My Tips for Building a Custom WordPress Website


There’s no getting around it since it became funded in 2003, WordPress has become the overwhelming favorite platform for building CMS web sites. In reality, WordPress is now the largest self-hosted running blogging device inside the world, used on thousands and thousands of sites and seen by tens of tens of millions of human beings each day. So why is WordPress so famous? There are numerous key motives.

1. It’s unfastened
2. It’s completely open-source three
. It’s honest to apply
4. It’s extremely nicely supported

Now you may argue there are other CMS systems obtainable that offer those equal features, and you would be absolutely right. WordPress, however, genuinely does it better and on a larger scale. There are countless custom issues, plugins, and widgets to be had for WordPress that add as much as a countless variety of styling and capability combinations. This makes WordPress simple to use for starting in web site design and presenting the strength and customization to seasoned professionals.


Having used WordPress for numerous years now, I’ve learned a few essential suggestions and hints, which I constantly talk to whenever I begin a brand new construct, and I’d want to percentage a number of these with you. Hopefully, they may be as beneficial to you as they have been to me.

1. Functionality over fashion –

Custom topics are one of the motives WordPress has to end up so popular; web sites which include ThemeForest.The Internet provides heaps to select from with new subject matters introduced every day. You may have a beneficial, neat searching cellular-pleasant subject matter from as low as £15, but it can pay to do your studies.

Before you start any design paintings or purchase any subject matter, make a plan of what capabilities you, or your client, want the site to have. Will it require e-commerce talents? Does it want to guide an older browser like IE7? Will it need to be responsive for mobiles and tablets? Only as soon as you’ve got these statistics can you begin to work on the layout? Too frequently, people purchase a theme or start designing based totally merely on the website’s appearance online, most effective to end up wasting time and money when it does not offer the required capability.

2. Do your research –

You’ve visible a custom WordPress subject matter you’d like to apply. The description says it is responsive, works on older browsers, is far nicely documented and supported, and is one hundred% malicious program unfastened. So you purchase it.


Always studies any theme or plugin you’re trying to use before you buy or install it. A stay demo of a subject is the least you could count on; on occasion; it’s miles feasible to see examples of customer sites where this theme has been used. If you have any questions or concerns, ask them, either immediately to the developer or through any to be had comments sections or boards. Read remarks and remarks from others, did they get an answer to their question? How long did it take to get a response? Was it an answer they had been glad about? Chances are if a developer is quiet or tries to circumvent a query, there is a good motive why.

Use different tools to your benefit; if the developer says it’s responsive, then find out. There are loose websites that let you check how responsive a website indeed is responsive. Is simply one example. It just isn’t sensible to test a website on each device and browser, so gear like these offer the subsequent great alternative.

3. ALWAYS back up your files! –

I can not pressure this sufficiently. It’s a lesson I learned very early on, and it’s now not something I’d ever want to manifest again. Many WordPress topics include their personal admin areas that allow you to alternate the colors of headings, font sizes and add social media profiles. This is virtually useful if you have no hobby or enjoy modifying or adding to the CSS, HTML, and PHP files manually.

Unfortunately, if you plan to do all or most of the coding yourself, this admin place can purpose large issues and end up costing you hours of tough paintings, every so often through no fault of your own. The problem in question increases its unsightly head whilst a person makes an exchange to the website online to use this admin machine. It may be something as minor as changing the color of a heading from orange to purple. As quickly because the ‘store’ button is clicked, all the CSS documents used by the web page are overwritten with the admin device’s aid, once in a while even changing them with the default files that came whilst the topic become first installed.

All the CSS you spent hours operating has been replaced and, unless you have stored a replica locally, lost all the time. I’m sure I do not need to tell you if you’re working on a stay website, this can be a catastrophe. I tremendously recommend saving a nearby replica of the entire website and backing up files every time you’re making an exchange. You’ll be glad you probably did.

4. Test, check and test a few more –

Remember the gear you used while doing all of your research? It’s time to dust those off over again and positioned your WordPress web page via its paces. First, do not make the not unusual mistake of ready until the website is finished earlier than any testing. I constantly run exams after each most important alternate I make. It saves a lot of time and is lots less annoying to find any errors and fasten them as you cross to save all of them up till the final minute.

Don’t forget to proof examine your website, too, check for any spelling or grammar errors yourself according to your pc’s spellchecker. Once you have finished checking, ask a person else to look through it, a member of the family or a chum is first-rate. Often a clean pair of eyes can pick out a spelling mistake you have ignored or suggest a different way of wording a passage of textual content.


5. Ask for feedback and concentrate on it –

Following on from the previous tip, I surprisingly endorse you get as much feedback as possible. Ask pals, own family and, unless it is a conflict of pastimes, paintings colleagues. Ask them for their sincere opinions on what they like and do not like and the motives why. Did they locate the website online easy to navigate? Was it informative? Was there an excessive amount of replica or no longer enough?

Now comes the maximum essential and challenging part, taking these comments and paying attention to them. Before you begin, throw your ego and feelings out the window. You might think your website is perfect and that not anything needs converting; these human beings are mad! In truth, even though you are the handiest one opinion. If you construct a WordPress web page to sell footwear, but you’re the only character who likes it, then you may be going out of commercial enterprise quite speedy. Sure, you will have a few stupid feedback to sift via, but you find identical problems from more than one person, you will want to consider solving those problems seriously. Once you’ve made any modifications repeat the method once more until you sense you are happy to expose your web page off to the sector!

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