One hundred and one Tips to Help Your Blog to Win a Popularity Contest!


Your very own website: It’s OK to the weblog on different forums and websites, however you should personal your website online for first-rate results.
Choose a blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, or any other that meets your wishes.
Why are you writing? Have a precise or venture assertion.
Have contact information and a contact form if readers would love to get in contact with you.
Your weblog has to have a professional picture, but it ought to also reflect your persona.Tips
Have a bio and publish your photograph so your readers realize who you are and in which you return from, professional and in my opinion.
Set up Google alerts to peer what humans are saying approximately you, your weblog, or something associated with your subject matter.
Proofread spelling and grammar.
Format your weblog so it is pretty and clean to examine.
Include an exceptional submit listing so readers can without problems discover your featured articles.
Connect with readers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
Write constantly and frequently.
Post three-5 instances every week, mainly when your weblog is new.
Write a series on a subject.
Take a poll or ask questions to involve readers.
Have a competition or giveaway to draw interest and to get readers to share their contact statistics.
Respond to comments. Get to understand your readers by beginning conversations.
Cite your sources for tale notion. Those resources will thanks.
Interview different bloggers or enterprise professionals.
Target content material in the direction of folks who unfold it, human beings with massive social media networks.
Reward those who share your content material by way of thanking them publicly.
Choose a subject your target readers relate to.
Quality writing offers you credibility and conveys professionalism.
Use illustrations and pix.
Write about debatable topics that beg for a reaction.
Use bullet points.
People like numbered lists.
Use subtitles so readers can skip to topics of interest.
Write brief paragraphs.
Write a how-to article.
Make lists of pinnacle bloggers and they may likely want to hyperlink to you.
If you’ve written an extremely good put up spread the phrase in your private community.
Understand that you can not make something pass viral.
Have “blockbuster” posts on occasion, however, fill your blog with normal, simple posts maximum of the time.
Do your very own research.
Get creative and exciting.
Use motion pictures.
Engage your readers so they may tell their friends.
Have a listing of links to other related blogs. It’s correct records for your readers and flattering for those bloggers.
Submit articles to other websites as an enterprise expert.
Attract readers first. Sell to them most effective when they accept as true with you.
Do your readers grow to be customers? Use a name to movement on your posts.
Write compelling headlines.
Worry extra about your content material than your records. It takes the time to construct a reader base.
Write whilst you think about precise subjects. If you watched a number of ideas right now you can publish them later.
Read other successful blogs and word what makes them a success.
Use RSS to keep up on these blogs.
Write about famous and up-and-coming topics. No one desires the day before today’s information.
Use humor to make your blog fun to examine.
Link to different blog posts you believe and those you disagree with.
Choose an amazing domain call.
Link on your most popular posts on your sidebar.
Link to associated antique posts on your new posts.
Make sure the web page identify for each put up is precise and descriptive.
Make sure your goal keyword is in a heading tag inside the HTML code.
Participate in boards with a link in your weblog in your signature.
Use an XML sitemap.
Research popular keyphrases. Don’t expect you understand the quality key phrases.
Have precise titles with keywords, that are simple, talk the topic, and seize attention.
Choose one keyphrase for each post.
Use the keyphrase within the title.
Use the keyphrase in the first sentence.
Make the first instance of the keyphrase bold.
Use the keyphrase in every paragraph.
Link the keyphrase to a relevant internet site.
Make sure the repeated use of this key phrase doesn’t sound “spammy.”
Don’t keyword “stuff.” Both ships and people will know what you’re up to.
Create specific meta descriptions and keywords for every put up with 50% related to your website subject matter and 50% associated with that blog post.
Create unique tags, once more with 50% associated with the website and 50% associated with that post.
Create and use relevant categories.
Optimize your URLs with a permalink.
Keep your URL quick so it’s smooth to remember, copy and paste, hyperlink to, tweet, and percentage.
Publish a press launch.
Write a link bait post so human beings will want to link to you. It can be humorous, controversial, loose, interesting, or something you need.
Make certain old hyperlinks nonetheless work.
Get a.Edu hyperlink via getting worried with a college.
Get a link from a government (.Gov) website on every occasion feasible.
Exchange links with associated excessive-ranking bloggers.
Write approximately or hyperlink to other businesses so they link to you.
Submit a visitor article on any other blog and hyperlink lower back to yours.
Submit your weblog to directories like Yahoo and DMOZ.
Embed a sharing device to make it clean for readers to submit it on social media sites like ShareThis.
Have other humans promote your blog on social media websites or do it yourself.
Submit to weblog directories to your area of interest.
Submit your weblog to Technorati.
Post to StumbleUpon.
Submit weblog posts to Digg.
Share your weblog link on Reddit.
Share your weblog along with your fans on Twitter.
Post it on your Facebook web page.
Have a hyperlink on your blog for your LinkedIn profile.
Submit you submit to EzineArticles.
Have an RSS button for readers to subscribe to your weblog.
Allow readers to e-mail your article to their pals.
Use ShareThis reporting and analytics to look where human beings are sharing your put up.
Titles are vital for readers and engines like google.
Add photos to make your blog interesting and use “alt” tags to call your
Choose up to fifteen categories with sturdy keywords.
Build relationships with other bloggers and experts for your industry: proportion news, advice, readers.
Track analytics: Use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster equipment, or Get Clicky totally free.
Every blog and each blogger are specific. Use the tips you experience and that paintings nice for you.
Some of those ideas are my own, but I used some resources of suggestion to help me: Searching Solutions, Ajax Union, SEOmoz, Page One, and The Real Estate Tomato.

Karen Schneider