How Technology Has Revolutionized Money-Making in Africa

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There is no subject matter that hobbies me more than the topic of earning profits and narrowing it down even similarly there’s no specific subject inside the method of earning profits that jazzes me greater than using widely available era. And I am not speak hi-tech right here. I simply suggest easy generation like the cellular smartphone, email and stuff like that.

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Why does this hobby me so much? Because I trust there are large possibilities to make tons of cash from enterprise for folks who make use of generation to do things that had been formerly not possible to do. This article explains all that during very simple language and I, in reality, give you sensible reviews from my very own life.

I began out in the very low tech simple traditional business of printing. I used to make some excellent cash printing letter heads, commercial enterprise playing cards and so forth for numerous clients big and small. Then computers came and became the whole industry the wrong way up. The laptop made the office paperless and consequently in need of much much less stationary. Clients who required 5000 letterheads now tool 500 for the whole year and just communicated the use of email and even sms messages. To make matters worse computers and mobile phones invaded the market at about the identical time that cleanly available loans came so almost all of us who got a loan in Nairobi bought a printing press. The result turned into that we ended up having too many printing machines around at a time whilst the marketplace for printing jobs was shrinking unexpectedly. To reduce an extended tale quick I was given into critical economic problems and I turned into auctioned and misplaced all my furnishings and electronics in the house and everything inside the workplace (along with ironically a pc I hadn’t even finished paying for).

Then in the future, an old friend organized for me to get a pretty moneymaking printing task from a customer in South Sudan. He customer despatched me the artwork from Juba as an attachment to an e-mail. And then he stressed out me the cash. When I changed into finished with the activity I took it to Wilson Airport in which it becomes flown out. I ended up with some quite desirable cash that gave me a touch respite from the enormous monetary pressure I changed into going thru at the time. I sat down and reviewed the function of an era in allowing me to serve a patron who became thus far away with out leaving Nairobi. I asked myself questions like “Could I get more clients in South Sudan whilst I became in Nairobi? That manner I could now not be bogged down through the crowded and but shrinking market for offset printing in Nairobi.

My thoughts quick zeroed in on technology as a device to help me make money in increasingly more hostile enterprise surroundings. I actually have by no means looked again due to the fact.

To cut to the chase I ended up getting a very good task in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania where I am currently based. When I went there for the primary time I was naïve and I thought I would hit that below-advanced marketplace with all forms of products and services and end up a millionaire in a single day. But unluckily, it was in no way to be. I changed into speedy delivered again to fact whilst even my Tanzanian employers ran into severe problems trying to get me a work allow to paintings in that united states of America.

To be sincere I lost pretty a chunk of money trusting locals to behave as my the front as I attempted all sorts of corporations which failed one after the alternative. My spouse got virtually disenchanted approximately my continued “investments” into coins draining disasters and mentioned that the cash I had lost would have been enough to buy a massive high plot in Athi River or Kitengela. It without a doubt angered me when she said this. Especially as it became actual.

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Then it dawned on me that I did now not need to battle in the Tanzanian marketplace which I failed to know very well after I could use generation to do business in Kenya while I was nevertheless employed in Tanzania. It changed into not easy cruising to what I have nowadays however subsequently I was given to set up something that works like an appeal.

I even have two agencies that do extraordinarily well. I promote vehicles in Nairobi and Mombasa as a middleman. I advertise my vehicles the use of the noticeboards at Sarit Centre in Nairobi and another one at Nakumatt in Mombasa. I do my shade poster for the motors on my PC at domestic after which I used to print out the posters and bodily send them through Akamba bus from Dar all of the manners to Nairobi and Mombasa where they could be picked up and positioned up at the respective be aware forums for me to start receiving enquiries. The whole exercise could price me approximately four,000 bob. But in recent times generation has made it even simpler and much inexpensive. I use a new blog website in which I hire anyone in Nairobi and any other in Mombasa to acquire my posters as a pdf attachment in their e-mail. They then print them out and placed them up at Sarit Centre and Nakumatt Nyali respectively. I pay them only Kshs one hundred shillings every for this simple errand. I try this thru the website which means that they don’t receive a commission till they have done the undertaking successfully. I commonly ship them the cash thru Mpesa to the innovatively simple web page. I use this guy in Dar who travels with buses every other day to Mombasa and back and I deliver him the cash in Tanzania shillings and he deposits Mpesa in Kenya shillings and sends the cash to the recipient whilst he is in Kenya.

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To verify that the paintings are accomplished, I simply call a chum in Westlands and ask him to move for lunch at Sarit Centre and test in the event that they see my poster. I do a comparable factor with the Mombasa poster. I ought to easily use the same website to hire somebody else at a hundred bob to go and check and confirm that the posters were out up, however, I wager I want to save 100. The cellular cellphone advertised is my personal one (which matches in Tanzania) When clients name I tell them as an awful lot as I can approximately the auto and then direct them where to view it. I work with approximately 3 extraordinary principal automobile importers in Mombasa. When they purchase the car the dealers really deposit the funds in my KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank account) and I can then get entry to the price range through an ATM in Dar-es-salaam. Whenever my contacts get new cars in Mombasa they post them to their websites and I actually download them from there and create my sales poster. Simple however it really works.

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