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Technology Parks have efficiently differentiated their property advertising by customizing their offerings and infrastructure to fulfill their tenants’ needs, who generally encompass tech groups. A survey was performed using AGIT Consulting but has been achieved on diverse era parks around the arena to determine the effectiveness of its Internet offerings, which includes services of broadband, IPTV, wi-fi community, and such. What became manifestly clear turned into that tenant of era parks from Ireland, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India aren’t too overly glad about the carrier offerings in their parks. In reality, besides some tech parks, Internet offerings stay tons the same as outside the park. This survey aims to focus on the management of generation parks and capacity investors who may bear in mind finding Technology Parks.


Science Technology Parks (STPs) have mushroomed all over the international because the 1950s began with the primary status quo in Silicon Valley at the University of Stanford. Initially, the purpose of developing STP became to generate income. Today but, Technology Parks are taken into consideration as a critical tool for financial development. Such a device is even more needed in a country, including Malaysia, whose economy is entering a degree of transformation from Agricultural and Manufacturing based on one that is an understanding pushed.

The last objective could be the focal point of this record. Various STPs have declared that the services and centers, i.e., the infrastructure, provided by way of their parks, are of excessive best if no longer of global elegance. Such are the claims made through STPs from Edinburgh Technopole, Northern Ireland Science Park, and numerous others. The definition of excellent need suggests that the bodily infrastructure furnished through the STPs meets its clients’ requirement or, in this situation, the tenants in the park who includes Multinationals and small-medium organizations, each local and worldwide. This record aims to evaluate whether some of the Technology Parks’ bodily infrastructure are of excessive nice. One way of gauging this is by measuring the fulfillment of the Technology Parks itself, which includes the variety of tenants it generates compared to its desires. However, this proposal will serve as a substitute behavior research to verify whether or not the bodily infrastructure furnished has sufficiently met its tenants’ necessities through a survey. From the survey, the proof will also be accrued as to whether such infrastructure, particularly the net services, which may also encompass dial-up, broadband, wireless, and added cost together with IPTV, contributed to us a’s monetary improvement and growth.

Result of Study

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Based on the result of the take a look at with the assistance of a marketplace studies enterprise, namely AGIT Consulting, the precis of the findings is as follows: 70% of tenants in Irish Blanchardstown Tech Park are satisfied Internet services in trendy. While in Singapore with turned into sixty-three % and in Malaysia, it changed into 60%. The international locations’ relaxation scored poorly, with Thailand at 35% and India, Thailand, and UAE at 10 and 15%. The predominant purpose of dissatisfaction in Ireland is the high fee of Internet and broadband in popular. As one tenant illustrated, there has been no difference among the Internet usage within or out of doors the park. Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore mentioned that price and provider efficiency as the principal hassle even as in the United Arab Emirates, tenants have been extra dissatisfied with the constrained wide variety of Internet Service Providers available to choose from. In India but, the principle


Malaysia’s tenant in Cyberjaya believes that the extra carrier vendors to be had entirely for Cyberjaya and the wide variety of unfastened wi-fi LAN service to be had been the principal proper points for the Internet offerings inside the park. In India, tenants of ITPL look positively on the Internet services in terms of its fee.

Most tenants recollect Internet services as greater critical than the Transportation and utilities that might be supplied within their park besides tenants in Ireland, where sixty-two % consider energy and water supply more vital. However, all tenants regard because the region of the park and the services to be the maximum vital difficulty when residing inside the park.

Although IPTV has already made its front across the world, all the tenants surveyed have not begun to witness such a provider in their Park. WiMAX that’s already to be had for some of the parks become additionally not referred to because of the preferred use for Internet access. The broadband pace and rate are considered the vital element whilst selecting their Internet Service Providers instead of the emblem or customer service of the ISP. In Malaysia, TMnet is the desired broadband service but, maximum tenants are eager to enroll in its competitor P1 who deploys WiMAX. Most subscribers of tenants throughout the nation opt for the USA’s major broadband carrier carriers.


Others someday mention technology Parks as Research Parks, Technopole, Technology Precinct, and diverse others. For the cause of this record, STP is described following the definition given by the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), which virtually said that “Science and Technology Parks is the right habitats for groups and establishments of the worldwide understanding financial system. Science & Technology Parks promotes the financial improvement and competitiveness of regions and towns through:

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