtual TV. We have a huge Zenith inside the residing room that I sold greater than ten years ago, and it’s…Quality. Yes, I’m a cheapskate. But the element works! And, do I really want to see a close-up of Kirstie Alley dancing the Flamenco? The equal is going for my refrigerator. It’s by no means failed me. Neither has any of the lamps in my house. Or my indoor plumbing. Or the smartphone. Or an episode of Seinfeld. Or a Whopper from Burger King. These matters may be counted on to paintings for me whenever I want them.

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I want, I ought to say, the equal for my Tivo, which nevertheless can not seem to file the right channel all of the time. Or my satellite carrier from Sirius, which always appears to move blank at the precise moment when Howard is ready to mention something funny. But these are annoyances. What’s greater than an annoyance is that while the generation that I’m using to run my commercial enterprise isn’t reliable or regular. In other phrases: whilst it would not work. And, in at least six instances, this is occurring too regularly.

The Cloud. For example, cloud packages can be fantastic. However, the cloud continues to be not a working platform for lots of companies, each large and small. We have a few clients who’ve outsourced their internal computers to corporations that provide them with a controlled cloud-based carrier. It’s “OK,” says one patron who failed to want to be named in this column. Just OK. That’s due to the fact normally; the performance is sluggish. It depends on the speed of the net where people are, and the time of day they’re trying to get something finished. Integrating programs through the layers of permissions has been difficult. There were a couple of times where services went down. In all instances, these customers muddled thru the difficulty. But nobody’s running quicker because of it.

Business Technologies

Security and reliability inside the cloud nonetheless do not work. Not while our largest, maximum “depended on” groups like Google, Sony and Amazon are dropping loads of thousands of emails, misplacing personal protection records, or going dark for hours and hours. Why do you believe you studied most agencies, particularly within the monetary services and healthcare industries, are not strolling to the cloud? It’s because they’ve extraordinarily touchy information, and they are required, via law, to hold it that manner. Sure, cloud packages have loads of ability. The future for this technology seems vivid. My organization sells a few of those. And in positive instances, those answers are the first-rate alternative for many agencies. But if you’ve were given an undertaking essential, pretty touchy machine which you depend on to run your business, you’re now not shifting it to the cloud but. That’s because the cloud nonetheless does not paintings.

IE9. I make an apology if it looks like I’m picking on Microsoft here. But Internet Explorer nine would not paintings either. I need to recognize. I upgraded to Microsoft’s new browser approximately 3 weeks in the past. And two days when I upgraded, I had to download Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Why? Because many websites weren’t operating well with my new and progressed IE9. For instance, the very blog that I’m now writing cannot be uploaded via Forbes’ running blog tools like I may want to once I changed into the usage of a preceding version of Internet Explorer. Is this Forbes’ fault? Are these a few kinds of configuration issues? I don’t know. Forbes uses WordPress, the famous blogging platform. Certain snapshots on different websites aren’t performing successfully, if in any respect. Is this happening all the time? Of course not. For the most part, I’m browsing excellent usage of IE9. But I’m running into the display and overall performance issues that I shouldn’t be dealing with in this late age of net browsers.

Google’s Apps. Does anyone get this one? I use Google Voice, and plainly, when I get about fifty voicemail messages, I can now not call in and retrieve them in order of after they were received. So that doesn’t work. My BlackBerry’s Google Maps is slow as molasses and, on occasion, would not provide me the right function I need, so I need to print out MapQuest instructions nonetheless when I go on the road. So that does not work. Also, am I the handiest business owner who hasn’t figured out how to use AdWords efficaciously? I understand I’m no longer the brightest bulb inside the bunch. However, I’ve attempted every keyword combination within the world and nevertheless cannot locate my company everywhere whilst looking, even though my balance of dollars gets depleted inexplicably. I’ve spent too much money and time looking to get this to paintings for me and give up. Fail.

Skype Video. Skype Video does not paintings for me either. Ever seen what I seem to like in my undies? It ain’t pretty. Just ask any quantity of my youngsters’ friends who have seen this disturbing image of me within the historical past (and in crystal readability) simultaneously as video-chatting on their MacBooks. My son also video-chats on his iPhone. The nice is extremely good. The overall performance is amazing. I’m a Windows man, and darn it; I want to video chat with my clients too. So I do that with the use of Skype. And the result is…Meh. The image is grainy. The performance is horrible…Stilted, gradual, uneven. I’ve tried this from many different places and with some of one of a kind humans. And the consequences are usually equal. Skype video is inferior to Apple’s video-chatting. Maybe I want to pay to apply for a higher video service for my business. But why? Apple’s video chatting is unfastened.

Printing. Amazingly, maximum workplace printers do not work both. My customers grumble approximately them all of the time. Those new “wireless” printers mysteriously disappear from the network best to surprisingly re-appear mins later. Where do they move? Even printers that are hard-wired to a server sometimes go AWOL for unknown motives. Anyone who receives the “printer can’t be located” message knows what I’m speaking about. We’re all used to rebooting servers and printers to clean out the print spool due to the fact, for reasons unexplained, one million print jobs get queued up and cannot be done. Paper still receives jammed, much like we are nonetheless in an episode of Mad Men. And whilst those issues occur, the printers’ mistakes dealing with tactics in no way seem to recognize the way to cope with the mistake, resulting in lacking pages or incomplete jobs. We are given inferior printer generation like we receive rush hour visitors and Piers Morgan. A necessary evil.

Business Technologies

Sure, a few providers consist of lots of news with their products. But God forbid if an organization desires to create their very own file. Or customize a present document. Or want to access information remotely from their cell tool. Or need to give their clients the ability to retrieve order statistics once they want. This may be performed. However, it almost usually requires dark magic. And the use of outside consultants. Maybe the product’s inner reporting gear may be jiggered. Or perhaps a 3rd celebration reporting tool (like SAP’s Crystal Reports) needs to be deployed. In any case, it’s not smooth. It’s high priced. And the minute something changes, like an, improve or a new reporting call for, everything breaks down. Reporting era remains a thriller for maximum small corporations. The simple data is retrievable. But the critical evaluation, customized for the agency’s most efficient use, is not. This stuff still does not paintings.

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