One of the most important safety components in a car is windshields. To install a new windshield in your car, you need to find someone who is sufficiently skilled and experienced and knows what they’re doing. A properly installed windshield not only provides structural support to the car’s roof but also the functionality of the airbags in your car. The safety of your vehicle lies on the windshield and therefore, also depends on the person who is installing the windshield. Therefore, who you hire becomes an important decision because windshields are clearly one of the most important safety issues on a vehicle.

If you need to hire a windshield expert, you need to follow certain tips for making sure that you hire a reputable and skilled windshield technician.


You need to check the accreditations of the particular windshield technician before hiring them. You can get some reviews regarding windshield installers in magazine and online site that gives recommendations on proper installations. You can also ask your near and dear ones to get some suggestions and reviews regarding skilled windshield installers. Windshield installation requires special skills and training in using the right type of adhesive and applying it correctly. The sturdiness and life of the windshield depends on these factors and thus, the process of choosing the windshield technician cannot be rushed.


One of the most critical components to a windshield replacement is allowing enough time for the installation and for the adhesive to dry. The strength of the windshield depends on it and you cannot take any risk with that. While some companies might boast to complete as many installations as possible in a day, know that installing a windshield in about half an hour is likely to cause more cases of future repairs. A proper windshield installation takes about an hour, followed by another hour to allow the adhesive to dry. Do not rush the windshield technician to complete the process quickly as it will only cause trouble for you later.


It is easier for a windshield technician to do the job in his own shop than out in the field. Meet the mechanic in their shop and discuss about where the mechanic wants to carry out the job. Understand the need of the windshield technician so that they can understand yours. It is always harder to work in the sun or the freezing cold than in the technician’s own shop, where not only is he comfortable but is also at close proximity to all his tools. So, do not hesitate to leave your car to the mechanic’s shop.


To make sure that the company you hire is highly reputable, you need to do some research. Checking online reviews from various sites can prove to be helpful. You can also go to the website of the windshield technicians you have shortlisted and check their customer reviews then and there to get an insight into the quality of service that they provide.